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A Wishlist of Secret Wishes and Hearts Desires (LOA)

A Woman Holding a Rustic Golden Fall Leaf in the Woods of New England
My wishlist is part of my spiritual practice.  Some people have a wishlist full of affiliate links for shopping and there's nothing wrong with that, but I've always felt compelled to share my secret wishes and desires with my reading audience.  If you've been following along, my wishlist is a list of things that I really, really want to come true!

Writing down your intentions makes them concrete yet at the same time flexible, as you allow the universe to take shape.  The universe always knows the best course of action to take, even if we can't see it at the time.  

Our only job is to put our wish out into the universe and keep our mental diets clean through yoga and meditation, which you can read about here.  If you'd like to start your own wishlist, please read the ultimate guide to wishlists here.  

Why?  Because wishes can manifest from thin air, just like butterflies emerge from their cocoon knowing how to fly.

* This wish list is flexible and subject to change.  It's a visual representation of watching my wishes come true right before my very eyes.  Once the list is complete, then I'll start a new one.  Thanks for reading!
AirBNB Cabin Living in the Mountains + Cabin Windows

A Cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

A Girl Holding a Bouquet of Wildflowers With Baby's Breath, Red Carnations, and a Mix of Plant Life and Vegetation

I Wish to Become a Yogini

To Return to Veganism (Done!)

I Want to Create an Outfit Feature For Hiking Pretty

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