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Nature is My Therapy: Forest Therapy Sessions in the Woodland

Green Therapy in a Rhode Island Nature Refuge in a Small-Town in New England
Lately, I've been spending a lot of time in nature trying to ground my energy.  You see, nature is my therapy.  It has helped me through a lot of difficult times in my life.  When I'm in nature, I feel like I can tell the nature spirits anything and they will never judge me.

Since I've gotten back home to Florida, my life has been a mess.  All the hard work I had done while on summer vacation in Rhode Island, kind of fell to the wayside.  I've found myself overwhelmed with emotion and unable to write.

I tried many times to sit down and write, but it was as if I had lost my passion and meaning for life.  When I'd sit down at the computer to try to put my feelings into words, I ended up staring at the screen, then feeling guilty for doing absolutely nothing.

Eventually, I came to realize I was depressed.  Like severely depressed.  This isn't anything new to me honestly.  I've struggled with anxiety and depression my entire life.  In fact, last year, I started this blog after being Baker Acted for a near suicide attempt.  I thought I had left that part of my life behind.

It turns out, that depression is something that I will always struggle with.  I went from feeling high on life to dropping down to nothing.  I don't take medication to regulate my moods, though I have tried it in the past.

For me, the only thing that seems to work is to spend time in nature.  Last year, after my suicide attempt, I would go on hiking adventures nearly every single day.  While it didn't cure my depression or anxiety, it helped keep my mental state in balance.  I've since come to realize that nature is my therapy.

When I was a little girl, I didn't have good experiences with therapists.  I don't seem to open up that easily and when I do, I always fear being judged or found out that I'm a fraud in some way.  Honestly, I'm sure that's not how therapy works, but I feel much safer and more comfortable spilling my guts to the nature angels and fairies.

Try it!  The fairies are surprisingly good listeners.  They also absorb your angst into the earth and ground it in earth's healing energy.  I've just gotten back into my routine of hiking daily and already I've noticed a difference.

This morning, I did thirty minutes of yoga.  I have been doing inconsistent yoga since I've gotten back, even though I know it will help me through this rough time.  The fact that I was able to do it at all today is a telltale sign that my healing nature therapy is working!

Not only that, but I'm sitting down and writing this post.  I haven't been able to write anything, other than letters to the universe, in at least a month.  Even writing love notes to the angels, fairies, and goddesses has been a struggle for me.

In my case, writer's block has been compounded by crippling self-doubt and instability.  Getting back into nature takes everything I got each day, but it's working.  I'm really trying to be gentle with myself right now.

There's a lot going on and I'm overwhelmed by it all.  As soon as we got back, my oldest daughter Angeleah had her baby 6-weeks early!  We've lost a baby in the family before, just a couple years ago, so you can imagine the fear this brought on.

I'm happy to report that baby Genevieve is a healthy baby girl!  She's gaining weight and they released her home from the hospital a couple weeks ago.  She's beautiful and I can't wait to write up a post on her!

In addition to that, I made up with my daughter Veronica and got to meet my granddaughter Lilly for the first time.  I even got to celebrate her first birthday with her.  Again, this is a long story, and I plan on touching on it in the nearby future.  All I can say right now is that V and I are really working on our relationship, one day at a time, and things are really, really good on that front.

I also got to spend time with my daughter Chloe too.  She was sick with her asthma, so I invited her over to watch movies and nurse her back to health.  It also gave me the chance to cook with her, which is something we've been wanting to do together again.

So, most of my family life has been really, really good.  But, there's more.  The building I'm living in is being sold and I have to look for a new place to live.  This has made me really start to think about moving to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina again.

The truth is, I don't have the money for that or to move anyplace else either.  Money is something else I've been struggling with.  I've been kind of stuck in a holding pattern when it comes to monetizing this blog.

As you can imagine, all of this has completely flummoxed me.  I am overwhelmed beyond belief!  I know change is a good thing and I've been wanting to move for a while now, but I still have a lot of fears and trepidation about my future.
A woman holding a pine cone in the woods of New England after a summer rainstorm in mother nature

Nature is My Therapy: Forest Therapy Sessions in the Woodland

So, what happens now?  I plan on heading back out into the woodland after I'm done writing this.  I'll continue to wear my heart on my sleeve while walking on the forest floor.

My forest therapy sessions in the woodland really clear my head.  The thing about depression is that it really fogs up your thinking.  It makes it difficult to make clear decisions.  Going on daily hiking adventures is paving the way clear for me.

It's as if little by little I'm starting to come out of the fog and think straight again.  It happens gradually.  I have noticed that shortly after I get back home, the panic rises within me again, so this is something that I'll have to keep working on.

When I'm in a therapy session, I pour my heart out to the faerie queen Aine, whom you can read about here, to Pan, and to the elemental kingdom in all of their varieties.  The reason this works for me is that I feel safe with them.  I feel like I can trust them with my life and that in return, they will lend me their strength.

In case you were wondering, nothing is off-limits with them!  I can literally tell the fairies my deepest, darkest secrets and they will never shame me or make me feel bad.  I highly recommend turning to the leaves, flowers, and trees in the forest for instant healing.

If your heart is on the mend, if life has thrown you a curveball, or if you are suffering from depression or anxious thoughts, head out into mother nature today.  You'll instantly feel settled and balanced.  You may have to do this a few times or make it a lifelong habit, but it will pull you out of the rabbit hole you fell into.

Just remember, it takes time and patience.  Be gentle with yourself and don't be afraid to ask for additional assistance.  For example, the Archangel Raphael will surround you in a sparkling green ball of energy healing light with golden flecks if you call on him.  Visualize this ball of light growing all around you and expanding into the woods.

Archangel Raphael, in case you're not familiar with him, is the metaphysical healer of the angelic kingdom.  His light is emerald green like the forest.  He has an expansive energy healing light that can help you with both physical maladies and emotional insights too.  Give it a try!

I am taking my time with this healing.  Each time I enter the forest, I call on Pan and the forest angels to absorb my angst.  Every time I leave the forest glen, I ask the fairies to encircle me and follow me home.

Right now, because of the severity of my depression, I have to be forgiving of myself.  My first thought was to victim blame myself, and wonder how I could let things get this bad.  When and if you should feel this way, don't be afraid to reach out to God and the nature angels.

The nature spirits live on the winds of change and they only want a favorable outcome for you.  Let the winds blow you where they may and you'll land safely in a nest of your own making.  For me, I don't know where that nest will be.

The thing is I have to trust that I'll end up someplace good.  Even though I have issues with trust, I know with all my heart I can trust the forest will always be there waiting for me with open arms, ready to receive me into its bosom.  Nature is not only my therapy, it's where I feel at home.
A long pine cone found on the forest floor in a woodland in New England

Nature Therapy Resources For Healing Depression and Anxiety

Please remember that you are not alone in this.  I've been where you are and I care immensely.  If your depression has gotten to the point of where you feel you can't live another moment or day, please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  You can also contact me here if you need a friend or someone to talk to.
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