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Talking Gemstones: Healing Crystals For Emotional Healing and Talk Therapy

Healing stone assortment with fools gold, desert rose crystal, and a tiny black rock with a painted face
Today, I'm finally writing about talking gemstones which are healing crystals for emotional healing and talk therapy!  Healing stones are more than just a pretty face.  They are a great conversation piece and a wonderful friend to have.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, then you know that I'm a faerie shaman, and that my beliefs are more unique than most.  Although, now that more and more lightworkers are emerging, you may run into more people like me.

One of my shamanic beliefs is animalism.  It's where every element of nature is ensouled.  It could be a rock, plant, flower, butterfly, or a blade of grass.  This belief system comes from working with the nature spirits, whom you can read more about here.

Therefore, gemstones, one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, have a soul.  They have a spirit and an essence.  You can read about my pet gemstone Gemma to see what I mean!

When you have a soul, you have a name, a distinct personality, and an ego.  Since gemstones, plants, and flowers are all part of the elemental kingdom, it makes sense that they would have an ego and freewill.

Why?  Because all nature spirits have an ego and freewill.  That's what sets them apart from the angels.

They are more like humans than you can imagine, only way better.  Why?  Because, the fairies don't get caught up in the minutia of daily life like humans do.  This gives them a bit of a spiritual edge on us mere mortals.

Gemstones live on a high-vibration.  While it seems they are essential doing nothing but sitting pretty, that can't be farther from the truth.

If you could see the healing energy of a gemstone with your naked eye, you would be shocked and amazed by how magical these still life creatures are.  Gems have a lot going on just beneath their pretty surface!

So, what makes a talking gemstone?  A talking crystal is where you allow the healing stone to transmit messages to you.  It's where you shut up and let your crystal do all the talking.

I call them talking gemstones because if you listen closely, there's a lot of chatter going on with your growing crystal collection.  Crystals make for great therapists and healers because of this natural quality!

Whether you're wearing gemstone jewelry, wearing crystals in your bra, or a gemstone crown, crystals are sending out little messages to you on a daily basis.  They have small, tinny voices that can be heard loud and clear, if you tune into their frequency.

This is because all crystals come with a built-in nature spirit!  They are alive with activity and crystal fairies like to talk up a storm.

What do crystals like to talk about?  As nature's drama queens, they enjoy talking about hot topics in your life.  If you've got the gossip, the are more than willing to hear the scoop.

Once they have what they need from you, they communicate it back to you as healing advice.  They are like your own personal therapist.  Better yet, they are really into natural healing!

The advice your crystal spirit gives you comes through as either downloaded information, a moment of clarity, or a fresh idea that springs to mind.  They are great little helpers of the natural world!

Since gemstone essence spends a lot of time hanging out with humans, they are quite familiar with human nature and the earthly realm.  This means they are really good at dispensing great advice that hits the nail on the head.

As your talk therapist, gems can help you with topics on love, friendship, money, career, health, and more!  They are multi-faceted friends of the earth.

Crystal healers will work deep within your soul to vacuum the landscape of deep emotional scars, old wounds, and childhood traumas.  Not only that, but they do it with ease and grace!

They try to make the therapy session as painless as possible for you by letting the mistakes of the past be forgotten and forgiven in all directions of time, for everyone concerned.  This way, you'll feel refreshed, like you have a clean slate.

If you need a little pep in your step, why not talk to your gemstone?  Give it a try.  What do you have to lose? 
Raw gemstone mix, natural stones, natural loose gemstones, black painted rock with cute face

Talking Gemstones: Healing Crystals For Emotional Healing and Talk Therapy

How can healing stones help you?  First of all, just by being near you, a crystal can pick up on your energy.  By reading your energetic blueprint, they know how to help you.

If you are on a low vibration due to a breakup, a loss in the family, or money troubles, the crystal family will be able to pick up on that instantly.  You don't even have to ask for their help and they will intervene.  That's what they do.

