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Why I Use Aquamarine Crystals and Mushrooms In My Creative Workspace

A white shabby chic office desk with mushrooms, aquamarine gemstones, and Houseplants
Today, I thought it would be fun to share why I use aquamarine crystals and mushrooms in my creative workspace!  As a faerie shaman healer, my goal is to always surround myself with as much nature as possible, even in my home office.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my multipurpose shabby chic nature table has made an appearance in my photographs again!  I told you, I use my little nature table for nearly everything for the different seasons of my life.  It's nice having a weird piece of furniture in my life that I can count on.

In the past, I've shared the woodland themed corners of my home with you, to see the minimalistic approach to design that I like to take.  I dream of a warm and cozy hygge style home, like a cabin in the mountains, or a redwood tree.

This time, I'm sharing with you little bits and pieces of my nature-inspired office and creative workspace.  Since I live in a tiny little apartment by the sea, I try to make changes wherever I can!

The one thing that remains the same is the natural elements I use in the desk area where I work.  I always keep cute planters on the desk or my office counter space, as well as gemstones, flowers, and sometimes mushrooms. 

I like my office space to be inspired by the woodland, since I spend a lot of time on hiking adventures, snapping pictures for the blog.  I also like my creative space to be interchangeable, since I'm one of those people with shifting moods and feelings.

The great thing about bring home nature finds is that you can change them daily, weekly, or monthly as you wish.  It's not uncommon during mushroom season, to find uprooted little mushrooms on the ground, foraged by animals and never eaten.  I take those home with me and add them to my desk or use them for snapshots.

Mushrooms signify working with the faerie folk and being that I'm a Reiki healer and shaman, that's my wheelhouse.  You can read about mushrooms and fairy rings here to work on your own set of mushroom enhancing magic!

On the other hand, crystals bring in the hope of good energy to your home, office cubicle, or work environment.  As you'll soon find out, working with the aquamarine crystal healing essence has really boosted the morale of my business ten-fold!
A white shabby chic office desk with rooted mushrooms, plant life, and crystal grids

Why I Use Aquamarine Crystals and Mushrooms In My Creative Workspace

Aquamarine has a raw energy that's cleansing.  It reminds me of rushing water, cleansing through your body like a river through the mountains.  It has a very down-to-earth, cleansing vibe that resonates with the water spirits of nature. 

For more about mermaids and sea sprites, you'll learn about the water world of the undines.  Working with this particular healing stone makes getting through your workday easy and graceful, with the creative flow of water entering your workplace.

Working with aquamarine crystals is known to make you dreamy and receptive and aligns you with your life path course.  In feng shui, the element of water symbolizes career and life path.  This includes dreams, schemes, and making plans.

If this is an area in your work life that feels deficient, then I highly recommend using aquamarine gems in your at-home office!  It will open you up to the possibilities!
A creative workspace for envisioning the perfect career or life path with mushroom foraging, green plants, and gemstone elixirs

How to Work With Aquamarine Gemstones in Your Workplace

It's important to note that working with a cleansing gemstone essence like aquamarine can really benefit your work ethic, as it constantly works to clear your chakras and recalibrate your aura while you work.  It's a detox gemstone that works effortlessly. 

Be sure to regularly cleanse your crystal under a fountain of cool water or with a clary sage stick.  It's important to cleanse aquamarine on a daily basis, as it's the type of healing crystal that picks up and absorbs toxins, emotions, and energies.  Take good care of her and she'll work hard to take good care of you!

You can also wear gemstone jewelry like an aquamarine statement piece necklace or wear crystals in your bra to naturally allow it to heal you throughout your day.  This is a very upbeat crystal with a soft, gentle energy that feels as sweet as a waterfall in the summertime. 

I keep aquamarine on my desk to keep the creative juices flowing and to constantly be dreaming up ideas!  You can read about Dreaming of Mermaids With Pink Seashells Nature Flat Lay to get ahold of some of that magical energy the aquamarine crystal conveys!

With aquamarine, you'll never run out of ideas!  She's always there to keep the river flowing and the waterfall overflowing with an abundance of great ideas.  Like a pearl in an oyster shell, she is there to bring your great ideas to conception.  It only takes one little spark to get things going!
Mushroom hunting season with yoga doing, mushroom picking, foraging, and more

How to Work With Mushrooms in the Workplace

Mushrooms might seem like an odd man out when it comes to the workplace, but don't count her out just yet. The fungus family is there to keep you grounded and rooted in reality while the aquamarine healing stone keeps your head in the clouds!  They really do make the perfect work team.

You can wear mushroom jewelry, like in this post, or hunt, gather and forage for mushrooms in your local woodland area.  I usually find little mushrooms on the ground and take them home with me.  I then add them to my work area, roots and all, in order to create the earthy, grounding energy of a forest bath

Learn more about the wonder of Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing to get the full health benefits.  You can even practice forest bathing from home, like what I'm doing with my office space, in this post.

Mushrooms really bring a feeling of comfort and stability to your quiet workspace.  They feel reliable, like something you can count on for resourcefulness and understanding.  Like the trees rooted in the forest, mushrooms are very good at creating familiarity.

Fungus makes the perfect companion piece to the dreamy counterpart of the aquamarine healing stone!  Add them to your workspace today to root and anchor you in a stable work environment while the dreamy aquamarine elixir helps you dream up clever ideas for the future.
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