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What It's Like to Be a Faerie Shaman and Reiki Healer

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Today, I'm going to talk about what it's like to be a faerie shaman and reiki healer!  I'm always talking about being a shaman healer but I've never gone into what that's all about.  To get started, you might want to start with, How I Became a Faerie Shaman: Journey Into Healing!

 If you're not familiar with shamanism, it's an ancient calling that goes back to the beginning of time.  It has grassroots in the healing arts.

In ancient times, one might have gone to the village shaman, herbalist, medicine man, or witch doctor.  Shamans are known for taking a holistic approach to medicine, which means working on the whole person, rather than just the sum of its parts.

For example, a shaman might advise you to heal an emotional trauma stored in your body with yoga poses, releasing the memory stored there.  This would be as a means to say healing aches and pains.  A shaman knows that any disease or pain the body has is connected to the emotions of the person.

Shamans are also known for their natural healing remedies and herbal teas versus just pushing medicine to treat a symptom.  At the end of this blog post, if you feel you might be a shaman or Reiki healer, you can call on Archangel Raphael to help you find your alternative medicine career path.

In my case, it took me years to unfold the truth about what type of healer I am.  I'm a faerie shaman, which is a shaman that specializes in working with nature spirits and has Celtic roots that go way back.

Now that you have a little better understanding of what a shaman is, let's talk about what it's like for me to be a faerie shaman.  I mean, that's kind of a weird profession, right?  Like, how does someone get into that?

Being a faerie shaman wasn't something I got my bachelor's degree in.  It's something that chose me.  It's a calling that comes as a result of years of learning techniques in spirituality in the school of life.  Again, that's why it's important to read my post on my faerie shaman journey.

As a faerie shaman, I'm an energy healer.  This is also how I became a reiki healer too, which is something that I did, in fact, go to school for.  Reiki healers use their hands to hover over the body or afflicted area of the patient in order to release stored pain and trauma.

The patient will feel a tingling sensation from the person's hands, as they move the energy over the different parts of the body without ever touching it.  This is the same way that Archangel Rafael heals, only with a green healing energy ball of light.  It's also the way that Jesus and his disciples performed miracles.

For me, I've discovered that my healing power doesn't just reside in my hands.  It resides in my words.  I do the majority of my healing by writing blog posts (or really any form of healing writing or journaling) and writing letters to the universe.

I write long, endearing letters to God, the angels, the fairies, and the goddesses when someone in my family needs help or healing.  Of course, I always write letters for myself too, often to gain clarity on the direction of my blog business or to get insights on what to write about next on my blog.

By writing letters to the universe and burning them, I'm releasing all those raw emotions and words into the ether for instant healing.  I'm surrendering the situation that needs healing over to a higher power in perfect trust and harmony.

Working as a shamanic healer has really helped me to approach everything in my life differently.  I no longer feel I have to be in control of everything.  I can turn that control over to a higher power, taking some of the burdens off of myself.

As a spiritual teacher, I know the class is always in session.  There is always something to be gained and learned.  As a shaman, it's all about lifelong learning in the school of life.

We're all connected, every last one of us and there's an invisible spiritual thread running through the world.  This includes plants, animals, and humans alike.  With this connection, we have the ability to reach out and touch someone's life and heal it in some way.
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What It's Like to Be a Faerie Shaman and Reiki Healer

So, what does a fairy shaman do?  A lot of my work involves energy healing, as one might guess.  I heal plants, animals, people, and situations.  Again, some of my work is distant, like through writing letters or casting spells.

Other times, my work might be more hands-on.  I'll hover my hands over a loved one, a pet, or a plant and send energetic healing towards them.  Sometimes, I'll visualize a light healing their body or heart shapes coming from my heart to theirs if it's a broken heart on the mend.

Another thing I do is energy clearing.  When someone's aura or chakras need to be cleared or balanced, I never do the work alone.  I call on the archangels, ascended masters, the faerie folk, or the goddesses that specialize in clearing a shield.

As a faerie shaman, my specialty is working with plants, animals, and the elemental kingdom.  I spend a lot of time in nature and often do a lot of grounding exercises while in the park.

I have a direct line to the nature spirits and I can call on them anytime now, even in my house or in the car.  It took years for me to get to this point, but I've built up a great foundation in my relationship with the fairies.  This has led me to work with gnomes, faerie queens, Pan (whom I plan on writing about soon!), and flower fairies on a regular basis!

