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How to Work With Botanicals to Create Flat Lays, Vegan Beauty, and Improve Your Well-Being

Donkey Tail Plant and Cactus Plant Clippings and Plant Art Flat Lay, Nature Art Display
This is a post on how to work with botanicals to create flat lays, vegan beauty, and improve your well-being!  I love working with botanicals because flowers, plant clippings, and gemstones truly make me happy and bring joy into my life.  Using botanicals on a daily basis can positively do the same for you!

The truth is, botanicals have many uses, but the thing I'd say that makes them wildly popular is their ability to improve your mood and holistic health.  When we're talking about botanicals, we're really talking about herbal remedies and natural beauty products that are derived from plants, flowers, and even gemstone elixirs and essential oils. 

The extraction taken from plants can be used for daily natural vitamins and for natural remedies that are commonly found in mother nature.  Those are some pretty big shoes to fill!  The good news is that our plant-based friends are up to the task!

What are botanicals anyway?  Good question!  Botanicals are products derived from plants, flowers, and healing crystals.  Again, you'll find them in bath and beauty products, natural remedies, and sometimes in household cleaning products that are non-toxic for the environment.

In fact, a large part of what I do on this blog involves working with botanicals.  I would say the biggest way that I love to work with the essentials of plants, gemstones, and flowers come from a holistic place.  You can find my plant magic energy healing kit here.

The reason being is that plantlife and florals come with built-in nature spirits!  This means they are ensouled, have a distinct personality, and a name that sets them apart.  I call them Pet Plants and you can learn about them here.  However, this really applies to floral bouquets and healing stones too.

All botanicals are gifted with an ensouled nature spirit that can guide you through life, provide energy healing, and are capable of gracing you with physical healing too.  If you are looking for a natural holistic health remedy, botanicals are a great fit for your natural living lifestyle!
Gemstone Nature Art Flat Lay Set With Intentions Wabi Sabi Style

How to Work With Botanicals to Create Flat Lays, Vegan Beauty, and Improve Your Well-Being

Let's talk about flat lays for a minute and why I included it with all the other health benefits associated with botanicals.  Nature art flat lays work much like crystal grids do in unleashing healing energy with intent and purpose.  It's all about setting intentions in your flat lay plant art.

So, you can set an intention for happiness, health, wealth, love, or whatever you want in life using plant clippings, gemstone magic, and flower art displays.  It's a great way of connecting with mother nature in a raw, organic way that exudes confidence.  

Engaging with the creative flow of energy by creating artwork made of plant life will also connect you with the universal flow in order to bring your intention to life.   I find working with botanical style nature art flat lays brings a sense of playfulness and fun, which is important for manifesting.  You can read more about it here.

If you're feeling creatively constipated then g sit on your porch, grab some herbal botanicals, and your camera and start creating nature art now!  It's a lot of fun and it will unblock the creative flow.

How to do it:  Think of an intention and set that intention into your flat lay nature art display now.  Be messy!  Get soil everywhere.  Spell out a name with crystals.  Form a cute smiley face or heart-shape or whatever else is going to spring you back to life creatively.  Have fun with it and don't overthink it!  Then, snap a picture of your work of art. 
Flower botanicals and herb gardens on display at the local, organic flower market in Florida

Flower Botanicals and Vegan Bath and Beauty Products

Working with flowers, herbs, and crystals can really enhance your sense of overall well-being.  That's why many flower botanicals are used in vitamins and immune boosters like echinacea.  But, did you know that wildflowers are also used in vegan bath and beauty products?

If you really want to live a down-to-earth lifestyle, it might be fun to approach your flower garden for creating shampoos and conditioners, essential oils, and earth-friendly soaps, bubble baths, and vegan makeup.  You could even find your personal signature scent in a botanical style of perfume!

While I am just scratching the surface of making my own vegan bath and beauty products for personal care use, I think it's a lot of fun to dream up possibilities.  It's a great way to give back to the planet by using glass instead of single-use plastics for your personal soaps, hair products, and cruelty-free beauty products.

It's also a way of practicing a slower way of living.  A lot of the slow life philosophy revolves around farm to table recipes and making things from scratch with kind living.  It's about getting back to the basics, which aids in create a waste-free living.
A blonde woman wearing a living flower barrette in her hair in the Florida sunshine and backyard of nature

Wear Botanicals in Your Hair + Nature Hair Accessories and Jewelry

I believe in trying to live as zero-waste as possible and with that comes my wearable nature feature.  I like to create botanical style hair accessories from living flowers, as well as create nature art jewelry from raw materials found in nature.  

This is a great way to make use of houseplants, florals, and gems in your daily walk of life.  It's a fun way of restyling and repurposing mother nature as God intended for us to do.  Below, are some of my favorite natural hair accessory posts to get you started.  I also included a list of botanical resources that go above and beyond vegan beauty!

With time, you'll come to love working with botanicals too, whether it be for styling your hair or creating nature art as a flat lay.  The key is to have fun with it, be resourceful, and make good use of it!

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