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Earthing: Walk Barefoot in the Grass

The Health Benefits to Earthing Energy and Grounding
Earthing is about grounding your energy and activating your root chakra by doing something with simple joy like walking barefoot in the grass!  Earthing, the simple connection between mother earth and your feet creates invisible energetic roots that heal you from the ground up.  The easiest way to do it is to step in the grass without shoes on and let your painted toes sink into the earth.

You may have been hearing more and more about earthing and wonder if it's some kind of modern-day trend that will be gone tomorrow.  Not possible!  Earthing has been around since ancient times.  It's rooted in old traditions.  The best way to connect with the earth is the simplest way, you can do this by taking a walk barefoot in the grass! 

So, what does earthing actually do?  First of all, it grounds your energy.  We are made of earth.  When we die, we'll return to the earth.  While we're alive, we must connect with the earth ions that create feel-good vibes and healing energy from our pinky toe all the way up!

Earthing, much like taking a forest bath, has a ton of health benefits to boot!  You can read up on some of my quick tips for earthing on the go for those hectic, busy days and work week.  It's the little things you can do to really activate your natural healing energy.  Everything counts!

Here are some of the many health benefits to earthing:

  • Better sleep.  One of the reasons more and more people are becoming insomniacs in the modern age of technology is that they are not sleeping close to nature.  In fact, they are not spending time in nature at all.  Nature is the great provider when it comes to sleep, weight loss, natural health remedies, and more!  Connecting with nature will aid you in a good night's sleep!
  • Destress and decompress.  Let's face it, too many people nowadays have busy lives and need to slow down and connect with our earth roots.  It reduces stress and helps us decompress from long work days and parental responsibilities.  In fact, it's good to get your kids out in nature too!
  • Healing.  Earthing is a holistic healing remedy that cost you nothing and is 100% free.  If you are in pain, have inflammation, or are suffering from depression, consider earthing today.  It instantly creates healing within you.  My niece used to lay down in the dirt when she was having severe stomach cramps and it was a great comfort to her.  If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, read about the natural healing energy of nature here.
  • Calms your energy.  It creates a safe space within you much in the way that yoga and meditation does.  It will put you in a state of zen, making every muscle in your body relax.  You'll also walk away feeling like your spirit is restored back to health.  
  • Increases energy.  Have you ever laid on the beach in the sand until you were tired?  Then, as soon as you went home you felt energized like your batteries were recharged.  That's the healing power of grounding in earth's sacred energy.  
  • A connection to the fairy realm.  Spending any time in nature will connect you to the nature spirits and earthing even more.  You'll feel connected to the elementals, the animals, plants, wildflowers, and the sacred space of the earth patch in which you are laying or standing.  The fairies will be doing all the healing work for you.  All you have to do is let go, relax, and enjoy!
Lay in the Grass to Ground Your Energy and Root Chakra Healing

Earthing: Walk Barefoot in the Grass

Did you know that there are other ways to practice earthing?  When you were a kid, you probably laid in the green grass with your hair spilled all around you, watching clouds take shape on a warm summer's day.  That's earthing!

You can read more about how to ground yourself on a woodland photoshoot or earth's grounding energy with trees and mushrooms to do more research on the topic.  As a shaman healer, I highly recommend giving earthing a try for healing all your ailments, including the ailments of the heart.  This includes heartache and sorrow.  

By doing so, you are literally taking your aches and pains and problems and handing them over to the earth.  For that time you spend healing with the earth, you feel tingly, sparkling, and alive.  That's when you know the fey are working on you from your head down to your toes!

It's easy to get started on grounding energy healing if you step back into your childhood self and remember how good it would feel to lay down and daydream in the grass or on a beach somewhere.  Get nostalgic for the whimsical wanderings of walking barefoot in the green grass or sinking your feet into the sand as you built sandcastles and played in giant waves.  

Earthing requires nothing from you except to let go and to trust that the universe has your back.  It also holds the key to healing every body part you have and maximizing the potential of your spirit.  We are meant to be close to nature.  We are nature.  Let nature be your healing guide!
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