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Feeling Like a Fairy: Life in the In-Between Times

pink seedling flowers in pods in Rhode Island set against the woodland of New England in Late Summer, Early Fall
Lately, I've been feeling like a fairy with my life in the in-between times.  We're getting ready to head back to Florida, there's a hurricane getting ready to wage war back home, and everything feels in transition.

Seasonally, we're in transition too, and I can feel the seasonal shift in my bones.  Every part of me feels the change in the air, like the winds of change. 

It's late summer/early autumn and there's a gradual change in the daylight hours, dipping into the golden light of sunset just a little bit earlier.  I feel summer receding, even as I know we're hitting what feels like 96-degree weather back home in the sunshine state.

The maple leaves are turning here, just a little, to indicate that fall will soon be on the way with pumpkin spiced lattes and skinny scarves.  In the meantime, I meander the woods behind our summer vacation home, holding onto the last glimpses of summer with pops of pink and seedling pods of green.

In the glistening sunlight, under the canopy of the trees, sits the golden light in stark contrast to the shadows letting me know we are somewhere in between it all, where the fairies live.

I can imagine the faerie folk working tirelessly to usher in the fall season while taking down the natural decorations of summer.  I must admit, I admire their work ethic.

The in-between will soon merge into one complete season in celebration of the wonder and peonies of life.  For now, though, I feel like a fairy, somewhere in the middle, waiting for things to happen that are beyond me.  It's like I'm waiting for my life to begin, while life is happening all around me.

That's okay though.  Life is what happens while you're waiting and if you or I were a fairy elemental being, we'd be somewhere in the magic hour of it all full-time.  Right now, I am trying to live as I wait.  It's a weird feeling, but that's how life is sometimes.
Blur photography at magic hour in a secret meadow glen in the forest

Feeling Like a Fairy: Life in the In-Between Times

We're somewhere between packing to leave and saying goodbye to the New England summertime.  As the first fall leaves begin to crush with golden colors and a magical lend of red and orange, summer lingers in the distance.

I'm ready.  I'm ready to leave and return to my tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida.  I'm ready to say goodbye to my first real experience in the New England area.  I'm ready for the unfurling of autumn to wind it's way cleverly to the Florida oaks with southern Spanish moss dripping from the trees overlooking freshwater lakes.

There's a tinge of bittersweet in the air, as all goodbyes are filled with whimsical nostalgia and long love letters to the summer.  I can feel endings and new beginnings as we begin preparing for the long, arduous drive back to Florida, mixed with hotel stays and back road adventures.

Right now, I feel like a fairy, living my life in the between.  When I return home to Florida, I'm returning to the promise of a better life.  Things remain the same back home, but I, I emerge differently in the secret woodland-themed places in my home by the sea.

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