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How to Work With the Flower Fairies

Pink Hibiscus Flowers + Summer Floral Arrangement Flower Nature Art and Wildflower Fat Lay Design
Summer is in full bloom and when that happens, I find myself wanting to pick wildflowers for making herbal essences and floral nature art flat lay designs.  The sweet, simple magic of summer blooms + flower flat lay makes me want to create floral arrangements and flat lay designs to connect with the flower fairies!

This time, I'm recycling old photographs of flower arrangements that I made almost a year ago, around the fall season with some fall leaf displays.  Like most slow living practitioners, I really enjoy a good seasonal shift.  I like working with living flower arrangements for every season of life!

The reason flowers in bloom make people happy, a natural fact is because much like plants, they come with a built-in nature spirit!  Flowers are living, breathing flower fairies that bring good cheer to a home.  You'll notice a flower fairy at work when you decide to buy flowers for a sick loved one or when you make a flower bouquet for a new mother and father or as a housewarming gift!

What I love about flowers is that they can be recycled and repurposed, which is great for environmental impact.  Flowers have magical healing properties and multiple uses!  You can take one flower and use it as a single stem rose in a skinny milk vase.  When the flower life force is waning a bit, you can press your flower into the pages of a book to preserve it.

Another flower therapy healing treatment is to wear flowers in your hair!  What's cool about wearing living flower hair accessories is that you're literally walking around with a flower fairy in your hair all day long.  You can also wear flowers between your toes or flowers in your back pocket or carry it in your purse for good luck and flower therapy.

Just like wearable planters, you can carry flowers with you on a fun bike ride in the warmth of the summer sun or you can wear it as a necklace.  Flowers make great companions throughout your day!

Flowers flow with the seasons of life.  They can boost your creativity and are often associated with solar energy, solar plexus chakra, and pair with gemstones that are associated with the elemental kingdom.  Healing stones such as lepidolite gemstone and lapis lazuli are often connected with the fragrance of flowers.  You can read more about the magic of gemstones here.

The archangel most associated with flower energy is Archangel Jophiel.  Her color light ray is sunshine yellow and she is associated with aesthetic beauty and happiness.  Flowers make people happy because the sun gives them a boost of endorphins which they recycle as they breathe, for human warmth and compassion.  If you'd like to connect with the magic of flowers, call on the sunshiney, optimistic energy of Archangel Jophiel today!
Summer Floral Arrangements + Summer Weddings Inspired by the Magic of Flowers

The Sweet, Simple Magic of Summer Blooms + Flower Flat Lay

One sweet, simple flower arrangement can be used for many things.  I never like to see any living thing, whether it be a piece of fresh fruit or earth grounded mushroom, go to waste.  It's all part of my zero-waste simple living lifestyle.

You can also use flowers to make dried preserved flowers, make flower nature art to put in frames for a gallery wall or use a mortar and pestle to crush flowers into sweet-smelling essential oils.  If you're feeling especially creative and fairy-like, you can turn flowers into soaps, lotions, and perfumes as well as botanical style bath products.  One of my favorite things to do is to take a warm soak in a flower bath!

When you feel like you've really gotten the most use out of your flower stems, be sure to take some flat lay style photographs of your flower arrangements.  This way, like the Native Americans, you're using all of the flowering plant and all it's working parts for botanical style living!

I feel like even spending meditation time under a flowering tree can really make a huge difference in your life.  Flowers connect you to the magic of nature and the kingdom of the fey by opening a gateway to the flower fairies and the tree gnomes.
Flower Display for Spring and Summer and the Magical Art of Fairy Healing

How to Work With the Flower Fairies

Working with the flower fairies can add a lot to your life!  One of the things they'll help you tune into is working with your sense of smell.  Flower fairies feel their way through their sense of smell and their finely tuned nose.  They can smell the scent of vanilla bean and verbenas a mile away!

To work with the flower fairies, simply spend time with flowers.  It can be fields of wildflowers in bloom or in a flower nursery.  It can even be in your own backyard!  flower picking seasons is always on trend.  You simply need to live amongst the flowers and feel their flowery essence.

While you are sitting with your pretty vase of flowers, simply let images, words, and scents come to mind.  I highly recommend bringing a pen and notebook with you for this fun flower exercise.  This way you can write down the images, feelings, words, and scents that pop into your mind like a flower on a string!

Write everything down unscripted.  After spending time with the blooming flowers, head home and take in everything you wrote.  Is there a pattern in nature the flower fairies are trying to share with you?  Was there a specific scent that was recurring?  The flower elementals are trying to send messages to you on the petals in the wind.

Once you have a pretty good idea of what the flower fairies are trying to say, you can begin working with them immediately.  Floral fairies aren't shy.  They are sweet, gentle loving blooms that love meeting people that are interested in working with herbal essences.

You might suddenly find yourself wanting to pick magical yarrow for a secret herbal tea recipe.  Suddenly, you might have the urge to make a flower arrangement or flower flat lay.  Or, you might just feel like wearing flowers in your hair as an accessory like I do.  A flower friend is a friend for life!

Working with them will bring out your warm, compassionate, and sweeter side.  They can take the blackest of hearts and heal them with their warm, temperate summer energy essence.  Soon enough, your whole house will be filled with sweet-scented flowers!
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