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Nature Angels: Working With Archangel Ariel to Connect With the Elemental Kingdom

Working with white yarrow healing properties + magical flower properties for botanicals
In case you haven't noticed, I work with the nature spirits a lot on this blog, as nature is the primary driving force behind my work.  You can read about the magic of nature as my life's purpose right here to get started.  In the meantime, I want to introduce you to the nature angels and what it's like working with Archangel Ariel to connect with the elemental kingdom!

This morning, I really needed to ground my energy in my personal life and business.  In my morning letters to the universe, I decided to call on Archangel Ariel for help.  For days now, I could feel her feminine nature-inspired energy all around me.

One of the ways I could tell Archangel Ariel is with me is a strong desire to connect with mother nature.  I usually feel an urge to head outdoors to take forest photography and I also feel a sudden inspiration to write about nature.  Naturally, this lead me to call upon Archangel Ariel, the angel of nature!

I've called on Ariel many times before and it's always met with an instant connection and a feeling of warmth.  I would describe her energy as warm and inviting, but also strong and roaring like a lion or a campfire.  Lions, oddly enough, are something she's commonly associated with.  If you see lions or lion imagery, it is likely that Angel Ariel is nearby or sending messages to you.

She's an angel that will imbue you with confidence and strength.  Even though she's an angel of the pink light ray, she always comes to me with the color red or warm, cozy tones associated with campfires and earth tones.  I think this is because Archangel Ariel is associated with the root chakra and grounding your energy.

The root chakra is associated with stability, which likely stems from its strong roots with finances, career and life purpose, and the family area of living.  If you're having family troubles, financial difficulties, or feel lost in your purpose then Ariel is a great angel to call upon for help!  She will not only clear your root chakra (with the color red), she will make it a stabilizing force in your life.

Archangel Ariel is a wonderful angelic friend to call on when you have scattered energies.  She will ground your energy by suggesting you head out into nature for a hiking adventure or a beach day.  She's great at providing healing tips to take your natural energy healing to new heights!

She'll teach you how to go barefoot in the grass by earthing and give you tips on how to take a forest bath with the wonder of Shinrin-Yoku.  By the time you leave the forest, beach, or desert landscape, you'll feel completely refreshed and invigorated.  Archangel Ariel, the angel of devas and fairies, will make sure of that!
A woodland yarrow flower shrub with green nature energy in the backdrop of nature

Nature Angels: Working With Archangel Ariel to Connect With the Elemental Kingdom

By now, you're probably wondering how to connect with Archangel Ariel, so let's talk about that.  There are many ways to connect with her on a personal level, but my personal favorite is spending time in nature.  In nature, she's easy to talk to and it helps that you're in her element.  Being that she oversees the faerie realm and the kingdom of nature, this is a great place to create a spark!

Ways to connect with Archangel Ariel:

  • Take a hike in nature and spark a conversation with her.  It can be a park, a beach, a dip in the ocean, or in the trees.  Wherever nature is that's where she'll be!
  • Write a letter and burn it!  There's something about burning letters that take down the veil to the other side.  It literally sends up a smoke signal to the Other Side, just like incense and clary sage.  In this letter, simply express to Ariel how you feel, what you need help with.  Ariel is very down-to-earth and easy to work with and doesn't judge.
  • Sit around a campfire.  Campfires attract not only fire fairies, but they attract the nature angel that oversees them, which is Archangel Ariel.  You can sit in front of a campfire, toast a vegan marshmallow, and talk to Ariel about your problems or things you want her to help you improve in your life.
  • Put out lion statues and imagery.  You can do this by creating a welcoming sacred altar or simply add them with the intention of welcoming her into your life.  You can even talk to the lion imagery or lion statuary as if they were Archangel Ariel.  She will hear you and come immediately.
  • Go camping!  Camping is another great way to spend time with Archangel Ariel.  Not only will you be surrounded by nature imagery, but again, you'll be in her element.  Nature is ruled by Ariel, as well as all of the elemental kingdom.
Communicating with an ethereal earth angel like Ariel feels like talking to an old friend.  It's a very down-to-earth experience that leaves you feeling grounded and unearthed.  Ariel can work with you on areas of your life that might be lacking or where you don't feel safe that are connected to the stabile force of the root chakra power center.  

If you're looking to build financial stability or a solid career path, Ariel is your girl!  Her warm and cozy vibes interact with the hygge style heart of nature.  She'll open the door to ideas you never even dreamed of for your business since she is also an angel that creates a stable home and work environment.

If you ever find yourself in a financial crisis or with a food shortage, call on Archangel Ariel right away!  She can help you come up with new and innovative ways to pay rent, bills, and buy groceries.  She's somebody you can count on during financial hardship and struggle.  

On top of everything else, Archangel Ariel is the angel that governs the nature spirits.  After you call on Ariel, don't be surprised if you begin to hear, see, or feel the fairies.  You might suddenly be able to talk to your plants or feel intuitively what they need from you.  All of this has the makings of an earth angel at work!
A magical yarrow plant root, herbs, and seedlings in the pines of New England

How to Connect With the Fairy Devas, Nature Spirits, and the Fairy Queens

Working with Archangel Ariel opens the doors to golden opportunities for working within the faerie realm, especially if you feel a calling as a faerie shaman or Reiki energy healer.  As a shaman healer myself, Ariel has proven to be a powerful tool in my nature toolbox for energy healing.  

For example, perhaps you are starting a business or your business has stalled out.  Ariel is resourceful and will work with you to build a strong work ethic and inspired solutions to money problems.  Running a business can be a long, arduous journey, and having Ariel by your side will keep you grounded in reality.  I highly recommend calling on Ariel for business purposes!

When you call on Ariel, you are calling on an entire spiritual arsenal that you'll soon grow to love and care about.  Those spiritual light beings are the fairy devas, nature spirits, and the fairy queens.  Fairy queens are the archangels of nature, that's how strong and powerful their energy is!

The Devas are fairy devas made up from earth material in much the same way people are.  They oversee groups such as the undines, the gnomes, the tree elves, and the leprechauns.  They tend to make up a mass of larger energy while creating the belief and spirit of every living thing.  This means every rock, plant, wildflower, and gemstone has a soul and a distinct personality.  Everything, even the things that seem to be doing nothing, have a soul and a purpose for being.  

The nature spirits are fairies that are made up of individuals within a group with a soul and a distinct personality.  This means even your houseplants have a soul and a personality, which they can communicate with you!  Nature spirits are healers by nature.  They heal everything in their wake just by existing.  They are behind the plant-based living movement and the zero-waste movement.  You can read more about this powerful force of light beings here.

Working with Ariel can be a wonderful asset to your working life and personal life by connecting you with the spirit world of nature.  I highly recommend calling on her today.  She will grant you strength and grace through the healing power of nature.  You can't go wrong with that!
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  1. So inspiring I wish I could connect with my guardian angel it would be much better.

    1. You can! Start by talking to your guardian angel aloud and ask it for a specific sign. It can be a shooting star, a feather, anything that resonates with you. This will be your first connection to building a relationship with your guide 🦋


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