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The Childhood Magic of Sea Monkey Kits and Life Science

A red sea monkey tank and sea monkey kit, super sea monkey food, in a windowsill with shadow lighting for slow living
 Even as an adult, you can experience the childhood magic of sea monkey kits and life science!  I think as we grow older, we tend to lose that magic within us.  Now that I'm a Nona (Grandma) and I work with the fairies on a regular basis, which you can read about here, I'm getting back to my childhood favorites!

I've never really stopped loving sea monkeys.  In fact, my oldest daughter Angel is the one that bought me this classic sea monkey kit with the red tank.  She knows me well!

If you want to embrace your inner child and get back to the nostalgia of childhood, the best way to do that is to call upon the faerie folk!  I plan on writing an article about their childlike, mischievous ways soon enough.  The fairies are fun and bring a lot of laughter to people's lives!

They will help you lighten up and take a more playful approach to life.  As adults, we're expected to grow up and become more serious.  There's a time and place for grownup responsibilities, but we should always make space in our lives for a little fun too!  Don't you think?

That's why when my daughter bought me the super sea monkey aquarium, it really got me thinking about how nostalgia has a place in our lives.  It gives our lives purpose and meaning, not to mention a little magic.

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with sea monkeys and life science.  I received a two-dollar allowance every week, you got to remember this was the eighties, and I would save up for all things sea monkey related.

I bought the sea monkey bubble necklace with my allowance first.  It was a bubble shaped necklace with a magnifying glass so that you could carry your sea monkeys with you wherever you go!  I would bring it to school with me and it would garner a lot of cool attention.

Later on, when I really built up my money, I bought the super sea monkey race track, and that was my most prized possession yet!  My best friend, my brother James, and I would each use a syringe to push our sea monkeys upstream to see who would win the race.

I would basically geek out on all things sea monkey-related, and watching my sea monkeys come to life, find their mate, and have little sea monkey babies, was the greatest thing in the world to me.

Fast forward through time and I still feel the same.  I mean, nothing can recapture that first time watching my sea monkeys hatch, but it's still a cool novelty gift to me.  It's something that I definitely plan on sharing with my granddaughters when they grow older and any future grand babies that I have.

I think girly geekery should be passed down through the generations.  In my day and age, I was kind of singled out for being a girly nature lover.

On one hand, I really loved to play with dolls and dollhouses and other girls' novelty toys.  On the other hand, I really liked to play with plastic toy dinosaurs, science kits, and play in the mud with my brother and boy cousin.

Nowadays, it's much more acceptable for girls to play with boy toys and for boys to play with dolls.  I'm honestly grateful for that.  I think kids should be able to enjoy the best of both worlds without ridicule.

Now that I'm older and my kids are grown, I get to share my favorite childhood nostalgia experiences with my own grandchildren, whether it be giving them a solid music education or getting to watch their sweet faces as they hatch sea monkey eggs for the first time.
A red sea monkey tank, classic version of sea monkeys, sea monkey home

The Childhood Magic of Sea Monkey Kits and Life Science

I can admit it, I'm a girl geek at heart.  I'm a nerd (never-ending radical dudette!) who always has her head in a book and has always secretly wished she could discover a new species.  Who knows, maybe someday I will!

Nowadays, being a girl geek can mean anything from being techno-savvy to going on whimsical wanderings in the woods to catch fireflies in a jar.  I kind of like that about our modern world.  Women can do anything too!

By nature, I grew up with my best friend as a brother, as we were very close in age.  Even as adults, we would go out to the shallows of the ocean just off of the Courtney Campbell Bridge in Clearwater, Florida, and net cool marine life to bring home to our communal saltwater aquarium.  

Growing up with a brother meant a rough and tumble kind of life.  I was a girly girl who loved dresses and bows while getting my hands dirty in a pond trying to catch tadpoles.  In a way, I'm grateful to have had such a well-rounded childhood experience.

I mean, I wouldn't be me otherwise.  After all, it's our experiences that shape us.  With me being a child of the eighties, I learned a lot about breaking gender roles.

With something as simple as putting a sea monkey growing kit in my daughter's stockings at Christmas, I got to teach my daughters to become strong, independent girl geeks too, and to be proud of it.  I mean, even my ex-husband taught our daughters how to work on cars and change a tire.

They've expressed to me how much they hated it at the time, but also how much they appreciate having that knowledge too.  It's a show of the changing times and I think it's a good thing.

I also think it's okay to reverse those roles.  Before my grandson, Baby Noah, died two years ago, we were already starting to let him play with dolls.  As he grew older, I would have taught him how to cook delicious meals in the kitchen too! 

Sadly, we never got to, but I still feel really good about breaking down those gender roles with childhood nostalgia and novelty toys.  That's what I like about sea monkey kits, they are gender-neutral and they invoke magical childhood memories for years to come!

Are you ready to start your super sea monkey adventure? Are you ready to get back to the magic of childhood or introduce it to your children or grandchildren?  Here you go!
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