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Wearing Flowers in Your Hair + DIY Flower Hair Clip

Blonde Woman Wearing Red Carnation Flower in Her Hair As a Living Flower Barrette
One of the simplest ways to make wearable nature is by wearing flowers in your hair!  I always like to handpick my flowers.  I live in Florida, where they are naturally available pretty much everywhere you go.

I like to keep flowers in the house often and have learned ways to make them stay fresh longer.  I also like to repurpose them.  One of the ways to repurpose flowers is to clip one off and wear it in your hair!
Real Flower Barrettes + Living Flowers Wearable Nature + Botanical Style

Quick and Easy DIY Flower Hair Clip

Cute a fresh flower from a flower bush or a bouquet of flowers.  Try to pick one that still has a nice scent to it and is in decent shape.  Also, be sure to keep the stem small to medium to uck behind your ear or hold in a clip or ponytail.

Here are a few flowers that hold well in the hair:

  • Carnations - Sure, they are cheap flowers but they have a nice scent and hold.  Plus hello, still pretty!
  • Baby's Breath - Holds really well in a hair comb even without the floral glue!  Looks good as a DIY flower crown too.  Long lasting!
  • Daisies - A sweet, innocent flower that reminds me of childhood.  Also, happens to be my favorite flower in the world.  It's simple and pretty and can easily be tucked behind the ear, even without a hair clip!
  • Hibiscus - You can easily find these types of flowers all over the place in Florida and other tropical climates.  They are big and pretty, but won't last too long in the hair.  Definitely pops!
  • Mums - Chrysanthemums are some of the best flowers for your hair, as they are decent-sized, big, and pop with a bright color!
  • Garden Rose - Another pretty one for the hair!  There are times when I like a flower that lends me a softer, feminine look and this one does the trick!
  • Anemone - These flowers can commonly be found in wedding bouquets, so will work really well for a hair clip or a tuck behind the ear.  

Choose a pretty flower from the list or if you really want to be bold, make a tiny spring mix.  If you decide to make a tiny flower bouquet mix, be sure to add the baby's breath for extra texture.  Also, a spring mix won't work for behind the ear without the clip.

Hairspray.  Whatever kind you like, just make sure that it's stronghold.

A hair clip.  Try to pick something that will blend into your hair color.

  1. Choose the flower and leave enough stem to place behind ear or to interweave into the hair.  
  2. Take the clip and spray it with hairspray inside and out.
  3. Place the flower stem inside hair clip and adjust it into the hair.  You may have to cut off any extra stem at this point.  Once you have it where you want, apply more hairspray.  
That's it!  If you'd like to skip that step, you can always use a longer stemmed flower and tuck it behind the ear, with or without hairspray.  You may want to look at the list to see which ones last the longest and go from there.

Do you wear flowers in your hair?  If so, what looks best on you?  
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