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Move Mountains With Magic With Goddess Parvati

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Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life, but couldn't find the motivation to do it?  Me too!  Today, you are going to learn how to move mountains with magic with Goddess Parvati.  Sometimes, we need a gentle nudge or push in the right direction and Goddess Parvati is the girl to make that happen fast.

I've been needing to make some changes in my life, big changes, but I was stuck on a loop of procrastination.  I'm sure some of it was out of fear.  Some of it was because I was feeling overwhelmed.  Either way, it was holding me back from getting things done.  That's when I knew it was time to invoke Parvati, the Hindu goddess of mountains, change, and yoga to motivate me.

Parvati knows that often times change can be painful and slow.  It takes dedication and effort.  By the time we've reached the point where change needs to happen, we're already so far gone that our motivation and inspiration is waning.  Luckily, Parvati knows how to spice things up and she's not at all subtle about it.  She's a fast moving force like a river, but she moves mountains with magic, like a wildfire.

Married to Lord Shiva, the Hindu God of Dance, Parvati has a feminine, maternal energy.  She particularly likes to work with women.  On the surface, her energy seems calm, gentle, and subtle.  But, make no mistake, this Hindu deity works fast!

When calling upon the goddess, be prepared to see change happen fast through your own actions.  One of the things I had been struggling with was the motivation to start my new yoga practice.  Even though I dreamed of doing it, I was having trouble igniting the spark of my yoga practice.

Yesterday morning, I called on Parvati to please help motivate me to get started with my yoga practice.  As soon as I was done writing my letter to the universe, I went upstairs and did twenty minutes of cardio yoga.  This morning, I did ten minutes of restorative yoga and plan on doing another fifteen minutes of yoga intervals later in the day.  See?  This girl is a goddess and she works fast!

Parvati is a yogini.  She practices yoga poses all the time.  When I see her in my mind's eye or through meditation, she is always in configurative yoga poses on a mountain top.  That's Parvati.

Before reigniting my old flame with yoga, she told me a secret that I'm going to share with you now.  The secret to manifestation and the law of attraction is yoga and meditation.  Her message to me came through loud and clear.  It was eye-opening!

Yoga and meditation is the answer to making your secret wishes and desires come true.  This may be mind-boggling at first, but when I break it down, it really makes perfect sense.  Yoga is a mind, body, and soul integration.  It's holistic.  It's also an activity that you can take that activates that peaceful calm and yoga glow within you.

Why this is important: Whenever you're trying to manifest something via LOA, your only job is to work on building a rich, inner life.  Neville Goddard, great spiritual teacher that he was, called this your mental diet.  Your job is to work on the inside and the universe will take care of the world building based on what goes on in your mind.

Yoga, the physical manifestation of your heart's fondest desires, activates your manifestation by engaging your mind, body, and spirit as a whole.  You must always follow up a request to the universe with an action.  Yoga is the ultimate action-oriented guide to making your wishes come true!

Meditation, on the other hand, keeps your "mental diet" clean.  It keeps us from falling back on old patterns, releases toxins and anxieties that are stored in the body, and puts us in the alpha state or relaxed state of mind.  When your mind is clean and pure, you don't have time to dwell on the past.  You'll begin to channel your energies towards a better outcome.

Goddess Parvati handed me the keys to the universe yesterday.  Now that I know this, it's motivation enough to keep moving forward fearlessly with my yoga practice!  If you would like to get started with yoga for beginners or you're making a return to yoga, please check out I Need More Yoga Poses In My Life + Goddess Parvati Dedication Spell.  Parvati will help you dedicate your life force to yoga with ease and grace!
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Move Mountains With Magic With Goddess Parvati

What does it mean to move mountains with magic?  It means that you need to have faith to make things happen.  Faith is something that most people struggle with from time to time.  It means believing in the miracle before it even occurs. 

Let's say that you want to move to a cabin in the blue ridge mountains of North Carolina like I do.  You have to believe that it is already yours.  You have to know that you are already living there while simultaneously living your life where you're at right now.  It sounds impossible, but it can and will be done.  That's moving mountains with magic.

You are taking something that you want, wish for, and desire and turning it into reality like a true alchemist!  That's where Goddess Parvati comes in.  She symbolizes mountain living at its best.  She uses mountains to move things with her mind.  She is here for you while you make life-changing decisions or while you're in the process of moving to a new place.  She expedites the process of change by helping you initiate the first step.  From there, she motivates and inspires you to keep going.

If you want to move mountains with magic, call on the Hindu Goddess to make a change!  She will help you take the action which is required of you.  To take an actionable step, start a yoga practice or reconnect with the yoga master within you.  Why?  Because with yoga, your manifestation will appear from thin air ten-times faster!

Parvati will also help you engage with mind over matter through the art of meditation.  Meditation is powerful for minimizing distractions and negative thoughts.  All things that are a hindrance to the creative process.

For meditation, I use the Meditation Studio App for my meditation practice and in a short amount of time, it is already changing my life!  I highly recommend you make the purchase.  It is at a low cost of $3.99 where you'll receive a meditation library as well as free courses.  I can't recommend it enough and plan to write a post on it soon!  In the meantime, it's my go-to meditation app for falling asleep and decompressing.

For yoga, I use the Down Dog App, as it comes with hundreds of variations of yoga practices for every challenge in life!  When you go premium, it even comes with boosts to boost your yoga practice with cardio, lower back strength, core (for abs), restorative yoga, and more.  They have great taste in music to enhance your at-home yoga studio practice, in which you can check out their playlist afterward when you fall in love with a song!

The moral of the story is that you can have, do, and be anything you want.  You might look at a mountain to climb and see it as a challenge.  Goddess Parvati won't just help you climb that mountain, she'll literally move that mountain out of your path.  She's that powerful!  If you are looking to spark a yoga practice (and you should!), make a life change with great speed, or move mountains with magic, Parvati is your girl.  What are you waiting for?  Life starts now!
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