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A Weekend of Scary Godmother and Halloween Kid Songs

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All of my Halloween plans fell through, which I'll circle back to in a moment, with my post on a weekend of Scary Godmother and Halloween kid songs!  With kiddos, nothing really goes as planned and you have to expect the unexpected, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that :)

I talked about my plans to go to the pumpkin patch with my two youngest daughters and my granddaughter Lillian, in my last currently post.  Read about, The Magic of Halloween and Vegan Pumpkin Spiced Lattes to get caught up!

Anyway, my youngest daughter Chloe ended up canceling because she had kind of a rough week at school.  It turned out to be the responsible thing to do, because Veronica and Lillian came over, and Veronica was really, really sick the entire time.

It turned out that Veronica had strep throat, so it's a really good thing Chloe didn't come.  So far, so good, I haven't come down with it yet.  Knock on wood!

Even though V was so sick, I tried to help her with the baby a lot.  At the time, we had suspicions that she might have strep throat, but until she went to the doctor, we couldn't be sure.

Surprisingly, we still had a nice time though.  We spent a lot of time relaxing.  I made a spaghetti dinner with sweet basil sauce and Texas toast while we lounged in front of the television.

We ended up finding, Scary Godmother, a magical Halloween cartoon that I used to watch with the girls when they were little.  Luckily, we found it on YouTube, and reading the comments made me really happy, as we weren't the only ones that remembered that enchanting cartoon!

Not only that, but I found some of the cutest spooky Halloween kid songs for Baby Lilly!  I think I may have played it for her like a million times!  She loved it and even tried to sing along.

Later in the evening, when V was trying to get Lilly to sleep, we all laid on the couch together, just us girls, and watched Gossip Girl together.  It was so cute because Lillian was laying back and watching it with us.

The next day, we got up and Veronica felt worse.  We hung out at my mom's house for a bit, trying to decide if we should do the pumpkin patch or not.  I really wanted to do a pumpkin patch photo shoot with Lilly.

Ultimately, as sick as Veronica was, we decided to just take the girls home.  It was rainy, windy, and muggy all last weekend.  I kinda took that as a sign that things weren't going to go swimmingly.

With kids and grandbabies, you kinda just gotta go with the flow.  Expect the unexpected and not be surprised when things don't work out the way you think they will.

Honestly, that may be the best piece of advice I gave to my daughter Angel when she was pregnant with Baby Genevieve.  She's very dreamy when it comes to planning her life.  She's a Pisces water sign after all.

I can't tell you how many birthday parties and holiday events have gone awry through the years when my own kids were little.  That's just life.  You have to learn to just go with the flow and make the best of it.
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A Weekend of Scary Godmother and Halloween Kid Songs

My thoughts on being a grandma and living a slower life through the different holidays and seasons of life are that I'm absolutely loving it!  I love being a Nona and have so much I want to teach my grandchildren.

The first time around, it wasn't a good experience.  I fell in love with Baby Noah and two months later, he died.  It broke my heart into a million pieces.

Now, I feel like I'm getting a second chance, but I'm allowing room within myself for growth and change.  Now that my daughters are all grown, I see them breaking off and living their own lives.

The family doesn't come together as much as we used to.  I am considering moving out of state, a fact of which you can read about in this post, Fall Magic: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in My life.

No matter where I end up, I have to leave my little apartment by the sea soon, since the building I live in is being sold and turned into an Airbnb.  So, there's a good chance that I'll miss out on some of the magic of being a Nona again.

It's not that I have to move to a faraway place.  It's just that I feel like something in my life is changing, shifting, like a butterfly flapping its wings.  

My mother was a long-distance grandmother for many years and she's closer than ever to my daughters now.  She's an integral part of their life and they have all expressed to me, that she's one of the best things to ever happen to them!

I'm hoping to be an even better grandmother than that.  Even if I move, I plan on trying to see everyone every few months or so, which isn't bad.  Where there's a will, there's a way!

The best thing about being a Nona is that I feel calmer and more relaxed than I did when I was a young mother.  Plus, I have all this wisdom to share, and a soft voice that kids love.  At least that's what I've been told.

Wherever this next phase of life takes me, I'm going to keep spending magical holidays with my daughters and grandchildren.  I was young when I had my daughters and now I'm a young grandmother and I'm kind of glad that it turned out this way.

For now, I'm just going to soak up every moment, like a plant soaks up the sun.  I'm going to enjoy making magical memories with them, as a keepsake in my heart.  That's what life is all about, isn't it?
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