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A Magical Spell With Plants to Make Your Spiritual Business Grow

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Here is a magical spell with plants to make your spiritual business grow!  As many of you know, I'm a spiritual teacher and faerie shaman with a green thumb for plant magic.  In order to cause my business to grow, I often to turn to my plant friends for advice.  I call them my pet plants!

You're probably wondering, how in the world would a plant be able to give me wisdom and advice and that's a fair question.  The truth is, houseplants, just like any living thing, has a built-in nature spirit that you can talk to.  Plantlife has a distinct personality and even likes to be given a name.  I've learned a lot from working with plants for energy healing and chakra clearing.  They have clear, open energy that you can easily hear through the voice of intuition.

So, how can plants help you with your business?  Plants make wonderful allies for growing your business and making it prosperous.  When you think about your blog biz or Etsy Shop, your first thought is how to make it grow.  By making it grow, you might mean to grow an audience and to increase wealth.

Plants grow naturally, without strain, push, pull, or force.  Everything that happens to a houseplant unfolds organically and a plant can do the same for the growth of your blog or shop.  That's why I've come up with a magical healing spell, using the healing properties of plants, to grow your business naturally!

I've done a few spells on this blog and I'd like to do more.  Spells are empowering and give you a sense of control in a chaotic world.  They are different than prayers because you are turning over your power to your greatest strength, which is yourself.  Plants are magic in that they have invisible underlying magical properties that can heal energy and bandaid physical wounds.
A Woman in a tropical pink and green tank top with sunglasses holding a baby aloe vera plant backwards in a seaside fishing village in Florida with a textured wall

A Magical Spell With Plants to Make Your Spiritual Business Grow

For this spell, you're going to need a money plant.  It can be a pilea plant, bamboo plant, or a jade plant.  As long as it falls in line with the vision of what is considered a money plant, a lucky plant, or a feng shui plant.  Choose the one you love and get ready to work with her!
  1. Step One: Choose your money plant or use a plant you already have on hand
  2. Step Two: Choose a gemstone to pair with your plant
  3. Step Three:  Foster growth in your plant as it represents your business
What you're going to want to do is sit with your plant and spend time with him or her.  I recommend, depending on the type of plant you have, adding items of wealth to your plant a few times a week.  The way you treat your plant is the way you are treating your business, so think of it like that.  You are going to want to be generous with your quality time.

Think of your plant darling as nourishing your business.  A few times a week, you'll want to add the following items to produce growth and prosperity in both your plant and business.

Plant Prosperity Items:
  • Add rich, organic soil to your cute planter!  
  • Bury gemstones that pair well with your plant!  In this case, I highly recommend prosperity stones.
  • Write love notes on recycled paper and bury it in your planter soil.
  • Bury pennies.  A penny a day to signify the growth of your wealth and business.
  • Let them spend time on the front porch with you in the cool breeze and fresh sunshine
  • Water your plant love with nourishing gemstone infused water
Plant Magic Spell to Make Your Spiritual Business Grow:

In order to begin the spell, gather your plant and find him or her a cute planter to live in.  Once you have a container garden for your lucky plant, be sure to plant her.  For old plants, you'll need to bring in new energy by transferring your money plant into a new pot with rich, organic soil and fresh ingredients.  Be gentle and deliberate during this process, as it can be hard on the plant.  Your goal is to make her feel as comfortable as possible in her new surroundings.

Next, name your plant after your business, whether it be the name of your blog or eCommerce website.  This is to signify that your plant and your brand are synonymous.  Your plant will then take on the characteristics of your brand personality and life force.  This will happen naturally with the incantation of a few magical words!

Now, it's time to establish your plant as your growing, flourishing business.  You are going to light incense or a sparkler and say these magic words three-times and as often as needed:
Plant energy, bold and bright, like a shooting star, I ignite.  The spark within, the spark without, light the green glowing soul of my plant heart.  We are in bloom, we connect, we bring good luck, we bring progress.  Bloom and grow, grow and bloom, prosperity, into my business looms.  A dash of growth, a sprinkle of wealth, a voice to be heard, from the inside out.  On this day, oh magic plant, we are one and I am you, we grow together and we bloom!
A Woman Holding a Medium-sized Aloe Vera Plant in the Palm of her hand with rich, miracle grow soil

Grow Your Plant Like Your Business FAQ

Should you work with a pre-existing plant or purchase a new houseplant?  As long as you are willing to put the time and energy into it, you can utilize a plant on hand or go out and buy a new one.  This part is really up to you.  It's all about working your plant magic for your business!

Will this work on a blog or a shop small business?  Absolutely!  This spell especially works great with small businesses.  It could be a local shop, an Etsy shop, a lifestyle blog, whatever.  As long as you hold the intention of your plant and business as one unity then it will work wonders for your business!

Which gemstones pair well with a prosperity plant?  I think it's best to pair a money plant with prosperity crystals.  Jade, Citrine, Amethyst, Tiger's Eye, and Pyrite or Fools Gold are great crystals that will bring more money into your life.  Think growth!

What happens if my plant ever dies?  This could happen, but we're going to do everything we can to keep our business and our plant baby alive.  As long as you have fostered your plant and business all the way to the end of its life, then you are as good as gold in the plant world.  Just remember, sometimes death signifies new life.  This might mean it's time for a new business venture or a side hustle or perhaps a new angle in business.  If a natural plant death occurs, say a proper goodbye to your old plant (and old business/or aspect of the business) and start over with a new plant friend!

How often should I be working with my plant magic business spell?  Let your intuition be your guide, but I recommend spending time with your plant for a few minutes a few times a week.  This will be your time for talking to your plant, raking her soil, adding decorations, and practicing gemstone magic.  This is all about planting the seeds of intention!

How soon will I see results?  With both spells and intentions, it always works faster if you have childlike faith.  Your job is to plant your houseplant in rich soil and then foster prosperity and growth.  That's it.  The universal forces and energy will take care of the rest for you.
Green Thumb Plant Magic Care and a Bevy of Houseplant, Gemstone, and Mineral Friends

Plant Care Resources and Cute Planter Ideas

I've rounded up a bevy of plant resources to help you get started with your plant as a business philosophy.  Each plant requires individual care and in this case, your plant works in unison with your blog biz (or shop), to grow and prosper your spiritual business.  This means you're going to want to safeguard your plant and nourish it with all the love and care you would put into your business.  It's a lesson in growth.

What you make grow, you foster!  You're going to want to make sure you brush up on all your green plant skills.  You're going to want to earn all about and understand the spiritual, holistic nature of plants.  You are also going to want to find a cute planter and practice feng shui to find the perfect spot for your business to bloom and grow in magnitude!

Plant Care Resources:
Business Resources:
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