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A Slow Living Prompt For Taking a Forest Bath From the Comforts of Home (Autumn Edition)

A decorative bowl on the kitchen table filled with fall foliage and autumnal magic
This is a slow living prompt for taking a forest bath from the comforts of home!  Shinrin-Yoku: The Wonder of Forest Bathing has been talked about many times on the blog before, but how cool would it be, to be able to take a forest bath from home?  The answer is very cool, of course!

Honestly, I love a good slow living prompt for that gets you motivated to try new things.  Usually, I would advise my reader to try something outside his or her comfort zone, but in this case, I think it's okay for you to do this from the comfort of home.

To take a forest bath from home, you're going to need to get in the mood and spirit of the season you are currently in or the one that's fast-approaching.  For example, even though we've still got a bit of summer left in us, I'm all about the magical fall season right now.  You can try a spell to create fall sweater weather in this blog post to get started!

Once you choose the season, mood, or holiday then bring in the elements of the forest into your home.  You can do this by creating a decorative bowl of fall delights like my mom did.  She found some seed pods on the ground and some crisp fall leaves and bundled them together with joy.  That, with her autumn-inspired placemat, makes for the perfect setting for taking a forest bath.

Use your imagination!  If a bowl full of acorns and seedpods mixed with fall foliage doesn't do the trick for you then what will?  Go the extra mile and add fall decorations with pumpkins and festive fall leaves.

Prefer the traditional approach to forest bathing?  That's okay too.  This is practically a love spell for your secret relationship with the woodland.  In this case, fill your home with houseplants galore.  Make it look like an artful greenhouse with sparse furniture.  If you're really into a green-friendly environment, create a living plant wall!

You'll surround yourself with nature in numerous, magical ways!  It was a rainy day the day that I took this still life photograph.  It got me so in the mood for the autumn holidays that I even created vegan comfort food that day.  I whipped up a delicious vegan butternut squash soup with chives that made me feel all warm and cozy.
A fall-themed placemat for the dining table for the fall season

A Slow Living Prompt For Taking a Forest Bath From the Comforts of Home

Maybe you won't get the full effect of forest bathing in the home, but the more greenery or scenery with seasonal shifts you have, the more inspired by nature you will be.  Another quick approach to inviting nature into your home is to call on the nature spirits with an offering or a nature-inspired altar.

You can easily take any flat surface in your home and add natural elements like wood, gemstones, a flower bouquet, and of course plants!  Be sure to create a simple intention of creating a forest bath or a woodland gathering.  Once you've chosen your intention, add an offering for the nature spirits that live in your home.  Most elementals that live in the home are brownies or house brownies.

A Sample Faery Offering:

In order for the fairies to feel welcome in your humble abode, be sure to leave them a sweet treat and some sparkly treasures to attract their attention.  Below are some concepts and ideas that the nature spirits will adore!

  • A bell that you ring once in a while.  Fairies are attracted to the sweet sound of church bells, wedding bells, and trinkets, as they are mindful of their heavenly nature.
  • Plant clipping in jars with roots.  Fairies love the naturalness of things and there's nothing more natural and homespun than throwing down roots.
  • Honey.  If you're a strict vegan, you can use agave nectar for the same impact.  Honey should be raw, natural, and locally made and ethically sourced.
  • Prisms.  Prisms make the perfect fairy gift.  They are highly attracted to sparkly things.  Don't be surprised if your prism or feng shui crystal disappears, as the fairies like to steal things they like and sometimes, play harmless tricks on humans.
  • Let them eat cake.  The fairies love cake, even if it's vegetarian.  Fun fact: The nature spirits are vegetarian, but hat's because they know how to work with animals without causing them harm.
  • Beer, sparkling cider, or sparkling champagne.  The fairies ove to drink and be merry just like most humans!  They especially love to celebrate the seasons of life.  Offer them a drink in a thimble or small acorn half and they will love you for life. 
A wood nature-setting placemat and a decorative votive filled with raw materials from the earth + sustainable living

Resources on Woodland-Themed Home Decor

I've written a lot about the seasonal shifts in life and how you can reflect that through woodland decor and celebrations.  Even though this is a blog post about taking a forest bath from home, the rules apply.  Here are a few of my favorite woodland-themed resources for bringing nature into your home for fall and beyond!
  1. How to Bring Nature Into Your Home
  2. The Secret Woodland-Themed Corners of My Home
  3. Plant Magic Energy Healing Kit For Bringing Good Energy Into Your Home
  4. The Wonder of Forest Bathing: Shinrin-Yoku
  5. Wearable Nature: Woodland Decor and Woodland Themed Baby Showers
No matter what the season or holiday, the secret ingredient to taking a forest bath from home is through plants and greenery year-round.  It can be growing herbs in windowsill gardens or houseplants everywhere, just be sure to include the magic of plants to breathe in the magic of bathing your soul in the heart of the forest!
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