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Nature Journal: Late Summer Edition (New England Observations)

A bee pollinating white shasta daisies in a new england woodland setting in nature
Since my entire blog is in many ways keeping with nature inspiration, I thought it would be a fun idea to record my observations in a nature journal!  This is the late summer edition with some of my New England observations.  I'm only going to be in Burrillville, Rhode Island for a few more weeks then back to Florida we go!

One of the first things I do to connect to any new place, whether it be on a vacation or a quick weekend road trip, is to connect with mother nature on her terms.  My very first thought is to discover the kinds of elementals living nearby.

Luckily for me, right behind the townhome, there's a small woodland that also connects to a historic cemetery.  I often get a lot of great wildflower pics and practice blur photography on the sidelines!

In the woodland, I've already seen a gnome in one of the skinny, deciduous trees with a hollow.  It's funny because I could feel the energy of the gnome but couldn't see him until I caught him on camera.  Sure enough, in the tall grass, there was a fairy present in the picture!  I've gotten really good at dissecting my photographs in search of the presence of fairies, gnomes, tree elves, and more.

I'm pretty sure that picture was on a post that I ended up taking down so I'll try to sneak it in somewhere in another post and connect back to it.  If you can, zoom in on it!  You'll find that when you practice nature photography, especially at the golden hour, which is the in-between for the fairies, you'll capture their magic on film.
When autumn is closing in flowers, herbs, and weed gardens begin to turn color from golden to brown

Nature Journal: Late Summer Edition (New England Observations)

Even living in Florida, I can always tell when late summer comes.  Leaves, herbs, weed gardens, and flowers begin to turn from golden colors to brown and rustic.  It's a pretty natural observation, even in places where you don't have changing seasons.  In New England, it's even more apparent.

I'm starting to see where the hot days of summer are bearing down on the overgrown wildflowers that line the outside of the woods and nearby cemetery which is only a short nature walk away.  I noticed herbs browning from white to golden to a faded shade of brown like a paper left in the sun too long.  It's kind of beautiful when you think of how nature makes room for the autumn adventure.

I like to see the weeds unfurl and turn on their side while the wildflowers and trees outstretch their arms towards the golden hues of the sun.  As golden light and green begin to fade and turn to the rusty shades of an old pickup truck to carry pumpkins in.
Seasonal Summer Memories Recorded in a Nature Journal

Wildflowers, Weeds, and Herbs All Take a Stand in the Moody Sun-Filtered Light

While summer is still in full-swing in Rhode Island, nature is making plans for the crisp autumn air.  I've always wanted to experience a true autumn season in all it's blazing glory, but Florida calls to me.  Maybe someday, when I have my cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  The turning seasons call to me but Florida has awakened me.

I tend to find beauty in the abandoned places mother nature has left behind.  That would be the wildflowers, weeds, and herbs that all take a stand in the moody sun-filtered light of summer.  Where the tall grass grows, magic can be found, whether it be in a pop of orange color or a bee pollinating ragweed.  Even the things that cause seasonal allergies mesh and intertwine in the heart of nature, dancing in delight at the possibilities.
Flowering Blankets of daisies dancing in delight to the midnight song of pure respite on a hot summer day

Fields of White Daisies Make me Nostalgic For a Time I Never Lived In

White daisies have always been my favorite flower from pretty much the beginning of time.  No matter if a daisy runs wild and free, she still holds a sacred place within me.  A daisy might be nothing more than a rambling weed, but she still brings me back to a simpler place in time.

Daisies represent innocence, devotion, and purity.  These wildflowers in bloom make me long for a place in time I never lived in.  They make me dream of a past life running free through the mountain ranges in a white dress in summer as sweat languidly clings my dress to me.

There is something about nature that feels like a polaroid captured in a perfect moment of clarity where both magic and the river meets.  Daisies are potent with hidden potential and untapped magic, as the faerie folk is highly attracted to live in them amongst the weeds and herbs.

If you ever feel a need to either heal or connect with your inner child, pick a daisy and put her in your pocket.  Carrying her with the intention of embracing your childlike faith will unlock doors you never even knew existed.
Fields of purple wildflowers are connecting to the crown chakra for higher consciousness

The Last Days of Summer: Purple Wildflowers Connect to the Crown Chakra

It's delightful to see so many colors fading into the glorious light of the late summer sun, while purple flowers create a pop of color connected to the crown chakra which delights in the senses of psychic abilities and higher consciousness.

If you ever find yourself losing yourself in the thralls of passion to the point where you don't know where you begin or end, purple wildflowers hold the key to getting found.  They will open up the crown chakra at the top of your head sending lavender light into the recesses of your mind where you and your higher self will meet in record time.

Speaking of, have you ever met your higher self?  During meditation, sometimes you'll feel or see your higher self as a long spirit hovering over but still connected to the body.  That's you in the full warming embrace of God's love.  If you're lucky enough to see your distinguishing features, you'll discover that you still look like you, only shiny and new.
Capturing the Unfurling of every plant, herb, and tumbleweed in the garden of summer delight

Tumbling Tumbleweed in the Hygge Style Heart of Nature of Golden Delight

The wonderful thing about nature is its ability for natural selection based on the seasons.  While a tumbling tumbleweed might hideaway it's shy nature, a flower might bloom nearby with the courage of an afterthought.

With the summer heat bearing down on us, we can see the effect it has on the nearby plants, herbs, and flowers that fight to stay alive long enough to feel that first cool breeze into the autumn sweater weather as it winds its way north.  Some will survive the harshness of the sun as it ravages the overgrown wild grass, while others will wait for the first peek into the fall wonderland of orange, gold, and red colors by the barn.

When I think of the contrast between nature and humans, I can't help but think we are a lot alike.  Some of us are survivors in a way that is bold and outspoken while others slip under the radar into the seedling of our own seed pod, waiting for our perfect moment.  Are you the shy little furled flower waiting in secret or are you the bold orange poppy ready to fight?
Taking a nature walk in Rhode Island to discover historic cemeteries, woodland fairies, and weed gardens put out to pasture

It's the Simple Things in Life That Resonate With the Nature Spirits

Even though the orange pops of color is an inspiration to the sunkissed look of summer pictures, they are harbingers of seasonal allergies and asthma.  I am compelled to say that there is beauty even in the weed gardens.  I take an allergy pill and do my best to protect myself as I guide my way through the minefields of nature.

When it feels like the elements of nature are against me, whether it be through stormy weather or seasonal allergens, I conjure up the magic of the fairies to protect me.  It may not go swimmingly every time, but I find myself seeing nature with only the eyes of love.

For, how can you judge something that can be everything to you all at once?  Nature is unpredictable, wild, and free.  It can be simple and pleasurable with a quick stroll through a botanical garden or it can be harsh and subjective.  It's all in how you look at it.  The nature spirits always tell me to change the picture when I am in a bad mood and I do that through nature.

It's the simple things in life that resonate with the nature spirits and they infuse me in their magical thinking by drawing me into their realm.  They show me that beauty is subjective and without judgment.  They teach me to look at human beings in much the same way.

It's about the essence of the ensouled part of a plant, gemstone, rock, or flower.  The surface is just the beginning of what you will delight to see.  How do I know?  The nature spirits taught me that and they continue to teach me every time I make observations in nature and I record my findings in my nature journal.  I have learned and like a butterfly, I was set free.

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