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5-Nature-Friendly Posts About the Nature Spirits

a spiderweb and Florida box spider glistening in the sunlight in the heart of a faery forest
Here are 5-nature-friendly posts about the nature spirits for you to drink up and enjoy!  As a faerie shaman, I write a lot about the fairies and the elemental kingdom.  I thought I'd try to pick and choose five of my most wildly popular posts on the subject.

Sidebar, I've moved the fairy elemental posts to the hiking section since they go hand-in-hand together!  I think it's important to note that the fairies work in both the earthly realm and the faerie realm, which is kind of somewhere in between.  They can be great benefactors at helping you to heal your life in ways that you never dreamed of or imagined.

The main criteria for working with the nature spirits are being respectful to planet earth.  They really look for people that they can enlist in their call of action to protect mother earth at all costs.  So, that being said, start working on kind living by picking up litter, living a zero-waste lifestyle, switching to a plant-based lifestyle, and caring for animals.

How can you expect the elementals to respect you if you don't respect the planet?  It makes sense that they'd prefer to work with people that are working to reduce their carbon footprint and create change in the world.  The fairies are behind some really big eco-friendly movements, which you can read about here.

The fey doesn't expect human beings to be perfect.  They just appreciate the overall effort in knowing you are doing the best you can.  That's something you should appreciate in yourself too.

To work with the nature spirits, head out into nature or your backyard oasis and meet them halfway.  Fairies can be found at the golden hour of sunset and in all the in-between times.  They love nature-inspired gifts, sparkly things, and sweet treats left for them as offerings.  To make a connection, hit the nature trails today!  In the meantime, here are my five favorite posts about faerie folk.  Enjoy!
A woman laying on a woodland boardwalk in the clearing with a fern headdress

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A tiny dark-haired fairy statue in purple garb with flowers sitting on the back porch with an acorn in nature

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A cute plastic fairy doll in the grass with clovers and pink hair

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