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Wearable Nature: Using Natural Materials to Create Fashion Accessories

Raw, Natural, Organic Materials Found in Mother Nature to Create Sustainable Gifts and Hair Accessories
Sometimes, when I'm out in the woodland, I use natural materials to create fashion accessories!  Whether it be a plant clipping, wildflowers, or even branches to create a cute hair accessory or a necklace on the go, you'd be amazed at all the raw, natural, organic materials waiting to be discovered in mother nature.

I'm one of those women who naturally gravitate towards wearing flowers in my hair and barely-there makeup, but even if that's not your signature fashion style, down-to-earth fashions are great for adding a little something extra to your wardrobe for free!  Who knows?  You could be a trendsetter for helping the planet with sustainable gifts and slow fashions.

Here's what you need to know:  When working with botanicals while playing in the garden or hiking on the trail, know that your fashion accessory will be short-lived.  My philosophy is only to pick the flowers, plant life, and woodland materials that you're going to use and to be discerning.  I also ask the nature spirits if it's okay first or sometimes they encourage me to take the flower before I've ever thought to ask!

This is called tuning into mother nature.  The fastest approach to doing the right thing is to only take what you need, which is a more sustainable approach to living.  I tend to tune into my instincts on what I'm going to use. 

One day, I had some baby's breath flowers at the house that I had picked the day before and decided to use it as a wildflower decoration in my bun at the top of my head.  Not only did it make for an adorable hair accessory, but I didn't waste anything.  I'm really big into repurposing items and possibly finding multiple uses for it, so it never goes to waste!

It's the same with organic materials found commonly in nature, you take what you need and use the rest.  Whatever you can't use, use it in multiple ways.  Whatever can be repurposed, find a way to repurpose it!  It's also a healthy approach to life and making sustainable purchases that have a longer shelf life.

For more about living a more sustainable lifestyle, please click here.  You might find yourself desiring to live a zero-waste and plant-based lifestyle.  It's not about being perfect, but doing the best you can each day, in any given situation.  This is the exact approach I use for living a vegan lifestyle.
Tiny weeds and fields of miniature daisies in a woodland gathering in nature

Wearable Nature: Using Natural Materials to Create Fashion Accessories

What kind of fashion accessories can be derived from nature?  You can use flowers to make floral hair accessories, plants to create a seasonal headdress or crown, or branches to create DIY pendants.  Really, the possibilities are endless! 

For Hair Accessories: I work with the flower fairies to create floral crowns and DIY flower hair clips or I simply stick a tiny bouquet of flowers in my hair bun, pigtails, or in my pocket as a natural fashion feature. 

For Jewelry:  Nature-inspired jewelry can easily be made from a necklace on the vine.  In other words, use a vine from a plant, and secure it around your neck as a choker necklace.  Then add flowers and space them out along the vine.  This will last you throughout the day and you can take the vine home and grow it in a small vase of water.  People use this approach with spider plants all the time! 

For really easy jewelry, simply tuck a flower stem around your ear and secure it with a bobby pin or hair clip.  Let your intuition be your guide when making do-it-yourself jewelry derived from woodland materials.

If you prefer to make something more exquisite and longlasting, make preparations ahead of time by bringing a cute hiking backpack to store materials needed for when you get home.  You might need wire cutters, necklace cords with clasps, and possibly a container or two to hold things in until you get home. 

In this case, be sure to collect butterfly wings (naturally found.  I would never, ever recommend taking a living butterfly home to kill for your jewelry project!), acorns, wildflowers, and even berries and miniature mushrooms for a cool microsphere necklace or earrings.  You can even ask the nature spirits for a little help in finding cool natural treasures on your nature walk!

Alternate Accessories:  You know, to be rare and one-of-a-kind!  You can use branches to make hair barrettes with tiny faux mushrooms or learn how to preserve your own mushrooms for jewelry and wearable hair accessories.  You can create tiny deer horns on your head using naturally shed deer horns found in nature.  You can use botanicals for natural dyes to create a temporary tattoo. 

The most important thing is to have fun with it!  If you approach the earth goddess with a down-to-earth, homespun approach, she'll imbue you with inspired ideas in return.  Using botanicals for living nature art is a sustainable way to build a capsule wardrobe using slow fashions. 

It can be fun to wear new fashions in your inventive signature style a few times a week.  People might ask you where you bought your statement piece necklace or your wildflower daisy-chain crown and you'll be able to say that you made it yourself with a smile.

You'll also feel really good about where your fashion accessories came from.  You are taking from the earth, but also giving back to it!  In addition to creating stylish accessories for yourself, you'll be able to create sustainable gifts for your loved ones that are homemade from recycled materials that are earth-friendly with a built-in nature spirit!  
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