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The Fun of Forest Photography + Tips For Taking a Forest Bath

the bare branches of winter trees in New England Stretching their arms towards clear, blue skies
The fun of forest photography plus tips for taking a forest bath are where I really shine in the photography department!  Whether it be bare limbed trees like in the picture above or a green meadow filled with colorful wildflowers, the forest calls to me, and if I follow the fairy-lighted pathway, it will always lead me home.

When I first began blogging more than a decade ago, I knew from the beginning that I eventually wanted to use my own pictures to create my own brand.  In fact, I highly recommend this fo any newbie bloggers out there.  A big part of branding is learning how to snap photographs that tell a story to accompany your blog post.

I started out with a digital Elph, a simple point-and-shoot camera, that I took to like a bird to the sky.  I learned that camera inside and out and would spend hours practicing novice photography.  I've since passed that camera down to my youngest daughter Chloe and I know she'll get good use out of it.

Then, as time went on, I started doing mother-daughter photoshoots in nature and that's where the real magic began.  I began to take notice that a special bond with my outdoor photography over my still life photographs at home.  I noticed that when I was in the forest it made me come alive!

It was a place where I could bond with mother nature with the fun of lifestyle photography.  Nature happens to make a beautiful backdrop to any picture and it captured my heart on camera!

This eventually lead me to practice forest photography!  When I was on a woodland photoshoot with the greenery all around me, I was experiencing what is known as taking a forest bath or as the Japanese call it, Shinrin-Yoku.

Shinrin-Yoku is forest bathing or earth therapy and it's the best healing alternative to therapy there is!  Meandering through a forest with the green foliage and fern leaves all around you, instantly heals your mind, recalibrates your chakras, and soothes your aura.  You can read about how nature can help you heal anxiety and depression to learn about the benefits of forest therapy!

Working with wildlife photography was the perfect way to highlight my nature-inspired, sustainable living brand!  I was able to tell a story with my photographs, as I walked the forest floor earthing barefoot in the grass, and living my best life possible.

It's translated really well with the types of brands that I work with for sponsorship too.  I work with earth-friendly companies that are green, waste-free, and never leather.  Highlighting an eco-friendly brand is easy for me using nature as my spirit animal!
Practice earth therapy by spending time in nature and surrounding yourself with forest therapy

The Fun of Forest Photography + Tips For Taking a Forest Bath

I spend a lot of time in nature, gathering wildflowers, snapping pictures, and foraging for mushrooms.  Forest photography enhances the beauty of the trees and the forests above us and brings us back down to earth with fairy rings and acorn bowls.  Everything in the forest unfolds organically with the help of the faerie folk as they make take their last dance under the safe haven of mushroom parasols.

How does one practice forest photography?  The best way to get into forest photography is to grab your camera, don't be shy, and head out into the forest and experience it first hand yourself.  Just kind of slowly wander through the forest, along boardwalks, and hiking trails and take pictures of whatever strikes your eye.  

Let yourself get into it.  With photography, the best way you can help yourself is by letting go and living in the purity of the moment you are trying to capture.  Nature is wild and free and as the photographer, your only job is to wander and roam free too.  In other words, have fun with it!

I feel like this bears repeating but it's important to let yourself have fun with the camera!  Let your imagination soar and take you where you need to go.  If you run short on ideas, you can offer up a blessing to the fairies and ask for their help.

The fey is very good at helping photographers to embrace their inner child and tap into their creative wishing well.  While you're in their territory, ask for help and suddenly, you'll find no shortage of ideas for pictures.

Spiderwebs will become highlighted by sun-filtered light you hadn't noticed before.  An owl in the tree will hoot and catch your eye.  In other words, the forest will come alive to you!

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