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That Perfect Place in Time: Gathering Twigs and Searching For the Meaning of Life

Baby pine tree sprouting from the groundling in spring with pine cones
Sometimes when you're on the hiking trail, you hit the trifecta of that perfect place in time for gathering twigs and searching for the meaning of life.  Spending time in the woodland will help you see the forest for the trees!

Maybe you decided to take a nature walk to clear your head and you stumbled upon the answer to what you were looking for.  It was as if all the elements of nature created a whirlwind of leaves and magically designed a sign, synchronicity, or good luck from thin air!  It's in those moments we have all the proof we need.

What does it mean to gather twigs?  In spiritual speak, gathering twigs is looking for signs of life in your manifestation.  One way to see your manifestation come to life is by spending time in nature, out in the wild, with only the thumping of your heart and the rustle of the trees.

The forest is alive with symbols that represent what is coming into your life.  For example, it's no coincidence that on the day you've decided you need to change your life, a butterfly comes and lands on your nose!  That's a sign that you're on the right track and that the universe is aligning with your request.

Need more luck in your life?  Don't be surprised if all of a sudden the meadow comes alive with dragonflies!  Dragonflies represent good luck and great fortune to come so hold on tight to your desire!

Nature is the number one way to see a manifestation come to life.  It's in the quiet of the wild that we can finally hear the answers to our prayers.  It's easy for the mother goddess to send symbols of hope that resonate within us at just the right moment!

This woodland gathering of twigs is where we begin to see the signs of life.  It might be at just that magical moment that you see a ladybug, another symbol of luck, sitting quietly on a plant in the wilderness promenade.

All of these little occurrences don't just happen upon us like serendipity.  No, it's actually even better than that.  It's the garden of life trying to reach out to us by communicating through nature.
Pine cones dangling from a pine tree in a pine forest in the New England wilderness

That Perfect Place in Time: Gathering Twigs and Searching For the Meaning of Life

Life is all rainbows and butterflies when you go on hiking adventures and allow the signs to pour in from the heavens.  Sometimes, the sign you are seeking might literally be a rainbow.

Other times, it might be a word written in the beach sand that seems encrypted just for you.  Nature is full of beautiful messages that the angels, God, and the fairies send us to let us know we're on the right track and to give us hope!

You only need to remember to gather the twigs and write them down or hold onto them in the still frame of your mind.  Below, I've captured the magic of symbolism in nature using my wildlife photography.  Feel free to let it move through you and inspire you for your next hiking adventure in the sierra vistas!
A dragonfly on a tree branch in the wilds of Florida in a woodland meadow
A butterfly holding onto a dear branch in nature against a green leafy plant
A mushroom toad stool found in the heart of the forest by a wooden log with a gnome
A double rainbow overlooking the trees on a stormy day in New England
A lad bug crawling on a park bench in mother nature in Hammock Park, Florida
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