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Wishlist: How to Manifest Your Wishes From Thin Air

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I used to have a wishlist on this blog, where I'd go through each item on my wishlist as if it were a shopping list.  Today, I'm changing things up! It's a way for me to put my fondest desires out into the universe in a more concrete way.  It's also a way for readers to get to know me in a more personal way.  What could be more personal than learning someone's secret heart's desires?  Not only that but today I'm teaching you how to manifest your wishes from thin air as if by magic!

Chances are, if you've landed here, you're aware of the law of attraction and to some degree, how it works.  Now, you want to know how to utilize that God-given power that is the LOA!  While I have certainly had my struggles in faith just like the rest of the world, I've become pretty great at getting what I want.  I'm going to share with you how you can get what you want too, without the struggle and strife.

To manifest your wishes from thin air, you need to make a wishlist of your own.  What is a wishlist?  A wishlist is a spiritual practice in which you write down your intentions.  You're going to write them down several times, but you need a master list to work from.  This requires getting clear on what you want.  Do you know what you really, really want more than anything?

Before we get into being clear on what you want, let's talk about why you'll be writing down your wishes more than once.  The master list is for writing it in normal, layman's terms.  In other words, your every day speak.  After this, you'll be writing it as part of your daily spiritual practice with gratitude.  You might have seen this method work through other LOA videos and books.  Your wish will become an affirmation at this point and a practice in gratitude.

Homework Assignment:  Create a rough draft wishlist.  Free write what you think you really want and let images come to mind.  The rough draft will help you get down to the heart of what you really want, wish for, and desire.  So, start there.

Secret Tip:  Your subconscious will shine through in this assignment.  You'll begin to see what it is that you really want.  It's often the things that you want, but stuff down inside, because you don't believe you can have it.  This is the place you need to look at.  What are some secret desires that you've been pushing down and denying yourself?  Write those down and take a look at them.

Example:  For me, just off the top of my head, there are three secret wishes and desires that I could no longer admit that I really wanted.  Mostly, because I had no faith I could have them.  1.  I want to move to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  2.  I want to fall in love and get married again.  This time to the right guy.  3.  I want public recognition and to be wildly popular in my blogging business.  This way, I can reach more people.  In turn, this means I can help more people, which is a big part of what I do.

As you can see, as humans we keep wanting what we want.  It never goes away.  Stuffing it down won't make that desire go away.  Working long hours at the office won't distract you from your real dream of being a writer forever.  Eventually, the universe will force these desires to surface over and over again until you address it.  That time is now!
Green Tall Grass of New England in Summer + Wishing on a Dandelion and Blowing Dandelion Seeds

Wishlist: How to Manifest Your Wishes From Thin Air

Once you've created your rough draft.  Look it over and clarify things.  When you're ready, create your master wish list on your blog or on a piece of paper that you can look at or take with you wherever you go.  For the most part, the list is a place to see your manifestations appear from thin air!  It's a visual representation of the creative process.

Once they appear, you acknowledge and thank the universe, and go on with living your life until everything on your list is done.  Once everything on your list has been marked off, you can begin a new list!  It can be big things you want to manifest or little things.  What matters is how important they are to you.

What is your job in the universe?  Your job is simple.  It's to put it out into the universe in a concrete way, via writing it down.  Once your secret desire list is complete, your job is to keep your mental diet clean.  I highly recommend yoga and meditation for keeping your mind clear.  Yoga is the secret to manifestation, which you can read about here.  This allows your mind, body, and soul to integrate into one being, which then allows the universe to step in and do its thing!

What are mental diets?  While I plan on writing an upcoming post about mental diets soon, let's cover the basics for now.  Your mental diet is where you keep your thoughts clean and pure.  It's like a detox diet for your mental health.  In other words, your only goal is to keep your mind clean and clear of negativity, toxic people, and from the painful memories of the past.  All of these things work to slow down the creative process and that's the opposite of what you want.

