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Seasonal Eating: The Magic of the Roughage Diet and Vegan Comfort Foods

A fall harvest cornucopia basket of goodies from Goddess Abundantia
Lately, I've been thinking about how I want to feel when I'm eating.  As an intuitive eater, I try to listen to my body as well as my heart when it comes to food.  What speaks to me the most is seasonal eating and the magic of the roughage diet and vegan comfort foods!

When I think of food, I think of family.  I think of kinship.  I have slow living pictures of woodland gatherings from farm to table.  I have dreams of foraging for mushrooms and golden berries in the forest, as a way of providing sustenance for my family.  It's all clean linen and comfort foods in the great outdoors.

I think one of the best things about eating seasonally is that everything you eat will either be homegrown or locally produced by organic farmers.  I think it's an added bonus to support local farmers and businesses, especially when it comes to organic produce.

You might have read my post on my word for the fall season of life, which is Festive: A Mantra For Family Get-Togethers, Forest Gatherings, and Sparkly, Fairy Lights.  This post kind of sums up what my goals are with farm to table meals fresh from the garden and foraging for wholesome dinners from the forest. 

The more locally grown and seasonal you go, the more likely the food you eat will be fresh and organic!  The goal is to steer your family away from genetically modified and processed foods as much as possible. 

If you provide the healthy choice at the dinner table, the more your family gatherings will be steeped in rich traditions of learning to live off the land, even in modern times!  That's why when I refer to going hunting, I'm really talking about mushroom hunting and foraging for food.

The magic of the roughage diet is that you're really getting back to how people ate in ancient times.  People went out hunting and foraging for food.  Local people would grow their own fresh produce and pick their own berries. 

Everything was fresh and good for you.  There were no modifications or pesticides in growing.  As modern-day humans living in a world of technology, we have to get back to the basics of a primitive civilization. 

Now, I'm not saying we have to go out and hunt for our food every day.  There's no need for that.  In fact, other than mushroom hunting season, I would encourage you to rethink hunting at all.  No, I'm saying we need to eat more roughage, whether that food be cooked in a fire pit or raw vegan. 

It's good to test ourselves and see if we could, in fact, thrive in a survival situation.  Many of us wouldn't.  But, if we know which mushrooms are poisonous and when berry picking season is, we have a good chance of feeding our family even in the harshest of winter.

In the end, it's more than just survival foods.  It's being able to produce feelings of nostalgia over the dinner table at woodland gatherings and forest feasts.  It's a way to bring the family closer together.
A fall festive wicker basket cornucopia of farm to table vegetables fresh from the garden

Seasonal Eating: The Magic of the Roughage Diet and Vegan Comfort Foods

Now that I'm older, I've come to accept that my favorite kind of diet is the roughage diet or a mostly raw vegan diet.  I wish I could be a fruitarian, but the truth is, I've always been more of a vegetable girl.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some fruit too, but raw veggies and cooked vegetable meals are what makes my world go round.  I've also come to accept the fact that I'm really into vegan comfort foods, so it's no surprise that fall and winter are my two favorite seasons!

The food that I probably eat the most is a potato.  I eat potatoes year-round in many different ways.  Vegan mashed potatoes, a fully-loaded baked potato, and breakfast burritos with fried potatoes and peppers.  Yum!

Eating roughage means eating a lot of fiber-rich foods like potatoes, yams, spinach, cabbage, squash, garden tomatoes, and more!  The more roughage you eat, the better your digestive system runs.  I have colitis so I have to keep my digestive system in mind when eating pretty much anything. 

Roughage is tame on your tummy, unlike processed foods.  It comes from the wilds of nature, producing organic results that will make your skin glow and your hair grow!

This is why a mostly raw vegan diet seems to work best for the population in general.  There's a lot of raw foods that is difficult for our bodies to breakdown and digest.  It creates acid on the stomach that can flareup colitis, c.diff, and other tummy troubles.

With the mostly raw food diet, you're able to both eat raw fruit and vegetables, as well as cooked foods in the evenings.  I recommend it in that order too.  It's called food combining and it will aid the digestion process even further if you keep raw food first and cooked foods last or at the end of the day, in that order.

I also recommend trying, The Mermaid Detox Diet to cleanse your body of impurities and toxins that have built up over time from eating meat (parasites) and processed foods.  I'm a big believer in cleaning our digestive tract out on a regular basis, as any buildup can produce belly bloat and mood changes.

All of this is related to a seasonal roughage diet of locally grown and produced foods.  This is why going raw till' four is essential.  Basically, the premise is to eat raw fruits and veggies all day long until dinnertime.  At dinner, you can cook a plant-based meal of fried squash or pumpkin soup with a side of baby greens or kinfolk style carrots fresh from the garden!
A cornucopia of squash, carrots, and a pine cone on a table setting in New England

Forest Feasts and Woodland Gatherings

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to grow my own vegetable garden and to spend a little time in the forest mushroom hunting and gathering wood for the fire pit.  There's something very comforting about knowing where your food came from. 

