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Wishlist: Yoga Holds the Key to Manifesting Your Wildest Desires (LOA)

Colorful Prayer Flags at The Stupa of Sedona, Arizona in the Heart of the Desert
I recently found out that yoga holds the key to manifesting your wildest desires.  You want to know who whispered that secret in my ear?  Goddess Parvati in this post about moving mountains with magic!

How to Work With the Flower Fairies

Summer is in full bloom and when that happens, I find myself wanting to pick wildflowers for making herbal essences and floral nature art flat lay designs.  The sweet, simple magic of summer blooms + flower flat lay makes me want to create floral arrangements and flat lay designs to connect with t…

Plant Magic Energy Healing Kit For Bringing Good Energy Into Your Home

Houseplants on a White Shabby Chic Nature Table + Houseplant Stand in a Woodland-Inspired Home in Florida
It's no secret that I am fond of plants.  In fact, I call them my pet plants and I keep them as a household pet and bonafide member of the family, that's how much I love them!  The Plant Magic Energy Healing Kit For Bringing Good Energy Into Your Home will teach you the holistic magic and natural home remedies that makes plant life so special.

Currently: Lifelong Learning as a Free Spirit

Vintage Yellow Tin Trailer With Bright Pink Hot House Flowers
 I've always enjoyed reading current posts on my favorite indie lifestyle blogs.  It always gave me a strong sense of nostalgia, as you know the moment in this person's life would soon be over and pass us by.  It's nice to have something to look back and reflect on.  To see how you've grown as a person and evolved over the years.

How to Bring the Magic of Unicorns Into Your Life

Most people believe that unicorns are some kind of magical myth, but I happen to know from personal experience that unicorns are as real as you and me!  Today, you'll learn how to bring the magic of unicorns into your life.

Unicorns can help with all kinds of things, including high-vibration f…

Shadow Work and Getting in Touch With Your Dark Self

Lately, I've really been trying to face my fears and doubts, as well as to do some deep internal work on my shadow self, my dark half.  In fact, I recommend every green nature witch to do the legwork that's involved in shadow work and getting in touch with your dark self.  As humans, we al…

Earthing: Walk Barefoot in the Grass

Earthing is about grounding your energy and activating your root chakra by doing something with simple joy like walking barefoot in the grass!  Earthing, the simple connection between mother earth and your feet creates invisible energetic roots that heal you from the ground up.  The easiest way to…

Healing With the Fairies: A Nature-Inspired Guide To Holistic Health

Healing with the fairies is as natural as a fallen leaf in the forest on a quiet day in autumn.  It's natural and it feels amazing!  Natural healing occurs when you take the time to call upon the elementals and tell them which part of your body is aching or ill-conceived.  The best way to heal…

The Wonder of Forest Bathing: Shinrin-Yoku

Have you ever experienced the wonder of forest bathing?  With Shinrin-Yoku, you are literally taking in the forest atmosphere for healing and holistic wellness.  Developed by the Japanese in the 1980s, taking a forest bath is both prevention for underlying health problems, as well as an alternativ…

A Wishlist of Secret Wishes and Hearts Desires (LOA)

My wishlist is part of my spiritual practice.  Some people have a wishlist full of affiliate links for shopping and there's nothing wrong with that, but I've always felt compelled to share my secret wishes and desires with my reading audience.  If you've been following along, my wishli…

Wishlist: How to Manifest Your Wishes From Thin Air

I used to have a wishlist on this blog, where I'd go through each item on my wishlist as if it were a shopping list.  Today, I'm changing things up! It's a way for me to put my fondest desires out into the universe in a more concrete way.  It's also a way for readers to get to know…

Move Mountains With Magic With Goddess Parvati

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life, but couldn't find the motivation to do it?  Me too!  Today, you are going to learn how to move mountains with magic with Goddess Parvati.  Sometimes, we need a gentle nudge or push in the right direction and Goddess Parvati is the girl to mak…

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