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The Fun of Seasonal Flat Lay Photography for Autumn + Botanical Style Blend

An autumn flat lay with pumpkins and a botanical style flower arrangement for the fall season in red tones and muted colors
The Fun of Seasonal Flat Lay Photography for Autumn + Botanical Style Blend is being able to make arrangements that go with the fall seasons or whatever celebration of life you are in!  I do a lot of flat lays on this blog, including in my work with green-friendly brands, because you can really highlight the season of life you are living in.

When creating my seasonal flat lay designs, I use my white shabby chic nature table, because it has a distressed look that I really love for my arrangements.  When I'm not using that, I use my back porch with a dark, redwood look that brings out the warm tones of nature.  Out on the hiking trails, I often head into my secret meadow in Hammock Park, Florida to use the natural wooden boardwalk to create nature art flat lays.

Seasonal flat lays can be arranged by making a few simple, minimalistic tweaks and changes to your table setting.  For example, if you're making a fall display, use the warm colors of the fall equinox to set the mood.  You can use crunchy fall leaves, pumpkins in different shapes and sizes, and botanicals in red, orange, or golden colors as a complement to the season.

Honestly, you don't have to stop there!  Create a cornucopia of abundance with real fruits and vegetables in season for the colder climates such as butternut squash, golden delicious apples, and other colorful gourds that are popular this time of year.

I find that sometimes just simply switching out a wooden plank board with a gingham tablecloth can really make your place setting pop!  Just make sure that the little nature elements aren't fighting to be seen and heard.

If you want to take your botanical style blend into the great outdoors, find a wooden boardwalk or bridge to curate your picturesque flat lay in the countryside and really capture the mood of fall.  Be sure to carry your backpack with you filled with little items to help you make your flat lay style arrangement in nature.

Items to Include:
  • Miniature pumpkins and gourd assortment in various colors
  • A bag of gemstones in assorted colors and styles
  • Sticks and twigs or gather twigs as you hike the trails
  • Flowers or pick wildflowers in bloom
  • Rocks and minerals or use painted ones that are decorative for the season
  • A tablecloth that captures the mood lighting of the season
  • Decorative scarecrows, hay bales, and seasonal goodies
  • If it's during the Halloween season, bring little plastic toy spiders, ghosts, and goblins
You can use your flat lay artwork to display your love of the season!  Whether you're a blogger, an amateur photographer, or an Instagrammer, using a flay lay will really highlight your brand.

a white, distressed farm table with old-fashioned pumpkins, red carnation flowers, and pumpkin painted rocks

The Fun of Seasonal Flat Lay Photography for Autumn + Botanical Style Blend

For the fall season, I often like to convey a mood.  To do this, I will often choose a filter that resonates with me.  When I think of autumn, I think shorter days casting shadow light across the forest floor.

There a few different styles of lighting you can use to convey the fall harvest in all its glory.  Play around with them to see which works best for you and your signature style of photography!

Flat Lay Lighting:
  • Shadow Light Photography - This is where the lighting or filter you use generally has a black and white tint to it.  It's often conveyed by an object blocking the light in pictures or indirect sunlight coming through and creating patterns on the focal point.
  • String Light Photography - Works really great when doing an early evening or indoor photoshoot on the table.  You'll need fairy lights or Christmas lights to create the mood of string light photography by wrapping it around scarecrows, table sets, and warm fuzzy socks, to create an ambiance.
  • Mood Lighting - Creates a mood in the home or out in nature by creating a light source that captures the mood of what you're feeling.  You can use candles, string lights, lanterns, or even the fireplace to create a mood.
  • Magic Hour - Sometimes known as the golden hour.  This is the time between dusk and dawn where the faerie folk comes out to play.  It's the in-between times.  
  • Natural Lighting - This is probably the most effective use of lighting and the one I use the most in my nature-inspired pictures.  Natural lighting is using the sun filtered light and the canopy of the trees, direct sunlight on wooden logs casting shadows over mushrooms, you get the point.  Using the light that the sun naturally generates looks gorgeous in seasonal flat lays because the lighting in your own backyard does the work for you at different points throughout the day.
  • Lomo Art Photography - Lomo art creates a dark, yellowish filter to photographs with a polaroid style frame to box the photograph in.  You can learn how to achieve the look in this post.
To choose your flat lay style, start with the lighting that works best for you!  If your pictures tend to be bright and cheery, then a yellow filter might agree with you.  If you tend to go gothic around this time of year, try some dark lighting with mood or shadow light photography.  It will make your flat lay pop!
a white shabby chic dinner table set outdoors set with fall decorations and colorful gourds and candied apples with shadow lighting

How to Create a Flat Lay Grid With Your Signature Photography Style

I'm a big proponent of creating a flat lay grid with your own signature photography style!  To do that, you'll want to experiment to find the aesthetic that captures your style the most.  you can do that by creating photo grids.  

If you're a beginner flat lay designer, start with something simple like a traditional square grid that you can build upon.  You take your table or flat surface area and create areas based on little squares within one big square grid.  Each square in the photo grid represents a piece of the puzzle of the overall theme design you're trying to create.

For the festive fall season, you can add a different color miniature pumpkin or gourd to a square with another square in between for white space that has a crisp fall leaf, an acorn, or a pinecone.  You get the picture!

Fill your grid square by square, make arrangements for how much white space you want to leave in between, and then grab your camera and start taking pictures!  When it comes to camera work, try not to overthink it and just have fun with it.

Try different angles, get in a few close-ups, and play with the arrangements of the squares a little as you go along.  Do you like a messy square grid or do you prefer a minimalist approach?  This is where you begin to feel comfortable with your camera or camera phone and make a connection with your living work of art!
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