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5-Tips for Grounding Your Energy on a Nature Walk

Earthing Energy and Healing With Tumbleweeds and Seed Pods in the Brisk Autumn of Nature
Here are 5-tips for grounding your energy on a nature walk!  Nature is a great healing tool and mechanism for grounding your energy into fine chestnut powder.  It's naturally soothing and instantly uplifts your mood and spirits into every woodland, beach, mountain, or desert landscape you go through.  Whether you are walking through trees or meadows, the backdrop of nature will perform an energy healing on you!

Even just a quick walk in mother nature will leave you restored, refreshed, and revitalized.  You get the picture!  But, how does that actually work?  Just hiking in nature and being surrounded by green foliage and earth's brown soil connects you with your primitive self.

In the beginning, humans didn't have all this cool technology like we do today.  All we had was the earth at our bare feet and the trees, sun, and clouds above us.  At night, we slept under the milky way and a billion sparkling stars.  Being in a natural setting brings us back to our ancestors and our primeval roots.

Spending time in nature is a natural elixir.  You can swim in a lake and naturally wash all your cares away.  Humans were never meant to disconnect from our grassroots.  We were always meant to stay close to mother nature and connected to the earth.

Since the disconnection between sustainable human life and earth's healing properties, a lot of medical problems have been mounting up that could be healed holistically.  Luckily, we've hit a bit of a nature renaissance and people have begun to connect with their ancient higher self on mountain tops and beneath waterfalls, and it's been good for them.

So, why not you?  The earth is waiting to receive you with open arms and a warm sundry kiss.  When you feel a need to bring nature into your home and earth into your heart, that's a good sign.  I know if I could live in a redwood tree, I probably would.  I can't seem to get close enough to nature.  Let your ancestors be your guide and take you on hiking adventures to faraway places or in the oasis of your own backyard.

Build your house in the backdrop of nature, move to a cabin in the mountains, or move into your dream home with fairy lights overlooking the ocean!  All of these are signs that nature is calling for you and it's up to you to hear her voice and heed her call.
A field of white shasta daisies in Rhode Island in the New England Area

Number One: Pick Wildflowers on-the-go!

Wildflowers are made of the earth and are waiting to be picked and rehomed in milk vases and dried and preserved in the pages of a nature book.  Wildflowers, like all flowers, come with a built-in flower fairy, whom you can bring home and work with for her magical, healing properties.

Just being around the presence of flowers can boost your mood and confidence.  To work with the flower fairies, click here.  Working with the flower flowers will teach you the importance of flower baths and botanicals, healing essences, and essential oils for bath and beauty.
A wildly growing mushroom fungus in the woodland of New England Nature Preserve

Number Two: Forage For Mushrooms + Mushroom Picking Season

If you really want to ground your energy and activate your root chakra, then forage for mushrooms!  Mushroom picking season is just around the corner, while already started in some places.  Typically though, late-summer and early-fall tend to be the perfect time to forage for mushroom and fairy rings.

Mushroom hunting, eating mushrooms, and just being around mushroom fungus is good for the soul!  It connects you with your faery heart since wherever mushrooms are, fairies set up shop.  Being around a mushroom or fairy ring will instantly clean, clear, and foster your root chakra, grounding your energy into cinnamon powder in a hot drink on a cozy day in fall.

You can read more about Mushrooms Designed by Fairies + Mushroom Picking to get a better idea on how mushrooms really are magic!  In fact, mushrooms are one of the foods I recommend for grounding yourself after performing a magical spell or for activating your root chakra, which is associated with family kinship, financial standing, and career and life path.
A Natural Forest Glade With Emerald Green Nature Apothecary and Natural Healing Remedies

Number Three: Take a Forest Bath: The Wonder of Shinrin-Yoku

Grounding your energy is easy when you emerge into a forest glade and see an emerald green forest all around you, as far as the eyes can see.  The tree tips glisten against blue skies as birds chirp in the distance, singing a song of praise for the earth mother goddess.

When you move slowly through the forest, taking your sweet time, and relishing the moment, that is the wonder of Shinrin-Yoku, the magical healing properties of forest bathing at it's best.  In order to take a forest bath, you simply move with intention through the canopy of the forest, drinking in all the sights and sounds.

It's simple healing magic to walk into a woodland cove and be surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Nature is a natural healing remedy that can ease your anxiety and heal your depression.  You can tell her your deepest, darkest secrets and in return, she'll show you the world.  It's a symbiotic relationship built on love and trust.  A full miraculous recovery awaits you!
How to earth on the green grass or on an earthing mat in mother nature

Number Four: Walk Barefoot in the Grass With Earthing

If you want instant gratification to connect with the earth, take your shoes off and head into your own backyard!  Nothing gets you closer to the earth than walking barefoot in the grass with earthing.  You'll get those earth vibes from your toes to the top of your head with earthy tones and tingles.  Let the tall, green grass be your guide!

Earthing has been proven to activate your root chakra, which is associated with stability in all areas of your life.  It works by anchoring your feet to the ground and throwing down roots.  You'll feel a surge of energy, much like tree roots grounding you from beneath your feet all the way to above your crown chakra, conveniently located above your head.  You can read my quick tips for earthing on the go to get started.
Wild buttercup flowers in yellow with a cute bumblebee delighting in the nectar of the fruit

Number Five: Practice Kinfolk Style, Slow Living With Nature-Friendly Undertones

One thing you can do to ground your energy is to practice kinfolk style, slow living with nature-friendly undertones.  This particular brand of living the slow life has a special kinship with plants, sustainable living, and nature-inspired things.

People who practice this style of slow living, tend to raise their own chickens, pick their own fruit, and live farm to table with container gardens and kinfolk style carrots.  Getting into this kind of practice makes room for a more sustainable lifestyle with kindness towards the earth. In fact, it's the lifestyle that I live and practice religiously.

Slowing down and being more mindful allows you to be more down-to-earth and grounded, rooting your chakras in all the right warm and tingly places.  It opens up a higher consciousness that makes you want to live off the grid or at least be apart of it.  If grounding your energy and setting down roots is what you're looking for, why not make it a lifestyle change?

After all, what can be more grounded than slowing down and enjoying mother earth and all she has to share?  You'll find her hidden nature gifts and treasures and be more willing to practice what you preach.  
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