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How to Have Childlike Faith: Understanding the Law of Attraction and the Law of Opposites in Action

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Sometimes in life, we're put to the test.  Whenever you are finally in alignment with the universe, that's the exact moment when the law of opposites shows up.  That's the exact moment when you have a surefire sign from the universe that your dreams are becoming a reality.  This is a post on how to have childlike faith and understanding the law of attraction and the law of opposites in action!

In order to work on building your faith and trust in the universe, it's best to start with the elemental building blocks of the law of attraction.  The LOA is energy, vibration, and frequency that can be used to channel it in a certain direction toward an intention. 

While an intention is something that you set for yourself that you want.  It can be a wish, dream, or desire that you want to come true.  Using the LOA, you can make it materialize from thin air using energy, frequency, and vibration.  The simplest way to think about the law of attraction is to think of how something makes you feel.  If something doesn't feel good, you're not in alignment.  If something feels good, then you are.

That's because everything in the universe is made up of energy and can only materialize when that energy is funneled in a direction, either through an intention or through default.  When you are manifesting on default, you are probably getting a mixed bag of results.  When you manifest with a crystal clear intention, you manifest the desires in life that mean something to you. 

Setting intentions for your life makes you feel like you have more control over your life and what happens to you, while still allowing flexibility.  By allowing yourself to receive, you're surrendering to the universe.  This is good because the universe knows the best course of action to take and knows what is best for you. 

Sometimes that thing we want needs to take a different pathway, but our human minds get in the way of that.  Get out of your own way and allow your manifestation to take form and crystallize!

Now, let's talk about the law of opposites.  The law of opposites is going to be something you "don't" want to show up.  Here's a simple example from my own life.  I've set an intention to buy a new home in my tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida where I live (right now, I'm renting), and as soon as that happened, the law of opposites showed up.  My landlord called and talked about selling the building that I am living in.  Naturally, that scared me.

That's when it hit me.  Law of opposites showed up!  When the LOO shows up, that means that you're in perfect alignment with the universe.  The universe has to show both sides of the coin and by doing so, it only means its working. 

My advice, when the law of opposite comes knocking, just acknowledge it and keep moving.  That's just the LOA doing its job in setting you up for your perfect intention to manifest.  This is the point where you look fear in the face and keep going because what you are doing is truly working!
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How to Have Childlike Faith: Understanding the Law of Attraction and the Law of Opposites in Action

Now that we got the basics of the LOA down, let's talk about how to build faith and trust in the universe.  Just because you understand the law of attraction doesn't make having faith any easier.  It's something that you'll be working on as a lifelong commitment if you want to get the most out of it. 

Living a spiritual life of any kind is a lifestyle choice.  It will take years of hard work lifting blocks and removing limiting beliefs but it can be done.  How do I know?  I've been doing it.  You can read more about how I've been using gratitude and affirmations to change my life in this post.  It's something I work on every single day and I can truly see the difference as time goes on.

The great thing about faith is that it can be a foundation that you build on.  To begin to build your childlike faith an joy, you must start with getting clear on what you want.  I recommend not rushing this process.  Sometimes we think we know what we want, only to find we were wrong.  In fact, this happened to me recently.

I started out with an intention of earning well over $5,000.00 from my blog biz.  Then, I slowly proceeded to backslide.  An opportunity came up and I briefly touched on opening an Etsy shop, which I quickly ended up closing.  Why?  Because it wasn't what I really wanted.  What I really wanted was the intention that I made clear on in the first place. 

The intention that I created for making money doing what I love to do, which in my case is blogging, was what I really wanted.  I had to experience the opposite of that via the law of opposites.  Once I did, it confirmed to me what my heart truly wished for and desired.  So, take your time with this step. 

I recommend going through all of your intentions, up to ten.  That way you can open yourself up to manifesting multiple miracles all at once.  I find it easier to manifest when I'm not obsessing over only one thing that I want.  It's also good to put "all" of your intentions out into the universe so that it can get to work on them for you.

Once you get clear on what you want and set your intention, this is the part where you're going to funnel your energy or LOA into it.  You can visualize your intention as a glass and the LOA as the water being poured into the glass, all crystal clear with flowing energy. 

How does one funnel the energy into the glass?  You're going to spend time every day writing down your intentions, positive affirmations, and magnificent outcomes on a piece of paper.  As you write out your intention one at a time, you'll see it in your mind as creative visualization.  One of the ways to see it for longer and to really hold it in your mind is to stretch your intention out. 

