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Meet Gemma: My Pet Gemstone and Crystal Growing Kit

A healing crystal rock formation crystal growing kit in amethyst crystal in a gemstone zen garden terrarium
 Meet Gemma: My Pet Gemstone and Crystal Growing Kit!  As you know, crystals, much like their plant allies, come with a built-in nature spirit.  In this case, Chloe and I used a crystal growing kit to give birth to the rock formation better known as Gemma.

I've had Gemma for a few years now and she is still holding strong.  You might notice on this blog that I talk about plants, crystals, and flowers as living souls with names and a distinct personality, that reflects the nature spirit within.  This is called animalism.

Animalism is where you believe every rock, insect, blade of grass, and so forth has a soul.  This is why you'll often find me referring to my plants, gemstones, and floral bouquets by name.  For example, you can meet my pet aloe vera plant Matilda, to see what I mean.

This is all part of my work as a faerie shaman and what I've come to earth to do as a healer.  For me, this is a very raw, natural part of everyday life, but I can understand where it might be a little strange to someone new.

In fact, I used to sell pet plants and healing stones on Etsy at one point, where each plant baby would come with adoption papers, a name, and personality profile.  It was wildly popular at the time!

Working with the magical healing essence of gemstones has really opened my heart up to a lot of new things.  I've come to learn that crystals yearn for human companionship and often make a bedtime companion for going to sleep at night.

With Gemma, she kind of stands guard, and watches over me from her gemstone zen garden terrarium as I sleep.  She has a strong, sturdy presence that is devout and reminds me of the protector of treasures and forests, the gnomes!

This actually makes a lot of sense because rocks and crystals are protected by the gnome elemental nature spirit.  Gnomes, who often live in caverns, have a sacred duty to protect the treasures of the earth.  While some gnomes are tree dwellers, along with their tree elf counterparts, some are sent forth to really live deep within the earth's crust.

That being said, Gemma, the gemstone has a powerful protecting essence as she acts as a guardian over the house and its inhabitants.  I've had a Gemma for a few years now.  She was given to me as a gift and Chloe and I grew her from scratch from a crystal growing kit.  Like a rock, she's a force of nature that is still going strong!
Healing gemstone essences with purple amethyst crystal terrarium

Meet Gemma: My Pet Gemstone and Crystal Growing Kit

What I like about a crystal growing kit is that it gives you the opportunity to grow your gem from powder and water into an actual rock formation creation!  Pretty cool, eh?  This means that you have the opportunity to get to know your crystal from birth.

As your crystals solidify and become hard, her personality is growing with distinction.  This means it's the perfect time to swoop in and name him or her!

Right away, Choe and I thought of the name Gemma and it stuck.  We knew instantly that she was a girl because she had a strong feminine energy about her.  There was something about her nature that reminded me of a gentle matriarch, as the energy of the queen of wands from the tarot deck.

Gemma let us know right away where she wanted to live and dwell.  For her, she really likes hidden corners and secret places.  That's another thing about plants paired with crystals, if you listen, they will tell you their favorite hangout spots.

My pet gemstone also really likes to fly solo, meaning she doesn't like to share her space with anyone else.  Some healing crystals like to hang out in groups and bond together to create magic.  Gemma likes to stand tall and regal and watch over things like a queen.

Once you start working with gemstones more, you'll notice what they like and dislike and where they want to go.  Botanicals work hand-in-hand with feng shui, as they have a natural process for aligning with their goals for your home and furniture placement.

Some gemstones prefer that you keep them close, with skin to skin contact, while other crystals prefer to be placed in the secret woodland-themed corners of your home.  It's all about listening and creating an action plan with your crystal collection.

Once you get to know your crystal, you'll be able to work with him or her to radically change your life!  Crystals can literally be used for everything, from crystal-infused water bottles for hiking, to instant healing of physical maladies.  I recommend adopting many crystals throughout your life!

Don't worry about losing a crystal while your hiking either.  If that happens, that just means that she jumped ship because she's on a mission to help the next person.  Your healing crystal will stay with you for as long as you need him or her and not a second longer!

I also recommend buying a crystal healing kit or creating a gemstone zen garden terrarium for fun!  There's something about working with crystal essences that will give birth to the conception of new, innovative ideas within your heart.
a purple amethyst gemstone aquarium set in the backdrop of nature with palm trees in sunny, tropical Florida

How to Make a Gemstone Zen Garden Terrarium

Gemstone zen garden terrariums are really trending on Etsy right now but that's not what draws me in.  Gems have a strong, magnetizing energy that is fast-acting and love-inducing.  When you create something with love, the heart of the gem captures the light of your truth.

If you're having trouble speaking your truth, work with gemstones!  One particular crystal works really well with the throat chakra, which is in charge of communication and truth-speaking, and that gemstone is known as the aqua aura crystal.

I would recommend including an aqua aura gemstone in your crystal zen garden for helping you seek enlightenment and truth.  Build your gemstone garden with the meaning of gemstones in mind.  This will help you to curate a carefully constructed garden with intention!

Once you've chosen your truth-seeking crystal, you'll begin to build a rock garden all around you that holds a lot of meaning and purpose for you.  It all starts with the truth and that is why I recommend a beginner crystal that works to activate the throat chakra.

You can then choose each crystal selectively, according to what he or she means to you.  Have a goal in mind.  For example, do you want your crystal terrarium kit to activate all the chakras?  Do you want your gemstone garden to be used specifically for healing?

Have a goal in mind or a mantra and make it your intention.  I really like to use a one-word mantra to create a gemstone energy healing essence kit.  Choose a mantra that resonates deep within you a spiritual level!

If you don't want to make your own gem garden, then you could always buy a handmade one from Etsy, as they really have a beautiful selection of zen gardens on the market!  Just a thought.

If you really want to get creative, buy a crystal growing kit!  You can often find them in the kid's section at toy stores and under novelty toys.  This way, your crystal will grow up with you!
Fostering a relationship with a gemstone protected by the gnomes, protectors of caverns and treasures

Talking Gemstones: Talk to the Gemstone!

When you grow up with your crystal, she comes to life for you!  Such is the case with Gemma.  Chloe and I grew her with love and bonded with her on the porch in the backdrop of nature as we drank green tea.  Since then, she's really found her place in the world and in our home!

Did you know that crystals can actually talk to you?  That's why I call them talking gemstones.  If you listen carefully, even a piece of gemstone jewelry can tell you her secrets.  They like to talk if you're willing to listen to their guidance.

As you can imagine, crystals speak from a place of truth, integrity, and clarity.  There's no ambiguity in their messages to humans or animals.  To really talk to a crystal, just hold her in the palm of your hand and begin asking questions.

Be sure to do this after she's taking a crystal bath with either cool, running water or a sage stick.  This way she's not polluted by her environment or harsh energies.

As you hold her the answer to your question will pop into your mind!  It will be like an instant moment of clarity or a knowingness.  Don't second guess what you're hearing.  Crystals can speak to you through your intuition and emotions.

By holding Gemma, even inside her terrarium home, she has taught me about how to manifest my wishes and desires by embracing my queen of wands energy.  The queen of wands is known for being warm, generous, vegetarian, and by drawing things to her without even trying.

In other words, she manifests things without pushing, pulling, or forcing.  By holding a gemstone in your hand, she'll help you harness your queen of wands energy and to yield that power for good!

Gemma has also taught me that some crystals really love to live and dwell in a home.  Some like to be tucked away under a pillow and in secret, hidden places while others like to hang out in more prominent spots where guests come in.  All crystals have their own energetic blueprint, which makes them a rare gem and one-of-a-kind!
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