Because of this, I also have a really special relationship with my pet plants and talking gemstones.  As you can tell, I've given them a name!  This is because healing stones and houseplants come with a built-in nature spirit.

 I call houseplants my pet plants because I keep them as pets, name them, talk to them, and they have distinct personalities.  I call my growing crystal collection talking gemstones because if you listen carefully, geodes talk to you!

My beliefs lie in animism.  I believe that every rock, insect, geode, plant, flower, animal, tree, etc. is ensouled.  Every living creature has a frequency, a wave-length it lives on, and you could be a vibrational match for it.

As a shamanic healer, my life is more spiritually-based than the average person's.  It just kind of goes with the territory.  I am also an empath, which means I'm highly sensitive to everything.

In some ways, it can be a heavy cross to bear.  In other ways, it's great, because it allows me to tune into the other side readily.  Even though being sensitive puts me at risk every day, it also helps me to tune into other people and their feelings and intentions.

This can be really helpful when I'm deciding how I want to work to help someone.  If I tune into the frequency of their higher self, then I can get to the heart of the healing for that specific person.  I also work with their spirit guides to tune into what could be helpful on a case-by-case basis.

What is my main purpose for being here?  My purpose and passion for being here is to connect people with the magic of nature, and that goes far beyond the scope of what you can see on the forest floor.  It goes right to the heart of the faerie realm!

Humans used to live off the grid.  Living in the natural world was part of their everyday life and survival.  With the age of modern technology, many of us have wandered away from the healthy, grounding energy of mother nature and we must get back to that for essential healing!

That's what my job is here on this earth.  Sometimes, that means teaching about living a more sustainable lifestyle, creating natural healing remedies, making vegan recipes from scratch, or writing a letter that will heal someone from far away!

Even though my job is weird and unconventional, I enjoy doing it, and much like writing, it comes naturally for me.  Writing is more like an outlet that allows me to heal people with my words, remedies, plant-based recipes, and more.  What can be better than that?
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Clear Your Energy Shield and Spiritual Hygiene

As a a faerie shaman and empath, I am constantly putting myself at risk for psychic attack.  To deal with it, I have to be very careful about the people that I let into my life.  I also wear crystals on me at all times and carry plants with me wherever I go.

The reason I do this is to diffuse negative, toxic energy and emotions.  I can often walk into a store and pick up on the energy of multitudes of people all at once and that can be extremely overwhelming! It feels like I'm a hermit crab without a shell at all times.

To protect myself, I call on Archangel Michael and Saint Bridget to put up a fiery wall of protection around me and my loved ones and it works like a charm!  I also call on the father, the son, and the holy ghost when I feel there is dark energy nearby or when I am overcome by my own fears.  Relief comes instantly, as Jesus is very powerful!

Even if you're not a psychic, a shaman, or an empath, you can still use these tricks of the trade to protect the fragility of your energy.  You must always be clearing your chakras, grounding your energy, and cleansing your aura on a daily basis.

When we're depressed or anxious, we sometimes unintentionally invite in dark, toxic spirits or ghosts that haven't passed on to the other side of our lives.  They build an instant attachment to our soul body and this can drain us of our energy.

When that happens, this is a great time for a shaman to come in and cut the cords for you.  It's really best to work with spiritual protection every single day.  For protection, I recommend calling on the Archangel Michael and Jesus the most!

They seem to work instantly in coming to your aid and are not at all subtle about it.  Archangel Michael will use his flaming sword to cut through ego-based thoughts and feelings, as well as to escort away any lower, discarnate energies that have attached themselves to you.

Jesus, on the other hand, is loving and non-denominational to everyone.  He doesn't care what your background is or what religion you subscribe to.  Jesus is the only perfect human being that ever lived and even in his human life lived without judgment.

Jesus Christ is perfect to call on when you need a friend fast and you'll feel a warm, tingling energy sensation right away when he comes to your rescue.  All you have to do when you're afraid is to call on Jesus Christ to come to you and say his name out loud and he'll be there in an instant.

As a shamanic healer and reiki master, I am walking a fine line every single day between both worlds.  Our earthly realm and the spirit world.  This makes taking care of my spiritual hygiene critically important in order to be able to do the work I do.

If you'd like to learn more about being a faerie shaman, let me know in the comments, and I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.  I might be able to prescribe you a natural remedy, a reading, or an herbal remedy to heal you in the moment.  Thanks for reading! xo
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