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DIY Buddha Zen Garden Gifts + Earth-Friendly

Miniature repurposed candle lid zen garden with sand, rocks, and a buddha statue + zen garden rake
My DIY Buddha zen garden makes the perfect gift for the yogini in your life!  Brownie points, if your friend or family member is an earth-loving environmentalist. 

The do-it-yourself zen garden is made from a repurposed candle lid made of glass.  You can use a small or large candle lid for your garden.  In fact, my oldest daughter and I made zen gardens as homemade Christmas gifts for the family when she was visiting for Thanksgiving break last year.  We like to add a personal touch to everything we do!

What kind of person might like a Buddha zen garden?  To be honest, I don't know anyone who doesn't like zen gardens, but there are a few types of people that might like them more.  Do you have a Buddhist in your life?  For sure, this would be the go-to gift for him or her.  Do you have a loved one who practices yoga or maybe teaches it?  This gift would definitely impress them!  Know anyone who's ready to go minimalist?  The Buddha garden would bring a smile to their face!

You can even make one for yourself.  So few people make Christmas gifts for themselves.  I get it.  The Christmas spirit is all about giving and having a charitable heart.  It's okay to do something for yourself though.  A homemade gift to uplift your mood and spirit says self-love through and through.
Earth-Friendly Christmas, holiday, and birthday gifts for sustainable living

DIY Buddha Zen Garden Gifts Earth-Friendly

My favorite part of the Buddha statue zen garden is that it's green-friendly and good for the environment!  I talk about this a lot on my blog, but I really like to get multiple uses out of a single item, especially if its glass or plastic.  That way, I'm not just using single-use plastics!  With the miniature zen garden we have here, we are repurposing an item that would normally go straight into the recycle bin or in some cases, the trash bin!

Reduce, reuse, and recycling should always be part of your daily routine and the holidays or birthdays are no exception.  While I'm also working up some zero-waste gifts for my Santa wish list, it's always good to use what you have on hand.  Most people have candles in the home and they always come with extra working parts that typically serve no purpose.  Let's give the candle lid zen garden a life that has purpose and meaning, shall we?

Other things to consider:  For sand and substrate, try to use natural, organic ingredients just like you would in a recipe.  You can always add a plant if you have room for it.  In this case, I'd highly recommend a light & airy air plant.  Want to make a different kind of zen garden that aligns with your earth-friendly values in mind?  Try this moon cactus zen garden made from environmentally-safe materials.
Sustainable gift giving guide for the holidays with miniature Buddha statues

How to Make Minimalist Buddha Zen Garden

Lucky for you, the Buddha zen garden is also minimalist to make!  It's a relatively easy, mother earth approved DIY tutorial.  You can literally do-it-yourself or make it a fun project with your kids.  That's how easy it is!

Materials Needed:
  • Glass Candle lid.  Can be found attached to any candle you buy.  Small or large works fine.
  • Sand Substrate.  Again, try to buy natural materials, such as organic sand for zen gardens.
  • Natural Rocks.  You can find pretty ones from around your property or you can buy some natural smooth rocks from the store or online.
  • Buddha Statue.  You can buy decorative Buddha statues anywhere.  I used a brown wooden Buddha that I had found in a gift shop at the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Try to gauge which color or style your friend or family member might like.  
  • Tiny Gemstone (Optional).  You can add a tiny gemstone such as citrine for prosperity and raising one's vibration or aquamarine for detoxifying the chemicals from ones home.  With healing stones, be sure to look up the meaning first in order to personalize the meaning of your gift.
  • Baby Air Plant (Optional).  This is completely optional, but you can add a baby air plant to your zen garden to purify the air, as well as your intentions.  
To give your miniature zen garden a boost:  You can add adoption papers for the air plant, to give it a name and personality with pet plants.

You can make this gift as minimalist or as detailed as you like, to personalize it for the lucky friend or family member you'll be giving it to.  Remember:  Less is more!

Put it all together:  To put your zen garden together, simply add the sand substrate first.  Then add the Buddha statuary.  Next, add the little details that make this gift customizable and personal.  Be sure to bless it with your overwhelming love and support!  You are all set for gift giving for the holidays.  Enjoy!
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