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Wishlist: Yoga Holds the Key to Manifesting Your Wildest Desires (LOA)

Colorful Prayer Flags at The Stupa of Sedona, Arizona in the Heart of the Desert
I recently found out that yoga holds the key to manifesting your wildest desires.  You want to know who whispered that secret in my ear?  Goddess Parvati in this post about moving mountains with magic!

Even though I openly spoke about how to manifest your heart's desires, I wanted to delve deeper into this key concept of yoga opening the door to golden opportunities and manifestation magic.  It's something that every alchemist should have in their law of attraction handbook!

Yoga is the key to manifesting anything you want.  Let's break down how this works via the law of attraction and spellwork.  In order to achieve a desire you must first lose your desire for it and that can only work if you keep a clean mental diet.  But, we'll come back to that in a minute.

What does it mean to lose your desire?  It means you're not obsessively thinking about it anymore because it's already done.  Your magic spell is complete!  It means that you have let go in perfect trust and harmony because you know that what you want is already here.  It's not baking in an oven somewhere.  It is the finished product.

A good example of that would be being obsessed with a former lover or boyfriend.  You feel lovesick and want them back.  Yet, no matter how much you try to think positively or wish for a text message from him, he never calls or texts.  He's moved on.

Now, here's the kicker.  As soon as you let go and begin to move on from him that's the moment when boom!  You get a call or text from him.  He professes his love for you.  Ironically, this is the point where you've moved on from your ex and you may or may not want him or her back.  The ball is in your court.

What happened to give you back your power in a hopeless situation?  You let go and you began to move on.  You didn't worry or think about your ex as much.  When that happens, energetically, your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend can feel it.  They can feel that they are losing you.  That is how the law of attraction works, ladies and gentleman!

That's what I mean by letting go or losing your desire.  You know that you have what you want already, so you don't care anymore.  Or, energetically speaking, you've completely moved on and therefore, attract the thing you want.  That's what it means to let go or lose your desire for something or someone!

So, how does yoga fit into all this?  Goddess Parvati, spiritual yoga instructor and full-time yogi, which you can read about here,  works with mountains and magic and yoga to bend the universe to her will and teaches you how to do that too.  Yoga and good meditation practice help you let go of your wants, wishes, and desires.  It does that through the clearing of your mind!

Yoga helps to clean and clear your mental diets, so let's talk about that for a minute.  A "mental diet" is keeping your mind clean and pure of the thoughts that can muck up your wildest desires.  Those ego-based thoughts usually appear in the form of fear, worry, doubt, and a lack of trust in your agreement with the universe.

Practicing yoga poses will magically alter your thinking into a 'fixed' state of zen.  It will help you amplify a zen-like attitude.  When you're in this state of 'flow' you'll feel calm, cool, and relaxed.  If you think about your heart's fondest desires, it will be in passing.  Your focus will be on high-vibrations and spirituality, versus always wanting more and binging on what you want.

Even just ten minutes of yoga a day will keep you floating above your desires like a cloud on a warm summer's day.  You'll observe the thoughts that come and watch them take shape and pass on by.  The same thing can be said about being put in a meditative state.  It cleans and purifies your mind and keeps it from being polluted by fear-based thoughts and ego-based living.
Energy Healing Buddhist Temple in The Stupa of Sedona, Arizona Desert

Wishlist: Yoga Holds the Key to Manifesting Your Wildest Desires (LOA)

How to use your yoga practice to manifest anything you want.  First, you need to start up or get back into a yoga practice if you're not already practicing.  If you've never done yoga before or you've been on a long hiatus, just keep in mind how good you'll feel afterward.  Talk about clearing space for great things to happen to you!

First things first, get back on the yoga mat!  Once you begin a regular yoga practice, you can finish it with savasana, which is corpse pose.  Corpse pose in yoga represents being in a restorative pose and relaxed state.  All of this is connected to that zen-like state that will keep your mind and thoughts free and clear of worry and self-doubt.

How it works:  It works instantly with every yoga pose and every yogic practice.  However, as you gradually build up strength and stamina, your mind will become stronger and more courageous too.  Within a couple weeks, you'll notice some changes in your mind, body, and soul.

These great changes will interact to work effectively with raising your vibration and giving your secret wish and desire a boost behind the scenes.  In other words, yoga helps push your manifestation along because you're not obsessed with it or polluting it with your ego-based thoughts and feelings.

What changes will take place?   You might find yourself feeling like your floating on a cloud all the time.  Cloud nine.  By carving out time on the yoga mat, you'll feel like you're on top of the world and can observe things from a raised vibration versus lower energy thoughts and dark spirits.

 In addition to feeling better with a natural runner's high and yoga glow from within, you'll find that things begin to fall in place.  Maybe before you started one of your health goals is to lose some weight or eat a healthier diet.  Yoga makes you want to be a better person.  You begin to eat from a higher conscious.

This means eating more raw, organic fruits and veggies during the day and a cooked meal of sauteed vegetables and mushroom pizzas for dinner.  It means conscious living.  This leads to naturally losing weight and feeling better about yourself.  Done and done!

Conscious eating may lead to thinking about where your food comes from.  This includes animal cruelty and using cruelty-free living.  You'll begin to slowly make tweaks and changes to your spiritual growth and higher consciousness.

You might be thinking right now, what does any of this have to do with manifesting what you want?  Yoga poses and asanas like lotus pose, downward facing dog, and cobra pose unlock the secrets to the universe, limb for limb.  They do that by freeing up your mind space by expanding your spiritual growth.

In other words, you won't have as much time to focus on negative thinking and fearful thoughts.  You'll remain in a quiet state of zen, which allows your manifestation to come through the door or open window with ease and grace!

This is the most powerful tool in your LOA arsenal and you'll want to use it as part of your daily spiritual hygiene practice.  I also recommend adding in some mantra meditation too.  You can start with the word om as it clears your mind and gives you a focal point.

How to use yoga to manifest your wildest desires:  Simply put it into practice and watch the changes happen organically.  Think of it as a relationship between you and the universe using your body as a temple.  Before practicing, feel free to write down your top-ten desires on a wish list or use them in a one-word mantra for the day.  This lets the universe know you mean business!

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