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Embrace Your Queen of Wands Energy With the Law of Attraction

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Did you ever wonder if any of the hermit, the star, and other tarot card suites are real?  Today, you are going to learn how to embrace your queen of wands energy with the law of attraction!  By the way, she may just be a picture in a deck of cards, but she's as real as you and me.

Let's talk about the suit of wands in an oracle card deck, shall we?  When you get a tarot card reading and get wands, it's usually related to business, love and romance, and practical magic.  To me, I always think of them as the most well-rounded suit in the deck.

When you land upon the queen of wands, you are unveiling a woman who is practical in nature but also warm and loving in many ways too.  That's where romance and love often come into play when doing a reading!

In order to embrace her energy, you must first take the time to get to know her first and understand her.  On the surface, this regal queen often appears to be aloof, maybe even snobby to people.  If you scratch the surface, she is anything but!

The queen of wands is a warm, loving queen who rules her kingdom with a practical hand with a soft spot for matters of the heart.  In other words, she's a warm and loving person once you get to know her.  It takes her awhile to warm up to people.

With almost every tarot reading, I get the queen of wands card.  It's no wonder because when describing her, she's absolutely the epitome of my personality.  However, that doesn't mean you can't utilize her energy!

Just because we have a similar personality, doesn't mean I'm her carbon copy.  There is much I can learn from her, young grasshopper.

I'll be giving you a more in-depth look at what makes a queen of wands in a moment.  I'll also be giving you the tools you need to use her secret powers via the law of attraction.

The most important thing you can learn about the queen of wands is that she is naturally magnetic.  She is what would be called a generator of human design rather than a manifestor.  This simply means she attracts things to her with ease and grace.

Her job is to be warm, loving, loyal, and a fair queen.  By doing so, she creates an energy that is both magnetic, charming, and alluring.  She doesn't force, push, or pull things to come into her life.  She magnetizes them like a law of attraction magnet.

That, my friends, is what makes the queen of the suit of wands, someone you should learn from.  Let this no-nonsense queen teach you her magical ways!
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Embrace Your Queen of Wands Energy With the Law of Attraction

To get to know the queen of wands better, here's what you need to know.  She is a practical businesswoman and thinks of life in practicality.  The secret to the queen of wand's energy healing is her ability to use her heart, even in practical matters.

This is what makes her a great businesswoman, a loyal friend, and a wonderful wife.  She always knows how to make her king look better.

To activate your wand's energy, one must simply tap into her best quality of all.  Her best quality is her ability to attract whatever she wants in life with ease and grace!

Again, a queen doesn't manifest by forcing, pushing, or pulling.  A queen is more like a magnet, magnetizing things to her with quiet, graceful energy.  No matter what your personality type, you can learn a thing or two from her.

When I think of the queen of wand's tarot card being pulled from the deck, she reminds me of Archangel Ariel, and has much in common with the Strength tarot card.  I see lions and nature-inspired things influencing this card.

Also, this may come as a surprise to you, but the queen of wands is a plant-based eater.  She's usually either vegetarian or living the vegan lifestyle.  She likes a clean environment, and that goes far beyond the walls of her home.

She really has a thing for planet earth.  She has a reverence for mother nature and likes to keep the planet in good shape.    She also likes to live as close to nature as she possibly can, preferably in a woodland setting, a cabin, or a cozy cottage.

If you'd like to spend time with the queen of wands, spend time in a park or wild nature preserve, and be respectful of your surroundings.  I also recommend carrying the queen of wands card with you wherever you go or putting her up on a shelf in your house as a reminder.

She's attracted to the wood element, so if you're a tree hugger, she'll respond in kind to you.  She also really likes fireplaces.  There's a warm, fiery energy to this earth-giving goddess.

If you want to make friends with the queen of wands, simply start taking on some of her qualities.  She is known for helping people change for the better and she'll take notice of you if she sees you trying.  She likes to work with ambitious, driven individuals, especially women.

In addition to working with you, she makes a great wife, so you can ask her to connect with your husband.  She'll encourage him to appreciate you more and show more love and affection.  For more on how to find true love and how to find your twin flame, you might try this article!

The thing about the queen of wands is that she's real and true.  She's not just a card in a fortune-telling deck.  She's a living, breathing deity!

To work with her, you've got to work to raise your vibration.  The reason why being a generator works for this girl is because she's incredibly solid in her faith!
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How to Utilize Queen of Wand Tarot Card Energy Healing 

To utilize the queen of wands energy healing, you must get comfortable with looking at things the way they are in your current reality.  This is called being at peace with yourself and finding acceptance.

Whatever things look like on the surface, no matter how bad, you just have to acknowledge and accept what got you where you are today.  Let that wash over you.  Now, think about all the energy and manifesting that had to take place via the LOA to get you where you are today.

It would have taken a tremendous force of faith in either the good or the bad, but here's the simple trick to it all.  You can change it, enhance it, or make it better using the generator life design of our warm and loving queen card.

Imagine that your wish or desire is a delicate butterfly that you're holding in the palm of your hands.  Now see the butterfly (wish) as fiery energy flaming all around her.  Normally, when something gets hot we drop it, but in this case, we want the fire to keep growing in our hands.

You don't want to crush your butterfly or your dreams, so you keep seeing the fire growing as your faith grows.  This is the same style of energy healing light that the queen of wands can bestow upon you.

The more the fire grows, the bigger the butterfly gets, as she is consumed with a gentle fire burning energy.  She flaps her wings egregiously and when you're ready, you let her go, and she flies away.  You can do this exercise with one want, wish, or desire every morning or at night before you fall asleep.

This is so that you keep letting your desire go so you don't become too attached to it.  Each time you perform this exercise, be sure to make the subtle fire grow into a wildfire, while you are still holding your hand slow and steady.

This will prevent you from becoming too clingy with your heartfelt desire, as well as to keep the home fire burning.  The queen of wands is a simple girl.  If you want to be more like her, you have to learn to let go and let God!
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