As a former Girl Scout Troop Leader, I really like the thought of sitting around a campfire and roasting vegan marshmallows after a forest feast of cooked vegetables and winter salad and warm soups.  I enjoy spending time with friends who are like family to me. 

There's something magical about woodland gatherings where everyone sits at a table of clean, white linen and fairy lights telling stories while sharing a meal together.  Breaking bread is a tradition as old as time and what better way to keep the tradition going!

This is why I'm moving to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Cabin living creates access to the nature trails and waterfall chasing.  I'll be able to hunt for roughage in my garden and in the wilderness. 

I'll have the privacy and place setting to be able create a fire pit on my property and invite friends and family over for kinfolk style meals that are plant-based and healthy.  I think it's these types of settings that evoke nostalgia and sweet memories that will last a lifetime for everyone involved.

Food is always a great way to brings friends and family together!  Not only that, but you'll be showing them a better way of hunting for food, without harming any animals in the process.  The animals will thank you!

For more on why animals and woodland creatures like herbivores, you might like to read, Making Friends With Animals With the Vegan Lifestyle and Plant-Based Living!  You'll learn to naturally attract positive experiences with the animal kingdom safely.
Fall Festivities with wooden cornucopia of organic vegetables and farm fresh produce from the forest feasting

Survival Foods and First Aid Forage Kits

What are survival foods?  Survivalist will often turn to the forest for their foods, whether it be foraging edible flowers, hunting wild mushrooms, or picking fruit from the trees. 

They are also self-sufficient and sustainable, building a makeshift greenhouse with herbal remedies, growing their own produce, and chopping their own wood for cooking.  A survivalist can live off the land and that's where survivalist food comes into play. 

It's cowboy coffee made from coffee grounds and hanging tomato plants growing from the front porch of a cabin.  Eating survival food doesn't necessarily mean you're in a survivalist situation.  It just means that you're living of the land and eating more roughage as an everyday staple. 

Some survival kits include potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, corn, and more!  It typically would be considered winter foods with pumpkins, squash, and other fall to winter inspired foods that can be grown locally or on a vine. 

I've come to know that I have a preference for vegan comfort food.  I tend to love the warmth of baking spiced pumpkin seeds in the oven for Halloween and fresh garlic mashed potatoes with green onions. 

This is the kind of food that's good year round, but of course, holds a special place in my heart in the fall and winter.  What I like about natural foods is being able to produce the same meal in so many different ways!

For example, you can take a potato and create several different sustainable meals with it.  Same thing with wild mushrooms.  You can take an oyster mushroom or a portobello and create dozens of delicious vegan recipes from it!

It's sustainable living at it's best when you add in the fact that you can use every part of the potato, even the skin or the stem of a mushroom medley.  That's what eco-friendly living is all about, isn't it?

Using every part of everything, where nothing goes to waste.  I like that waste-free living can apply to your meal plan too!

What about forage kits?  You can bring a wooden basket with you for foraging, as well as some jars, labels, and a Swiss army knife, a field guide, and garden gloves.  This way it will be easier to forage for edible mushrooms, herbs, and delicious golden berries that are safe to eat. 

It's really easy to go hunting in the forest if you're simply hunting for herbivore inspired fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Some dandelions and wildflowers are edible too.  Just make sure that when you're in doubt, that you have a nature field guide with you as you hunt, gather, and forage for things.
A Cornucopia of Fall Vegetables in Season

The Benefits of Eating Roughage and Plant-Based Foods

Eating roughage is definitely easier on your stomach, therefore gentler on your digestive system.  You'll get a lot more fibrous foods in your diet if you focus on eating raw fruits and vegetables, as well as home cooked meals. 

The food you do eat will have sustainable benefits, as they are more likely to be pesticide-free.  Eating seasonally will ensure that you are buying locally grown foods and supporting your local farmers. 

You won't have to worry about genetically modified food or processed foods as much either, depending on how much you begin to phase them out of your diet.  It's just overall a healthier way of living!

The amount of natural vitamins and minerals you'll get by eating daily roughage will help you live a longer, healthier life.  Again, I highly recommend eating raw veggies and picking fruits during the day and eating a cooked roughage dinner at night. 

This is better food combining for your belly.  When we produce too much mixed fruits and veggies, raw and cooked during the day, or eating backward, it creates belly bloat, gas, and can make you really sick.  It creates toxins in your bloodstream that build up overnight. 

It's much better to go raw till' four, to ensure a comfortable, safe eating experience.  The roughage diet isn't anything new really.  It's just something that people have forgotten about with so many processed food choices in our face all the time. 

It's in our ancient roots, eating a roughage diet that consists of grounding, healing vegetables fresh from the garden or gathered from the forest floor.  It's raw, natural, and wild.  Yet, it's at the heart of our DNA to eat a wild diet. 

Let's get back to our primitive wild side of forest feasts and woodland gatherings with the magic of the roughage diet and seasonal style eating.  Future generations will thank us!
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