What is the #1 way to keep a clean mental diet?  The number one way to keep your mental diet clean is to make a decision.  Decide to be happy now.  Live in the now.  Take things moment by moment and day by day.  This helps you to focus on the power of now.  If you're always living in the past or the future, then the things you want will always be just out of reach.

How do I keep my mental diet clean?  Suggestions and tips.  Besides making happiness a choice, I highly recommend establishing a spiritual practice with good habits and morning rituals.  For example, I start every single morning with a cup of coffee while I write my letters to the universe.  I've been doing this for almost six years now and it keeps me grounded.  While writing my letters, I also have a ritual where I write down my morning affirmations and gratitude list.  It's a short one-page list in comparison to my letters to the angels, fairies, ascended masters, and Jesus, but it's an important part of my daily routine and spiritual practice.  In addition to that, I highly recommend starting a yoga practice in combination with transcendental meditation.  It's life changing!
A Pair of Dandelions Blowing in the Wind Spreading Wishes Throughout Planet Earth

Manifestation FAQ

Should I try to manifest big things or little things?  Here's the thing: You should write down your wish list and allow it room to breathe and grow organically.  There might be some big things on the list and there may be small things.  Either way, there is nothing too big or small for the universe.  Remember, you aren't going to be focusing on the list.  You're going to write it down and let t go.  You let it go by trusting that your dream has already manifested and come to life.  That what you want already exists.  Not far away or in some parallel universe somewhere, but in the here and now.

Why should I make a wish list if I'm not going to do anything with it?  The act of writing it down is enough.  It's a powerful affirmation to the universe declaring what you want as already yours.  You are staking your claim essentially.  Some people follow it up by including it in their gratitude practice, while others leave it alone.  Do what works best for you.  One size does not fit all.  What does fit is that you'll have a visual representation of your intentions, allowing you to watch your wishes manifest from thin air!  This can be very helpful in boosting your excitement for manifesting new and exciting things.  It's a major confidence boost!

How long will it take for my manifestation to come true?  It varies from person to person.  It's often based on how much you can let go and how much faith you have.  Again, your job is to keep a clean mental diet.  Those are the things that you'll be focusing on while your manifestation comes to life.

How do I boost my faith?  This is something I myself have struggled with.  Faith is letting go and trusting that everything will work out the way its meant to.  Think of it this way:  If you order something from a catalog, you don't doubt that it's going to come.  Once you place your order, it will come.  Taking your faith to the next level, which I firmly believe you should, means feeling, knowing, and acting as if you have it now.  One of my wishes is to live in a cabin in the mountains in North Carolina, right?  Well, instead of waiting for it to come, I'm there already.  I have to think in terms of what that looks like, feels like, and even talk like that's where I live because guess what?  I already do!  That's how you go from passively manifesting to actively manifesting your thoughts, dreams, and desires into existence.  You don't see it as a far away goal.  You see it as already yours right now, at this moment, today.

What are some ways that I can activate a wish or desire?  Let's use the cabin example again.  I'm already living there, right?  I might want to decorate or buy new clothes for my new cold weather environment.  Maybe I'd want to start making plans to be a leafer or a waterfall chaser, which are activities that people like to do in this area of the Carolinas.  While its not necessary to do these things, it can be a lot of fun to shop!  You can make a gift registry, plan a housewarming party, or physically start shopping now.  I only recommend doing this if its fun for you.  That's the secret ingredient.  If it makes you feel that lack of not having it now, then steer away from this idea.  Follow your bliss!

As you can see, a wishlist manifestation can be a lot of fun!  I think people take it too seriously or fear doing it wrong.  You can't make a wish the wrong way.  You just need to put it out into the universe and let it go.  It shouldn't feel like a monotonous chore.  It should be something that surges excitement through you like lightning.  It should be normalized.  Like, if you already have something, you won't want it anymore.  The desire for it will be gone.  Think in terms of that and you can't go wrong!

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and we'll talk.  Thanks for reading!  Feel free to share your LOA success stories in the comments too.  I love hearing about what works for other people and how they made their dreams come true.  Doing so inspires others to give it a try!
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