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A Woodland Gathering of Simple Delights: A New Mantra for Simple Living

A brambling wood of branches and bird nests inspired photography for nature-friendly living and sustainability
Today, I'm on the way to the Berkshires of Massachusetts to visit my sister, which is a couple hours away from where I'm staying in Rhode Island.  It will be one last family visit before leaving back to Florida on the tenth of September.  Last night, I had trouble drifting to sleep as a woodland gathering of simple delights: a new mantra for simple living popped into my head!

I've been looking to transition into a new tagline for my blog, which for me translates into a new mantra for simple living.  I will always be a faerie whisperer at heart but in my veins, like branches with nests and follies, I am transitioning into the simple delights of my blog.

What does this new mantra mean or me?  I recently created a new year's resolution more than halfway through the year that resonates with me.  I used to be one of those people obsessed with new years resolutions taking form at the beginning of the year, but I've relaxed a bit, and have found that you can create a resolution at any time in your life.

In fact, I've decided to create resolutions seasonally or as they capture me for the different seasons of my life.  I like to allow a resolution to come to me and unfold organically.  My fall resolution is to create more woodland gatherings.

For me, woodland gatherings mean spending time together as kinfolk, which is a close-knit community of friends who are like family to me, as well as my natural family.  I want my blog to be a woodland gathering of like-minded, spiritual individuals.

At home, I plan on having more outdoor gatherings with parties and festivities.  It's kind of always been a dream of mine to be able to throw festive party events on a smaller, slow living scale.  One of the things that kept popping into mind is doing some mushroom hunting and foraging for food then bringing it home to cook on the campfire.

I see many festive parties in my future with intimate gatherings of the people I love and care about.  Why not bring the fairy lights and bonfires to the blog?  I even made an entire section devoted to foraging, since food, music, and mood lighting is what brings people together.

So, close, intimate gatherings inspired by the Great outdoors and mother nature is what I'm striving for here.  When I think of woodland gatherings, all I can see is something sparkly, bubbly, and effervescent.  I can see the string lights and the hear the festive party music or the quiet in the wild.  I want things to feel intimate, warm and cozy, and close.

What does it mean to have simple delights?  It's a mantra for slowing down and enjoying the little things in life.  That's what this blog is really all about.  It's about kinfolk style, slow living and capturing magical moments using the art of slow blogging.

It's about taking a moment to catch your breath, finding the secret, hidden places inside yourself, hidden in plain sight and delighting in it.  This is my spiritual journey into the woods, but I want my readers by my side, as we go on fern trail hiking adventures and spend time in the hygge style heart of nature.  Are you with me?
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