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My Butterfly Transformation: Moving Forward Fearlessly

Butterfly magnet and aloe vera plant + rose bud flower flat lay
It won't be long now.  In about ten more days, I'll be returning to my super-sweet Florida living lifestyle and not a moment too soon!  This is about my butterfly transformation and moving forward fearlessly when I leave New England to return home just in time for the autumn season.

First of all, not all was lost from my stay here in Rhode Island.  I came here with the intention of figuring things out after a really confusing time in my life.  Guess what?  It worked!  I figured out exactly who I am and which direction I want to go in life and it honestly feels amazing. 

You can read more about it in Summer Magic: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in My Life.  I plan on writing a seasonal shift as I celebrate every season of my life.

I always thought that maybe my journey would be more external, but what I didn't know was that the biggest change I needed to make was within myself.  I worked on myself with a fervor all summer long, really addressing the issues that kept popping up and repeating themselves in my life.

The person that needed to change was me.  Does this mean that I'm suddenly going to be a perfect person who can walk on water like Jesus did?  Of course not!  It simply means that I'm owning all my flaws and imperfections wabi-sabi style.

It's difficult to create a radical change in your life if you can't acknowledge where there's room for self-improvement in life.  I've chosen to stop being a victim in my own life and address the issues that were causing problems in my relationships and work life.  I plan to keep doing that for as long as I'm alive on this earth.

Now, I'm at a point where I want my outsides to match my insides, so I've been carefully curating a slow fashion wardrobe a little at a time.  It's only when we have a butterfly transformation journey that we can finally feel free to build on that.  I am definitely ready!

People often say that it's what's on the inside that counts and transformationally, I agree with this wholeheartedly.  Once you've changed your inner spirit then I think it's okay to transform your outside too.  It's feng shui for your mind, body, and spirit!
A porch ledge with colorful monarch butterflies and a dried flower bud nature art display

My Butterfly Transformation: Moving Forward Fearlessly

You know what it feels like?  It feels like I was a caterpillar living in a cocoon all this time, sleeping, dreaming, reflecting, and ready to emerge from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly!  It truly feels like my soul has been awakened here.

I've learned to accept myself.  There are always going to be things that I'm working on and I have to be okay with that.  I have yoga to thank for that.  Yoga has taught me to go with the flow and to accept my flaws and imperfections because even those things make me a beautiful person.

You can read more about how I Need More Yoga Poses in My Life + Goddess Parvati Dedication Spell.  I've dedicated my life to the yoga lifestyle and it has created a shift in me that is warm and welcoming.

It's very important when making a change to work on all your working parts, meaning your mind, body, spirit, and your heart.  This summer, I made a point on working on all of them and plan on taking that back home with me to Florida.

What do I plan on doing now that I'm a beautiful butterfly and not just a cute little caterpillar?  I plan to spread my wings and fly!  I know, it sounds totally cheesy, but again, I'm okay with that.

I plan to spread my butterfly wings and fly and flutter about, spreading goodwill unto the earth in this simplest way possible.  By staying true to myself and living an authentic life.  I'm very excited about this next chapter in my life where I feel like I'm a messenger of healing and hope.
Butterfly Magnet Bundle and Real Tiny Flower Bud Flatlay

Every Day is Butterfly Season + From Caterpillar to Butterfly

From here on out, every single day will be butterfly season as I go from caterpillar to butterfly!  Butterflies represent radical transformation and change from the inside to the outside.  It's no coincidence that they have so much meaning for me on my spiritual journey.

This means that I can speak my truth and I don't have to hide within my cocoon anymore.  I've always been a secret, private person.  I'm an introvert at heart.  When I'm on my blog, I feel free to be myself, the way that I would with my family. 

Part of my butterfly transformation is coming out of hiding and also being both possible versions of myself.  Some days, I'm more of a caterpillar while other days I'm more of a butterfly.

Sometimes, in all honesty, I'm more of a caterpillar.  I like to read books and have a lot of quiet time snapping photographs on the nature trail.  Those are things that bring warmth to my heart.

Other times, I'm a colorful, lighthearted butterfly.  Those are probably the times when I'm writing on this blog or when I'm with my loved ones. 

The thing is: It's okay to be both caterpillar and butterfly.  The important thing is that you remain the same in your essence as you continue to grow and spread your butterfly wings and fly!

The butterfly within me represents metamorphosis and great change.  This is the me that is constantly learning and growing.  The caterpillar me is the one that goes into her cocoon when she needs to where she finds a quiet space to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Over time, both caterpillar and butterfly will merge together in a perfect union.  Until that day, I am going to keep on working to evolve, adapt, and change.

My butterfly transformation means moving forward fearlessly with my life.  It means unabashedly being myself in all my creative endeavors. 

Soon, I'll be on my way back to Florida but my life will not be the same.  I'm leaving a changed woman.  I'll arrive home at my tiny, seaside fishing village a butterfly on the branch for all the world to see. 
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