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Wearable Nature: I Have This Thing With Flower Crowns

Floral Crowns and Botanical Style Flower Rings Derived From Plants and Nature
I have this thing with flower crowns, I must confess!  Every time I put one on I suddenly feel empowered, like I'm more than just a faerie shaman.  Suddenly, I feel more like a faerie queen, completely connected to the natural world around me.  Wearable Nature is all about feeling like you're part of every tree, wildflower, or acorn. 

When you feel connected to mother nature, you're more likely to be responsible for it, and to care for it.  It's the circle of life if you will.  If every bird, whisper on the wind and plant were your friend, you would hold a mirror up to yourself.  You'd be loyal and true to your dear friend.

With a crown upon my head, I find myself wanting to go barefoot through the woods and do some earthing.  I might feel brave and impulsive and comfortable enough in my own skin to shed my clothes and enjoy a naked forest bathing experience while I immerse myself in a waterfall in secret, hidden places that glint with light in summer.  That's the power of a floral crown, my friend.

It weaves its way into your heart and mind, like fairy lights through the forest on a darkened path.  The fairies are all about empowerment.  In fact, when I shuffle the cards in my Healing With the Fairies deck, I get the empowerment card almost every single time.  The fey is always there to remind me of my power. 

I have found that wearing flowers in my hair seems to unlock the power that lies within me.  The crown is connected to the crown chakra, which is a flowing lavender color that shines through in rays of purple light.  Activating your crown chakra will allow you to instantly access more abundance, positivity, and higher consciousness. 

Living flower barrettes and pretty flower crowns will instantly unlock the power of your crown chakra, especially if you use real flowers with the flower fairies residing in them.  Opening up the crown chakra will open the floodgate to your spirituality and psychic insights.  There may be a part of your consciousness you've been unable to access.  If so, an old-fashioned flower crown can change that in a hot minute!

I have this thing for plant crowns and gemstone crowns too.  Pretty much anything that falls under the botanical style category holds the key to my heart.  So many great photographs and rich experiences have come out of wearing botanicals in my hair.  Flowers, plants, and crystals all have meaning and purpose behind them.  If your purpose is to meet a romantic partner, wearing baby's breath flowers will do the trick!

I've had chance encounters in the forest while carrying magical yarrow flowers.  While wearing a baby's breath flower hair clip, I've had men swoon over me.  When I felt like being more rooted and grounded and needed some alone time in the meadow, wearing a fern plant crown seemed to make the whole world disappear. 

That's the beauty and the magic of wearing crowns of any kind.  It instantly opens up your crown chakra and connects you to the energy of nature.  Essentially, it brings you back to your roots, which activates your root chakra, so you're giving your chakras a complete crown to floor energy healing.
Activating the crown chakra with living flower crowns and flower fairies

Wearable Nature: I Have This Thing With Flower Crowns

What does it feel like when you place that beautiful crown on top of your head?  It feels like suddenly you hold the keys to the nature kingdom.  You begin to feel your past lives and ancient roots come alive as you feel the empowerment of living as a faerie queen.  The fairy queen is like the archangel of the natural world.

The faerie queen is the ruler of the fey kingdom, ruling with beauty and grace.  Remember, grass doesn't strain to grow, and therefore, a fairy doesn't strain to manifest what she wants.  The fey ruler overlooks her kingdom with empowerment.  Empowerment has a different ruling energy than power does because it can't be misused or abused in any way. 

Imagine feeling that every day as you slip on your crown?  Many of us have past lives in the elemental kingdom, hidden away in the recesses of our brain.  We might have been a garden fairy, a gnome, or a faerie queen in a past life and placing that crown of peonies on our head reminds us of where we came from. 

The very first faerie queen I ever met was a fairy deva named Mercoo.  She's a pure fairy with glowing, translucent skin and insect-like features.  I have since come to learn that she's as old as time and that we're somehow connected.  Mercoo is a fairy queen that goes way back to ancient times.  Seeing her for the first time was a shock to me because she wasn't at all what I thought a fairy should look like.

I love that she broke down my perception and opened my mind up to the many different races of elementals.  Just like humans, they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.  In fact, Mercoo introduced me to my love of flower crowns and real living flower hair clips.  She's even helping me write this post now, as I look out at the backdrop of nature from my second-story window in my vacation villa in Rhode Island for the summer.

If you'd like to meet a real-life fairy and get grounded in the ancient roots of where you came from, stick a lovely floral crown on your head.  Or, maybe a gemstone crown or a plant crown too.  Wear flowers in your hair every day!

Sometimes, I just take a walk in nature and ask the fairies for permission to pick a flower that speaks to me, and then I stick it behind m ear.  Every single time I do so, something magical happens.  A surprise comes through.  It could be a romantic encounter, a chance meeting, or a visit from lady luck.  Either way, it's always something positive and good that shines through from the crown of your head to the roots of your feet!

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