 If you have a broken heart and you are still very much in love with the person, have a talk therapy session with a raw crystal for emotional healing.  I recommend aventurine crystal, rose quartz gemstones, or a green fluorite crystal for heart healing.

Your heart chakra will become opened and ready for more love before you know it!  Sometimes, you'll be lead to more self-love healing, but whatever the case, you'll feel much better.

If you feel anger, bitterness, or resentment over the loss of a loved one or a broken heart, then I recommend smoothing rough edges with black tourmaline and an obsidian rock.  With these two, you'l need to cleanse your crystal every single day for optimal use.

If you feel lost, along, or like your life has no purpose or meaning, I highly encourage you to wear a blue crystal to speak your truth so you don't become trapped in yourself.  Blue represents the water element and career and life path, therefore taking you down the right path and anchoring you in place.

Blue crystals that will lighten things up are aqua aura and lapis lazuli crystals.  Wear them several days in a row to notice that "lost" feeling slipping away.

If you're stuck on a problem and can't see your way through it, go with apophyllite crystal and a white quartz crystal combo.  Suddenly, you'll be able to see the forest for the trees!

If you are feeling "green" around the edges, meaning you don't feel well or something feels off, you can turn to a green crystal mix like jade gemstone, aventurine, and aquamarine.  These particular crystals will restore the balance in your health on an integrative level.

Using a raw gemstone mix of loose healing stones will really bring harmony to your overall health and well-being.  While crystals are great at talking you through physical health ailments, they are gifted at emotional healing too!

What I have come to find in my work with crystals is that they will often call out to you.  This actually happened to me again last night.

I have been feeling really overwhelmed and depressed lately, due to all the big changes going on in my life.  As I was going to bed, my green aventurine crystal, whom I've never worn before, called out to me through my intuition.

It was in that moment that I knew she was going to heal me and I had to sleep with her that night.  I took it one step further and put two green aventurine stones in my bra before hiking this morning.

I feel so much better today!  Mentally, I feel clear and focused.  My vibration is higher and this morning, I turned back to my morning affirmations and gratitude lists to make me feel better.

The magical part of this is that it all started last night!  I heard my Ava, my aventurine healing stone, call out to me to begin instant healing.  It has worked wonders!

The more you work with the crystal folk, the more you'll be pleasantly surprised with how in tune you'll be with them.  You'll match their movements perfectly!
Throat chakra healing with loose gemstone mix pink Himalayan sea salt rock

Gemstone Magical Properties for Throat Chakra Communication

In order to hear a crystal talking, you must first open your throat chakra to speak your truth.  While crystal healers can pick up on your energetic blueprint with ease and grace, it's good to go into the process with clear communication.

Why?  This way, you are clearing the pathway for intuitive messages to get through.  Just because they hear you, doesn't mean you can always hear them.

That's why it's so important to heal your blue communication chakra, also known as the throat chakra.  The throat chakra is a portal of communication where you are able to hear others, speak your truth, and learn different levels of empathy.

To heal your throat chakra, place a blue stone on it.  In this case, I think aqua aura works best.  Place your aqua aura crystal on your throat while laying down for an hour or so.  You can watch Netflix, read a book, or talk on the phone while you're laying there.

When time is up, take your aqua aura gemstone off your throat chakra.  Give here a good cleanse by running her under cold water.

You can now talk to any crystal of your choice, including the one that just spent an hour with you.  I recommend no more than two at a time, because otherwise the "talk" that comes through will sound like little birds chirping or incessant chatter.

Hold your crystal in your dominant hand, against your heart, or on your lap and ask her a question.  Start with one and listen for an answer.  One should come through instantly.

You'll hear the answer to your question by way of instant download, a moment of clarity, or a fresh idea coming through.  Listen to your intuition and the thought that comes through is the answer.

When you're ready, ask another question.  Always pause for the answer.  You can even write them down or have a list of questions prepared beforehand.

Keep asking questions until you feel satisfied.  You should be able to walk away with a clear head.  Be sure to thank your talking gemstone for her energy healing session with you!

For more on gemstones, click here!

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