Going back to my dream home with fairy lights intention, here is what I write when I stretch the visual out through words.
Thank you, thank you, thank you now that I'm living in my dream home with fairy lights!  I love my home.  I love my pool.  I love my ocean view.  I love my Florida room.  I love all my houseplants everywhere.  I love drinking from my plant coffee mug every morning as I look out at the ocean.

As I'm writing it out and stretching my imagination, I can see it in my mind's eye.  I can see it, feel it, smell it, and touch my dream home with fairy lights.  It feels real like I'm already there.  See how that works?  More importantly, it only takes a couple of extra seconds to stretch it out and it feels good!

Once you write your intentions down, you are letting them go and releasing them into the ether of the universal flow of energy.  Just letting go alone is a show of faith.  You're writing them down one, two, maybe three times a day briefly, and then surrendering and going about your day.  That's faith, my friend.

You are also going to want to do the same thing with affirmations.  Please, for your own sake, don't skip this step!  Affirmations may not work instantly, but they seep into your subconscious mind over time.  The key to affirmations is finding the words with meaning that resonate with you.

At first, when you write an affirmation it is going to feel like a bald-faced lie to you.  That is your ego at work.  Ignore it and move on!  This doesn't remove any limiting beliefs you have, it replaces them.  Over time, just like your intentions, your affirmations will take form, harden, and crystallize from thoughtform to physical reality.

Believe me, you want your affirmations to become reality, just as much as your intentions.  This is because you're working to rebuild your entire belief system.  It takes time, but it works!
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Keep the Faith: Building a Childlike Faith and Trust in the Universe

What are some other things you can do to build a foundation of faith in the universe?  Beyond writing out your intentions and affirmations every single day, you can add more gratitude and positive thinking to your life. 

Use your daily intentions as an opportunity to be thankful for other things by squeezing them into your paperwork.  One of the things that have really helped me improve the relationships in my life is writing what I'm thankful for about each person in my life, even if I haven't met them yet. 

If you have a problematic friend or family member that you just can't seem to resolve things with, this proves to be especially effective.  During my daily gratitude practice, I write about 3-5 people and what I'm thankful for about them.  At the end, I always tell them that I love them too, and can feel myself sending love from my heart to theirs. 

I also practice writing out my magnificent outcomes for the day.  If there's something that I have to do that day and I want it to turn out well, I write out, "Thank you for the magnificent outcome of.....and fill in the blank."  Guess what?  It always works! 

I also like to do this exercise for the people I love in my life if I want something to go well for them.  For example, tomorrow my youngest daughter starts back-to-school.  Not only did I take the time to write a letter to the universe that's centric to her, but I also wrote, "Thank you for the magnificent outcome of Chloe's first day back to school!"

The more rote and repetition, the more you begin to believe that what you dream of is coming to you.  All doubt and worry begin to disappear to be replaced with new positive beliefs that stem from your gratitude lists and morning affirmations.

I also recommend keeping track of all signs of life that revolve around each intention that you set.  Here's how to do that.  Grab a small journal and write down all your intentions and keep a portfolio of your affirmations, as they build gradually over time.  Then, break it down. 

Write down the intention and underneath, label it as signs of life or whatever you like calling it.  You can personalize it and make it your own.  Gabrielle Bernstein calls it gathering twigs and I like the way that sounds better.

Allow yourself to have two or three pages for each intention that you make so you have plenty of room to write down all your signs and synchronicities.  Doing so opens up the flood gates!  You'll be shocked and amazed at how fast the signs start pouring in once you take notice of the repetition.

All of this makes the waiting period, the part where your intention is baking in the oven and taking shape, a lot more fun and lighthearted!  The more signs you see, the more it builds your childlike faith and trust. 

The more you believe, the more problems begin to melt away!  The cool part about this is that it happens naturally, without you having to force, push, or pull anything.  Faith should be fun.  It should be something that you build on by manifesting more and more things.  That's why I call it childlike faith.  It's a way in which small children believe.  They just accept something to be true. 

They don't dissect it, tear it apart, or overanalyze it.  They accept with childlike faith that what they believe is true, whether it be the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause.  Whenever you find yourself overthinking things, return to the faith and trust you had as a child.  It will keep you grounded in the essential faith needed to magically make your wishes appear right before your very eyes!
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