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An Early Autumn Sweater Weather Magic Spell For Manifesting a Seasonal Change

A young girl wearing lucky red sweater gathering pumpkins at a pumpkin patch ready for the fal seasonal shift
Lately, I've been sad about the fact that I'm going back to Florida right as New England begins to blaze with fall colors of warm and cozy.  So, I've decided to manifest early autumn, and guess what?  It worked!  This is an early autumn sweater weather magic spell for manifesting a seasonal change.
Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't control the weather as an individual.  Weather is usually a collective effort by many individuals.  However, both weather and a seasonal shift can occur with one individual person, as long as the said person has a childlike faith and magic.  If the individual in question is a magical person, such as nature witch or faery shaman, then the chances are even higher!
My favorite season is and always will be fall and that's in part because my favorite holiday is Halloween.  The fact that we're slow traveling back to Florida just in time for the leaves to turn, and I'm going to miss it, is almost too much for my poor little heart to bear.  Luckily, I've got the remedy for my seasonal cure!

I've been surrounding myself with everything I can think of that has to do with fall and you know how it is, once you see one thing, even something as simple as a maple leaf, you're going to see it everywhere.  I guess it helps too that the stores are already filled with aisles of fall-inspired goodies and Halloween decorations.

So, the secret to manifesting the weather you want is to first begin to take notice of it.  This is called the law of attraction, where one sign leads to synchronicity then to a miracle!  The miracle we want in this case is sweater weather and I'd like to try to manifest some crisp, fall leaves and color changes before we go, but it's early yet, so we'll see.  I believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it with a little faith and simple magic!

How did I manifest the crisp, fall weather?  Besides surrounding myself with everything that reminds me of the magic of fall, I just accepted that it would happen in faith.  Faith is a key step in the creative process of getting what you want, wish for, and desire.  I really didn't think too much about it, but accepted that fall would come early and it did. 

Over the next week, I'm planning on visiting the Berkshires to see my sister one last time before we go.  I'm visualizing crisp fall leaves and a nip in the air.  Visualization is a big part of manifesting something into existence.  You choose the picture you'd like to see in your mind and combined with your belief, you will see it!

Sometimes, the picture might be slightly different than what you asked for. That's okay.  Just go with the flow!  Be thankful that the universe came through for you.  The universe will give you even more of what you want when you are a grateful person. 

Here's the most important part: Ask the fairy folk for good weather!  The fairies are in charge of things like weather and changing seasons.  Not to mention, the elementals are able to instantly manifest what they want like magic into thin air.  That being said, this spell includes connecting with your faerie heart in the elemental kingdom, so be prepared for that.  The key to working with the fairies is to have fun!

The nature spirits are light-hearted, fun, and full of laughter.  They have a childlike presence that often reminds me of bubbles, splashes, and giggles.  They are also very down-to-earth and easy to talk to and will keep your energy grounded during a spell.  Be sure to eat something to ground you once your seasonal spell is complete!  A baked potato or bread make a good choice.
Pumpkins at a Pumpkin Patch in October in Florida + Hay Bales

An Early Autumn Sweater Weather Magic Spell For Manifesting a Seasonal Change

To perform this spell the only tool you really need is something that reminds you of the fall seasons.  It can be a crisp fall maple leaf, a pumpkin, or an acorn.  Whatever works best for you!  Hold it in your dominant hand, meaning your left or right.  Now, head out into nature!

It can be your backyard, a hiking trail, or the local park, simply choose a private spot that resonates with you.  With your fall-inspired item in your dominant hand, call a circle of elementals.
Fairies of the north, please encircle me.  Nature spirits of the east, please encircle me.  Fey of the south, please encircle me.  Fairy Queens of the west, please encircle me now!
Okay, now say your intention out loud at least three times building momentum and magic.  Turn each time as you say it, making a circle.  If your intention is to for an early autumn fall weather magic day then let it be known.  Simply apply the weather and season to your intention.  Here's mine as a living example below.
Nature spirits and faerie queens, far and wide, I do seek to find.  Please turn this fall leaf, a symbol of the autumn season, from a leaf into fall weather and from fall leaf into turning leaves divine.  Let one fall item multiply by the power of three entwined.
Now, drop the fall leaf, acorn, or pumpkin and leave it for the fairies and be sure to blow a kiss as a thank you for the fairies!  Your spell is complete.  Here's the fun part.  Look for signs!  Gather the twigs that are signs of life to your manifestation.  Write them down or at the very least acknowledge their existence.  Soon enough, the weather and the season will shift in your life too!   
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