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The Food-Mood List: Food Alchemy + Recipe Magic

A food flat lay of an apple and squash fall harvest style fruits and vegetables for vegan comfort foods
Did you know that foods have moods too!  Whatever their mood is, affects your mood, that's why it's important to purchase locally grown, organic whenever you can.  

Read on to discover the deeper meanings behind some of your favorite foods.  You may be surprised at the results and you'll be able to distinguish what works best for you
  • Kale and Leafy Greens - Kale is a sentimental, plant-based food, as well as other leafy greens.  They are gentle and have a kindness about them, making them want to reach in and help others.  Leafy greens, in general, are great at loosening you up, both internally and majestically. 
  • Grapefruit - The grapefruit mood is just like it sounds.  It's bittersweet.  It's the kind of fruit that brings on longing and nostalgia.  If your in the mood to reminisce and break out some vinyl records, photo albums, and scrapbooks, then grapefruit is your girl.
  • Daiya Cheese- Daiya Cheese is a processed, vegan, plant-based cheese with a sweeter quality about it.  It makes you feel free, fun, and a little cheesy but in a good, well-meaning kind of way.
  • Broccoli - Broccoli is a stern cruciferous vegetable.  It means business.  It's a good veggie to eat when you need to work when you need to speak your truth or feel like being blunt, or for those times when you just need to get down to business and stop procrastinating.
  • Mushrooms - I will admit that I'm partial to the wonders of mushrooms.  I'm a little obsessed with them.  That's because mushrooms produce magical inducing energy that can pick up on any vibration that it comes across.  It then transforms that vibe into something of a higher vibration.  Mushrooms are also the fungus that most fairies prefer so you can't go wrong there!
  • Oranges and Orange Juice - Citrus of the orange variety has a similar nature to the crystal fluorite.  It has very clear vibration and high energy.  It literally makes you feel golden, like liquid sunshine on the inside!
  • Pizza - Pizza is fun, festive, party-inducing food.  It's the food of community and group activities.  Pizza has a strong relationship with people as a "whole" and creating gatherings and strong bonds.
  • Tacos - Tacos can be bought either hard or soft, right?  Well, what if I told you each has a separate meaning and energy.  Crunchy tacos help you live in the moment, be strong, and take a bite out of life.  Soft tacos create healing energy within you (if made from healthy ingredients, of course!) that is indicative of all the veggies hidden within.  This means a soft taco is able to bring out a hidden talent or two!
  • Cashews - Not only do cashews help you with digestion and a strong dose of zinc, but they also make you feel powerful and in control.  Cashews give you inner power and strength, which can be a great comfort to you.
  • Ice Cream - Again, depends on where it comes from but ice cream is the ultimate comfort food when it comes to break-ups and loneliness.  Ice cream is a sweet and sugary friend that makes you feel like you're going to be okay again.  It creates serotonin in the brain that gives you those feel-good vibes, that's why I say save it for those special occasions when you need it the most.
  • Red Wine - Makes you feel like you are full and satisfied in life.  Makes you feel like you have comfort, love, family, friends, and everything you need.  
  • Craisins - Provide sweet relief from the problems and worries of life.  They make you more carefree!
  • Honey - Especially organic, locally grown.  This type of honey makes you feel loved.  It's like a warm embrace.
  • Pasta - Gives you the energy and the wherewithal to keep going and going strong!  Also is strong comfort food that provides stability for family units of all kinds.
  • Water - The hero of hydration!  Water pushes nutrients through your bloodstream while pushing out toxins.  But that's not all.  Water connects you with mermaids and ancient times, as well as all forms of life.  Water is literally everything!
  • French Fries - These types of spuds provide comfort, warmth, home, and stability.  Definitely, comfort food to lift your spirits!
A food flat lay of an apple and butternut squash for crafting vegan recipes in a zero-waste kitchen

