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Healing With the Fairies: A Nature-Inspired Guide To Holistic Health

Orange Fairy Boy Figurine with Green Leaf and Brd + Acorn in Backyard in Nature
Healing with the fairies is as natural as a fallen leaf in the forest on a quiet day in autumn.  It's natural and it feels amazing!  Natural healing occurs when you take the time to call upon the elementals and tell them which part of your body is aching or ill-conceived.  The best way to heal is the nature way!

Head out into the deep, dark forest and well into the shadow of the trees where the tree gnomes and tree elves live and talk to them openly.  In a pinch, you can even talk to your house brownies about your ailments, whether it be mental or physical.  House brownies live in the house with you.

You may not see them, but that doesn't mean they won't make their presence known if you should need them.  You can call upon the house brownies to stay at your bedside or at the bedside of your sick, homebound child in order to bring forth green therapy.  Here's the catch: You have to ask!

Ask and you shall receive!  If you call upon a house brownie for inbound home care, be sure to thank them with a gift!  House brownies like gifts and trinkets, but they especially like food.  If you have honey, bread, and sweet treats, then a brownie, as long as you show them respect, will love you for life!

You can see brownies and other nature spirits out the corner of your eye, in the in-between times like summer solstice and autumn equinox, and with a sparkling glint like the sun.  More than anything, you'll sense them.  Always show respect and always show thanks with an offering.  They love that sort of thing!

If you're not stuck in the house and are able to venture out, head to the forest for some forest bathing or to do some earthing.  You'll feel an instant mood lift and overall feeling of well-being.  Meander slowly through the forest, taking in everything, absorbing that green energy sun-filtered light through the canopy of the trees.  You'll walk away completely healed by the fairies in no time!
A Fairy Earthing in the Elements of Nature in the Forest Floor on Green Grass in Summer

Healing With the Fairies: A Nature-Inspired Guide To Holistic Health

If you are feeling sick at this moment, feel free to call on the nature spirits and bridge that connection.  If you haven't worked with the fairies before, there is no better time to start than now!  You should feel something or someone by your side immediately.

You might feel a little tingle or like something is crawling in your hair.  You might feel something tapping at your third-eye in the middle of your forehead.  You might see a tiny sparkle of light.  Once you experience this, know that healing is on the way!

What you can expect:  Expect overnight healing.  By the next day, you'll begin to notice a difference.  A fever you've been fighting might break.  A thick mucous cough might become thinner.  It will all begin to fall into place as the fairies heal you hands-on!

Fairies will most certainly do this for your child, pet, or loved one.  Once you or the person you love is feeling better, be sure to thank the fairies for the massive healing that has just taken place.  Leave the fairies a nice offering in return for their kindness and generosity.  Again, fairies like toys, trinkets, and sparkly things.  They also love food, just like humans!

When you are feeling up to it, the fey wants you to give back to mother earth in a caring, nurturing way.  You can do so physically by picking up trash, planting a tree, or filling a bird feeder for all the sacred wildlife outside your home.

You can send love to the fey and the planet earth in a non-physical way too, through energy healing.  Picture hearts coming out of you and entering the sacred grounds of the earth, healing every bird, animal, or plant.  This is the cycle of life!

If you want to help the fairies to heal someone you love who is in a critical situation, imagine pink hearts floating from your heart to theirs.  Those pink hearts send love to the heart chakra, where great healing can occur.  The nature spirits will be happy you care so much and will most likely send their love to you in response in the form of nature finds.  You can read more about how to be a hunter and gatherer and forage for things here.

Another thing you can do for a sick friend, child, or pet who is under the weather is to bring a plant and keep it by their sick bed.  Aloe vera plants make great plants for healing and they are great for mending a broken heart too, which you can read about here.  This will aid the sick person in getting better quicker!

There's also a reason people bring flowers to the hospital.  Flowers contain flower fairies and the garden fairies heal in such a sweet, gentle way.  Their sweet nature and healing abilities remind me a lot of rose quartz crystals, which also come with a built-in nature spirit!

Healing with the fairies really does make a difference in how you feel and how fast you get better!  Remember that fairies are all about herbal remedies, healing hearts, and emotional releases.  They are also instant manifestors!  This means they can think of something and instantly it will happen, tada!

So, don't be shy.  Call on the fairies and they will heal the parts of you that are broken and bruised with ease and grace.  Even if the part of you that is broken is your heart.  They are sentimental, Wiley creatures with a heart of gold!
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