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Plant Magic Energy Healing Kit For Bringing Good Energy Into Your Home

Houseplants on a White Shabby Chic Nature Table + Houseplant Stand in a Woodland-Inspired Home in Florida
It's no secret that I am fond of plants.  In fact, I call them my pet plants and I keep them as a household pet and bonafide member of the family, that's how much I love them!  The Plant Magic Energy Healing Kit For Bringing Good Energy Into Your Home will teach you the holistic magic and natural home remedies that makes plant life so special.

Welcoming plant life into your household ushers in magical properties for holistic healing!  Working with houseplants, you'll quickly realize that plants are more than meets the eye.  By connecting with them, you'll quickly learn how you have a new friend and family member that will always be there to talk to and have your back.

There was a time in my life where I liked having plants in and around my casa, but I didn't really have that magical thread of connection with them.  Now, I can't imagine my life without pet plants!  They are like friends who feel like family to me.  We got bonds baby, try and break them!

What are pet plants?  Pet plants are houseplants with a personality.  This is because all plants come with a built-in nature spirit.  The nature spirits are the elementals or faerie folk that live and breathe and work in the natural environment, but can also live in homes with families.

The first thing you should do when bringing a new plant into your home, besides making him or her feel comfortable in your personal space, is to give your plant a name.  You can read about my pet aloe vera plant named Matilda to get an idea of what I'm talking about.  Naming your new houseplant family member gives her a name and a personality to match!

Plants bring magic and good energy and high-vibrations into your home, that's why I highly recommend several different kinds throughout your kinfolk style house. Be sure to include a variety of hanging plants, air plants for cleaning the air, cute planters, plants in pots, and a plant stand.  You can even read how to make a natural wooden log air plant holder here.

Once you've established a name and personality for your plant baby, you can begin to get to know your sweet summer child better.  This is the beginning of connecting with plant magic energy!
Green Thriving Plant Life on a White Plant Table in Nature + Bedroom Houseplants

Plant Magic Energy Healing Kit For Bringing Good Energy Into Your Home

To forge a friendship with your new plant family member, you'll want to talk to your plants to get to know them better.  Plants, much like the spirit helpers, can talk with you telepathically through your mind and heartfelt intuition.  You might get feedback through words or images.  Take a minimum of five minutes to sit with your new cactus, baby succulent, air plant, or monstera to get to know her better.  Sit still and listen!

Listening is the key to hearing what your houseplant has to say.  You can start by pouring your heart out if that's something you feel comfortable with, or you can just sit still, ask questions, and listen quietly for the answers you seek.  Your plant life force will respond!

How do houseplants bring good energy into your home life?  Once you've bonded with your baby aloe vera pup, you might discover that there's an invisible thread of magic between the two of you.  This bond can never be broken.  Plant babies are very lovable and plants know how to love you back!

Once there's magic between you, your plant will naturally exude healing vibes and positively charged energy.  For example, a plant can sense when you are depressed, anxious, or have a broken heart.  The plants, which if you'll remember, come with a built-in nature spirit, will expel fresh energy into the air just by simply being present.

If you are going through something difficult, such as grieving over the loss of a loved one, you can even expressely go to your houseplant for comfort and healing.  You can pour your heart out and the houseplant will absorb all your heartache and negative, toxic feelings with ease and grace.  Aloe vera plants are especially great at working with a broken heart and healing relationships.

You can read more about aloe vera plant holistic remedies in the Aloe Vera Plant Health and Wellness Beauty Spa.  The aloe vera pup will be a shoulder (or aloe vera blade) to lean on during difficult times and life transitions such as a breakup.  They work within the heart chakra, which is connected to heart-opening and allowing love into your life.
Green Plant Life on a Table in the Wintertime + Healing Plant Energy + Green Therapy

Plant Magic: What is it and How to Have It

Plant magic is the magical healing properties of all plant life and greenery.  Plant magic will literally bring life force or chi into your apartment or tiny house!  You can easily access plant energy by simply adding houseplants selectively into your home and integrating them into your family life.

For example, if you were adopting a puppy or a kitten, you'd be selective on the animal you're bringing home to your kids and husband.  This same concept applies to all plant life!  Go to your local plant nursery and choose a plant based on the energy of the plant and the way he or she makes you feel.   You might not do well with say a prickly pear cactus or another bladed plant.  Adopting a pet plant should be a rich experience each and every time!

Now that you know how to hunt for houseplants, let's talk about the magical properties of a few of our favorite plants.  There is too much ground to cover with green plants, so we'll stick to the basics for today.

  • Aloe Vera Plants - Gentle, healing heart energy.  A trustworthy plant friend that you can turn to when your heart is broken.  Opens the heart chakra and pairs well with rose quartz crystals.
  • Air Plants - Cleans your air like a vacuum, as well as any lingering toxic, ego-based emotions or feelings leftover from depression or family fight.  Opens the throat chakra which is important for good communication and resolving disputes.  Pairs well with Angelite healing stones. 
  • Cactus - A prickly plant with a heart of gold.  The cacti family, including Christmas cactus, are blunt truth seekers.  They will always tell you the truth and tell you like it is!  You can count on them for honesty.  Opens the throat chakra to give you the ability to speak your truth.  Pairs well with green or blue fluorite! 
  • Jade Plant - Prosperous, luxurious, natural healing plants.  The jade plant has been known to bring great wealth to a household as well as increasing ambition and success.  It's the perfect plant for business and to keep in your at-home office.  Jade is associated with the root chakra for financial ability and thriving success.  Pairs well with goldstone crystal and of course, the jade crystal!
  • Monstera - Monstera has a big heart and big energy!  Monstera is great for household protection and calling on angels to protect your home and family.  The monstera plant is associated with the crown chakra with white-hot light energy and archangel level intelligence and esoteric understanding.  If you're looking to understand the mysteries of the universe, monstera is your girl!  Pairs well with white quartz crystal, Angelite gemstone, and apophyllite. 
  • Succulents - Succulents are thriving, healthy plants with a delicate eco-system.  Therefore, they are associated with balancing not one, but all the chakras.  They help keep your health in check and can instantly clear your chakras.  Succulent plants pair well with aquamarine crystals, feng shui crystals, and chakra stones for balance and healing.  
Again, these are just a few of my favorite household plants!  I'd have to write a lifelong book in order to get into every plant on the planet, including the ones not yet discovered by modern-plant healers and shamans.  

Plants are amazing, magical creatures that make for great household plants.  Plants represent a thriving, new life and good hearty, robust health.  It's important to check in with your plants and tend to their health.  Plants feed off our human energy and however much love and effort you put into them, you'll get back ten-fold!  The pay-off can be nothing short of magical.  

One last thing to think about it.  How do you know that you've created a plant-friendly household for your kids and pets?  When the plants keep the spirit of your home alive with good-vibrations!  How do you know when you've made a new plant friend?  You'll feel an invisible silver thread connecting you even when you're away on vacation.  Welcome plant magic and good energy into your home today by adopting a green thumb!
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