The Food-Mood List: Food Alchemy + Recipe Magic

  • Aloe Vera Juice - Cool, clear, and cleansing.  Gently healing and therapeutic to the core.
  • Lime - For radical self-development and unique, fresh ideas!
  • Blueberries - Not only do they aide in memory retention, but blueberries also make you feel smart!  they make you sharp, keen, and tuned into your senses!
  • Guacamole and Avocado - Makes you feel alive and like your the life of the party.  Great for those times when you need a confidence boost in social situations.  
  • Mashed Potatoes - Warmth, comfort, family, home, and deep, meaningful conversations.  That's what the comfort of mashed potatoes provides you with.
  • Burritos - Makes you feel wrapped like you are in a warm blanket on a cold winter's day.  Burritos make you feel safe and warm.
  • Pot Pie - Feels like home, family, and bonding moments.  Favorite pastimes and activities.  Outdoor recreation and a long nature walk in the woods.
  • Agave Nectar - Creates abundance, overflowing, rivers, and life!
  • Pancakes - Feels like family, mornings, a fresh start, and a new day.  The chance to do things differently.  Self-improvement.  Comfort and joy.
  • Brussel Sprouts - Adoption, starting a family, adding onto a home, and creating new life or projects.
  • Pumpkins - Magical, light, airy qualities that stay with you long after they have been consumed.  Pumpkin seeds provide a fresh start or new idea.
  • Salads - Makes you feel like you're losing weight so that you actually do.  Makes you believe, have faith, and be child-like in spirit.  
  • Carrots - I don't know why but carrots have the ability to make you feel healthy, robust, and strong.  They help you with mental health and your overall well-being.
  • Corn - Makes you feel like sharing, gathering, and making something.  Brings your creative juices of the community kind into action.  
  • White Wine - Makes you feel like you can do anything and anything is possible!  It brings forth clarity and sparkling insights.
  • Veggie Burgers - Makes you want to celebrate life.  Aides you in planning events, get-togethers, birthdays, and other milestones in life.  
  • Apples and Apple Juice - Makes you feel surreal and otherworldly, while still having your feet firmly planted in the ground.  A great remedy for daydreamers and writers.  
  • Cake - Cake makes you feel like a kid again!  It literally brings your inner child out of you.  The innocence, the playtime, the fun, and the imagination.  If you feel stuck creatively, be sure to have a piece of cake or a cupcake!
A food flat lay with red delicious apples and yellow butternut squash for the kitchen witch

Foods Impact Our Memories and Create Nostalgia Too!

  • Onion - Onion has a strong intent and personality.  If this is something you need more of in your life, be sure to eat more onion!  It will give you a strong backbone too.
  • Celery - It makes you resilient when life throws rotten tomatoes at you.  Celery speaks of springing back to life after a difficult journey.  Awakening, if you will.
  • Scrambled Eggs - You would think that eating scrambled eggs (including the algae-based, vegan kind) would scramble your brain but that's simply not the case.  Instead, it shakes up your life!  It helps you make breakthroughs.  
  • Strawberries - Makes you feel sweet, cheerful, blushing, warm, and happy!  Helps to uplift your mood and cleans your teeth too.
  • Tea - Tea is one I could base an entire list upon, it has so many magical properties and powers.  Tea, in general, makes you feel smooth, calm, and melodic.  It makes you feel like you can handle things better and gives you a keen focus and concentration.  Check out this tea list!
  • Seaweed and Veggie Sushi - a Direct connection to the sea and life.  Helps you with your life purpose and career goals, as well as to rid you of indecisiveness.  
  • A Baked Potato - With chives, makes you feel ambitious and directive.  Without chives, just warm, centered, and family-oriented.  
  • Veggie-Based Soups - The joy and comforts of luxury and home.  Has the ability to bring more money into your life by providing clear outlets and opportunities, especially when you add the ambition of the spice basil and spinach to it.  
  • Pies - Pretty much any pie makes you feel motherly, adoring, and warm.  It makes you want to connect with someone in mind, body, and soul.  Pies speak of love and connection and motherly love, which is unconditional.
  • Tofu and Soy Beans - Helps you tap into your full potential, especially when paired with other vegetables.  Just like it takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it with, tofu also takes on the mood of the other spices and foods.  
  • Coffee - Granted, I could really make a list with coffee alone, coffee is indicative of calm and unity.  Familiarity and creates a buzz in the air.  If anything indicates that, visit your nearest Starbucks.  Black coffee means your simple, blunt, minimalist, and you don't mess around.  Coffee with cream and sugar indicates that deep down your a sweetheart or a diamond in the rough.  Only put sugar in your coffee?  This makes you a complex woman with a warm heart and revitalizing spirit.
  • Chocolate - Preferably, go for the dark chocolate, as it has the most health benefits!  However, all chocolate in pretty much all forms has enticing energy that levels out serotonin and mood swings.  It makes you feel level-headed and in control again.  It also makes you feel luxurious and decadent.  
  • Vegan Chili- Perfect for nesting, housewarming parties, creating a baby nursery, and other DIY or home improvement projects.  
  • Hot Cocoa - Speaks of love and warm memories with lots of embellishments.  Brings about creativity and a feeling of indulgence without guilt.  It also helps you to live in the moment.
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