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Using Nature Inspiration and Spring Magic to Create a Simpler Life

Flowered Trees in Spring Against Blue Skies Dotted With Clouds
Using nature inspiration and spring magic to create a simpler life can be used in the application of business too.  Being able to share what inspires me in nature and being allowed to fully be myself is at the very heart of why I started blogging in the first place.  There's something very magical about sharing your life.  I'm hoping that someday my readers will become like a second family to me.  

With family, you can be yourself, but still, keep parts of yourself hidden away.  But, you can also be real with them.  I want my readers to be friends who are like family to me because with friends you can expose those hidden parts of yourself that you can't with family.  

Sometimes it's really difficult to let ourselves be raw, vulnerable, and naked in front of our reading audience.  I've reached a place in my life, where I've decided that I'm not going to be afraid anymore.  I'm going to let the spring magic guide me, as I share pieces of my life with you, like slices of an apple pie.

When I decided to give blogging and business another try, I knew that I wanted to simplify my life.  That meant really finding out what it is that I wanted to write about, what I'd like to share with the world.  It sounds relatively easy, but it's not.  It requires a lot of pondering.

It led to me coming out and being who I really am inside.  I'm a faery shaman.  If you'd like more information about shamanism, please visit the Celtic Faerie Shaman page, to get to know me better.  It covers a lot of the bases in great detail.  

Saying it out loud for the first time was more than a little scary.  It's the reason I can perform energy healings through writing letters and burning them and the very reason that nature is an integral part of everything I do in life.  I moved to a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida, in order to be surrounded by nature on the daily.

Nature is the biggest theme throughout my work, not only as a faerie shaman but as a blogger and writer.  It's in the bare bones of my nature photography.  It's in all that I am and all that I do.  
A Withering Dried Flower Tree in the Florida Wilderness

How to Simplify Your Life Through the Business of Blogging

Just last week, I thought I had everything worked out in the creative process and I launched my lifestyle blog inspired by the magic of nature.  I was a bit hesitant at first, as I am a perfectionist, and I usually like things to be perfect first.  But, nothing is ever truly perfect, is it?  We are always a work in progress and it's the same when we start a business.  Don't wait for the right moment, because the right moment is now!

I am very spontaneous and of the moment and I knew I had to get my work out in the public eye, and it was then that things became much more clear to me.  I can see the forest for the trees!  If you have a great idea, don't hesitate to get it out into the world.  Sometimes you just have to freefall into nothing and see what happens.  You have to trust and the best way to trust someone is to let go and trust.

I remembered that my goal was to simplify my life.  The best way to do that is to keep stripping back all the layers, a little at a time.  Strip until you can see the bare bones of what you're trying to accomplish and do.  For me, it was outing myself as a faerie shaman and speaking freely about the nature spirits, no fucks given.  

When the branches were bare and the trees were hollowed, I could see a full picture of what I was trying to do with my online business.  The magic of this business was putting my heart and soul into making my own products and promoting them.  Sometimes, it might be a physical product, like a plant or a vintage dress.  Other times, it might be digital.  It left me in awe and wonder to know that I didn't have to water down my ideas anymore.  It left me breathless.

It feels good to finally be in a place of trust in my life, where I can be myself and talk about the secret, hidden places inside myself.  I've got some great ideas for products that I think will work well with my slow living lifestyle.  Many of those product ideas were built on the backs of old content I had written that is being updated and transformed into premium content you can buy and enjoy!

I let it go and a picture came to my mind that felt like it had a calming influence.  It was to take the parts of my life, the parts that I've been too afraid to share, and share them here on my blog.  This was what I was originally going to do in the first place.  That kind of raw vulnerability leaves you speechless.  

Private thoughts and feelings, everyday interactions, and so on, all need a secret place that's all their own.  While I do share some of those things here, I'd like to get into more detail, really let my readers in on my hopes and dreams.  The thought of this feels very fulfilling and warming.  One of the key topics I'd like to get into is my love life.  I think a little honest romance in my secret diaries would be good.  Other women could relate to being single, finding true love, and getting married.  

I'd like romance to be at the heart of my story.  Honestly, as shy as this makes me, I always have.  I'd also like to incorporate the everyday, mundane magic of my life into my life living in small-town Florida, crushed against the ocean blue.  I mean, think about it.  I'm living in a brand-new place that is completely different than the life I lived for over twenty years in Florida.  All my kids are grown up.  This is a new season of life for me!

In addition to that, big things are happening!  Magical things.  I finally came out as a faerie shaman.  I can add nature spirits as the sweet ingredient to my series.  They really are a part of everything I do.  I mean, before I ever admitted to myself that I was a shaman healer, it's been widely accepted by my kids and family, that I keep pet plants and they all have names, needs, and a personality.  

What I'm saying is, I think the possibilities are endless!  I have a lot I'd like to share with you.  My world is downright magical. Of course, I have off days too, but everything I believe and know to be true is magical realism.  

 Living in Ozona, Florida means that I'll be able to do lots of hunting and gathering for crisp fall leaves, wildflowers, dandelions with wishes, and acorns to boot.  Foraging is one of my favorite things to do and I'll be able to share my finds with you! 
Spring Fever With Dreamy Red Flowery Trees and Bright Blue Skies

Nature Inspiration and Spring Magic

So, what happens next?  I keep working through this blog slowly, intentionally.  I keep going on daily hiking adventures for inspiration.  It's kind of magical how nurturing yourself really does make you a better person all around.  It feels like if I'm good then everyone wins.  

Spring magic is definitely in the air, which is a constant source of inspiration for me!  It means getting outside, snapping more pictures, writing more blog posts.  I'm working on the kinfolk-style cookbook right now, which is going to be vegan.  I usually make a lot of cold-press raw vegan recipes, but I've opted to bring more hygge style warmth with campfire recipes.  I want woodland feasts and gatherings that are kinfolk-friendly.  Something for the whole family and respectful of mother nature.

 Like a tree, I can really feel myself branching out.  I love the natural home, natural health, and herbal remedies, and I think you'll find a lot of holistic magic such as this in my products.  Please stay tuned!

I've been feeling it lately.  That magical feeling of spring lets me know I'm on track with the universe. That means God and the fairies have something really special in store for me.  I've just gone to learn to give them my child-like faith and trust.  What I'm really learning though, is that they want me to have faith and trust in myself.  That everything, all the magic, and the charms are within me.  In fact, it's within each of us.  Thanks so much for stopping by to read this!
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