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Currently: I Can See the Forest For the Trees

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I'm currently looking out into my windows on the second-story of the townhome I'm living in for the summer out into the woodland beyond.  I always dreamed of visiting New England in the autumn, when a blanket or autumn pumpkin-spiced colors spread throughout the area.  Naturally, that's not how it worked out at all.  I came to spend my summer here and what I'm walking away with is far more valuable than what I started.  Currently: I can see the forest for the trees as summer lingers to hold onto the bond we've shared together.

This has been a long, arduous journey spending the summer in Rhode Island.  I haven't talked about it very much because this was my time to really think and figure things out.  The one thing that I wanted to do this summer was gain clarity and I have.  I've gained clarity on who I am and what I want out of life and I've taken a lot of personal responsibility for how my life has turned out.  I can honestly say that I can see the forest for the trees and from where I'm standing, it feels amazing!

First of all, the one thing that has weighed heavily on me is that I wanted to have a clear direction in my life which needs clarity and clear thinking.  About halfway through the summer, I went through one of the worst brand identity crisis one could ever go through.  It was challenging to say the least and you can read all about it here in Summer Magic: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in My Life.  I really talk about all the changes I've been making in my life and how they trickle down into my business in magical ways.

Then, something happened.  I finally gained the clarity that I needed to move forward with my business.  It's kind of difficult to move forward when you're plagued with overwhelming doubt and ambiguity.  Working with the angels, fairies, and spirit guides helped me to gain some much-needed perspective on what I was doing.

It turns out, I was on the right track!  I just did what I always do which is to overcomplicate things and overanalyze them to death.  I needed to accept myself.  I am different, maybe a little on the weird side, and most certainly rare and one-of-a-kind.  It's a little scary to be the face of your brand and it's a huge responsibility to own the fact that you work as a faerie shaman and energy healing.  For a while, I struggled with acceptance.

I needed to accept that I'm beautiful the way that I am, inside and out.  I needed to understand that it's okay to be myself and that maybe that's what attracts people in the first place.  Once I was able to get past my own self-image issues, I was able to move forward fearlessly.

It helped that I was able to accept myself, flaws and all.  I'm somebody who writes my paragraphs just a little too long.  I'm a writer who uses too many commas and sometimes run-on sentences.  I had to be okay with using the voice that I had in overcoming my perfectionism.  In my flaws and imperfections, I was able to discover my own inner strength and beauty.
A tree gathering its leaves for summer to make its way into the seasonal shift of autumn mood

Currently: I Can See the Forest For the Trees

I'm currently in the middle of radical transformation, just on the other side of the clearing.  The thing about transformations that nobody tells you is how difficult and trying they are.  It's been a long, hard summer.  I've been challenged in ways I never thought I could be again.  I've endured having my health and well-being tested, as I spent months grasping for breath. 

My asthma and allergies did not fare well in a New England environment and at one point, I could feel my body dying.  I've spent the last half of my summer on prednisone, which I'm grateful for, but at the same time cautious because of all the side effects of this medication.  The good news is that I can breathe again and I've really made a full recovery in my health.

I'll be leaving in a few weeks, back to Florida.  We are currently starting to pack boxes and suitcases to go back.  In the meantime, I'm trying to hold onto what I've gained here.  I've found some kind of peace within myself and I can honestly say that I'll be walking away with a fresh perspective on the kind of woman that I desire to be.  That's huge!

From a business perspective, I'm going to find the courage to always be myself.  Some people will like my personal brand all wrapped in a neat nature-inspired bow, while others might not.  That's okay with me.  I want to deeply resonate with the people who get me.  If they don't, then I might not be the blog for them.  You can't please everyone.  That's what I've come to learn.  You can read my last post, Currently: Lifelong Learning as a Free Spirit if you enjoy reading lifestyle blogs.

So, what does all this mean for me?  Well, there are some really big changes in the works in my blog business.  I want to save it for an upcoming post about what my plans are.  I will say that at the heart of everything, creating a close-knit community of friends who are like family to me is what I'm aiming for.  I'm working to create a place that feels warm, safe, and loving.  Sounds like the ideal work environment, doesn't it?

I want to get back to creating more lifestyle content, especially since I'm living a slow living lifestyle in Florida where I live.  I'm really good at inspiring and motivating people to live a slower life, as well as helping them to develop a nurturing, loving relationship with mother nature.  Part of that s writing more family posts. 

Writing kinfolk inspired posts used to be a regular part of my blogging routine and rituals until about a year ago.  That's when my youngest daughter Chloe grew up and moved out.  On top of that happening, there were some huge family dynamic issues going on that I really want to open up and talk about on my blog.  There was a death in the family and a lot of fighting going on at one point, to where it didn't feel good to talk about family anymore.

I think we're all healing now and starting to really get back to a good place with each other.  My kinship with my family is probably the strongest force in my life.  It's a driving force behind everything I do and when I lost that, even temporarily, I spun out of control.  With an empty nest, I felt lost.  I had to work really hard to find myself again and now I have.  To me, Everyday Laurali Star just isn't the same without my daughters and family.

We have new additions to the family now, as our family is growing and changing, yet our bonds remain the same.  The relationship I've always had with my daughters because I had them so young in life, has always been more like a best friend relationship.  It's complicated, loyal, and yet everchanging.  Talking about that is integral to who I am.  I'm looking forward to including my family in my blog posts in a different way!
A jack in the beanstalk leaf and vine in moody summer photography + burred photography tips

Currently: Lifestyle, Family, Food, Music, and Entertainment

  • I'm currently listening to Honeyweed by Summer Salt.  Summer Salt gives me a Beach Boys vibe.  It's the kind of music perfect for daydreaming and summers at the beach.
  • I'm currently rewatching, Gossip Girl for the umpteenth time!  I don't know what it is, but Gossip Girl makes me want to go back in time.  I miss the way things were then.  The music, the styles, the way things were.  
  • Getting back into creating my own recipes.  I used to craft my own vegan recipes all the time, then somewhere along the way it sputtered out.  You can look forward to seeing more recipes on the blog again.  I'm really into mushrooms right now.  I like to eat them as an edible vegan bowl.  You can try one of my old recipes here!
  • Prepping to go back to Florida.  I'm ready!  Being in New England for the summer really made me appreciate what I have in my Florida lifestyle.  I honestly feel so lucky and blessed to live where I do.
  • Thinking about starting a YouTube channel.  I've always wanted to, but I'm not one to start a big project like that lightly.  I really want to have a clear vision on what kind of videos I want to do there and I think I have an idea formulating on that.  I'll keep you posted!
  • Looking for new blogs to read.  There's just not that many blogs that inspire me anymore or at least they are few and far between.  If you have a blog you'd like me to take a look at, please let me know in the comments with a link.  I'm always looking for personal lifestyle blogs, vegan blogs, and blogs similar to my own.  Always on the hunt for new blogs to read!
  • Missing my family like crazy and can't wait to get back home.  Homesickness is a real thing!
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