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Wishlist: I'm Creating An E-Course on How to Have the Faith of a Fairy (LOA)

A woman holding a mushroom in her hand that she foraged from a New England forest
So, I'm creating an e-course on how to have the faith of a fairy!  Wishlist is a popular feature on my blog where I teach law of attraction techniques for manifesting what you wish for, want, and desire.  Today, I want to talk about my upcoming course, as well as to offer some tips for manifesting instantly like the fairies do!

You might like to read, How to Have Childlike Faith: Understanding the Law of Attraction and the Law of Opposites in Action to get started!  If you are someone who struggles with faith, this post might enlighten you on how to revert back to your childlike ways to manifest from thin air.

The hardest thing in the world is to have faith.  Our faith is tested every single day.  When we skim the surface of our lives, we can see how lack of faith manifested.  Believe it or not, this is a good sign!

Why?  Because we are manifesting all the time, usually on a default setting.  Can you imagine what would happen if we started to manifest with intention?  Let's just say that the world would become a better place!

As a faerie shaman, I too have struggled with faith, and when we struggle that means that we are simply out of alignment with the universe.  So, in a way, I am teaching this e-course for me too.

Sometimes, we know the right moves, we just don't know how to implement them with the most important tool we have in our universal toolbox.  That tool, that weapon we can wield, is our faith.  If you have the power of faith supporting you, you literally can have everything you want in life.

Love might be the universal answer to everything, but faith is the weapon that we need to wield to stand behind that love force.  Faith can get us through anything.  Faith can keep us going and open up new opportunities, chance meetings, and bring more luck into our lives.

Yet, faith is always the one thing that seems to be lacking in our lives.  It certainly has been the case with mine.  That's why I'm writing this e-course.  I want to live a more rich, faith-filled life too!

It's funny, because I've always accepted true love, fairies, God, the angels, goddesses, etc. as fact in my life.  I have no doubt that those things exist.  When it comes to little (and big) things in my life, there's something inside me that doesn't believe I can have it.  On some level, maybe I don't believe I deserve it either.

That's where the magic of faith comes in!  We have to build our faith and make it stronger on a daily basis.  Sometimes, that requires surrendering ourselves to a higher power or the source of all love.

Other times, it simply means getting back into alignment with the universe and feeling good.  Each moment is a choice for us.  There are no truly wrong choices.  Just choices that are going to lead us in a positive or negative direction.

Make the positive choice and start to feel good about it.  It could be as simple as putting that second donut down or hopping on the treadmill instead of being a couch potato.

When you make positive choices, you'll feel in the universal flow of alignment.  When you make negative choices, you'll be in a funk and things just won't go your way that day.  It's as simple as that.

However, our human minds tend to overcomplicate things.  Living in a state of childlike faith is easy!  It's not meant to be complex.  You just make the choice that you're going to live in faith this moment and the next and keep going.

It's a choice you make over and over again.  It's kind of like deciding that you're going to be happy, no matter what life throws at you.  You can do the same thing with universal alignment.  Make the choice that feels good to you and you can't go wrong!

As soon as you make that choice, the law of opposites will show up, to show you light from dark.  Knowing that in advance will help you prepare for it.

Simply expect the LOO to show up, because it inevitably will, and then don't react to the bone of contention it throws at you.  Keep going!  Make the choice that resonates with your soul.
A mushroom hunter holding a mushroom fungus between her fingers in the woodland as she forages for mushrooms

Wishlist: I'm Creating An E-Course on How to Have the Faith of a Fairy

Why is holding on to your faith such a struggle?  Honestly, for most of us, holding onto faith is difficult because we look all around us and all we see is the residual results of what our thoughts have created in the past.  It's really difficult to look past the surface.

However, if you had a microscope, you would be able to see the magical energy just brewing beneath the surface.  What's happening is every time you show good faith, the magical ingredients hidden just beneath the surface of your manifestation, are coming together to form something.

This is called thought form.  Here's the kicker.  Guess what?  It's forming into something even when you resist something that you want or you live in the lack of what you created previously.  The magical ingredients can either work for you or against you!

That's why I'm creating this e-course!  I want to show you how to use those magical hidden ingredients to turn your life around using the law of attraction!  I want you to be able to ask for something and be able to let it go and just believe in faith.

I want that for myself too.  I have no doubt that some of the things I've asked for in the past would have already come true a long time ago had I had more faith!  You can check out, A Wishlist of Secret Wishes and Desires to learn more about the secret, hidden places of my life.

I think it's important that you know that I'm human too.  I struggle with self-doubt just like anyone else.  I fight the battle with my ego daily.

The good news is that I'm here, showing up every day, and ready to overcome the lack mentality that I have created in my own life.  I'm doing this for both of us, for you and me.

I think one of the biggest obstacles in our way is that faith seems so elusive!  Faith has no face or name.  This can make it a big, shiny disco ball of burning light that blinds us to the truth.

The truth is that whatever the ego is trying to feed us is a lie and the things we genuinely want, wish for, and desire are the truth.  The secret is in the purity of what we want.

First of all, is it what we really want?  Is it coming from a genuine place of desire?  We must first and foremost, test ourselves to make sure that we are crystal clear on what we want so we can solidify it into form.

If we're unclear on what we truly want, we'll manifest mixed signals and ambiguous messages from the universe.  Why?  Because, the universe is always delivering at any given time.

It is always working, whether we are in the universal flow or coming from a disingenuous place in our hearts.  Even though that's a little scary to digest, take comfort in it.  That means that it can easily be remedied and we have the power to turn things around too.

You can turn it around by having more faith and by making a choice that feels good to you.  Feeling good, again, means that you are in alignment.

But, how do you have more faith?  Especially when faith seems so faceless and nameless.  Give it a name and give it a face!

Make faith into something personal for you.  For example, I named my faith "Rose" as whenever I think of faith healing, I think of a rose quartz crystal with sparkles or a light pink hue.  See?  I gave my faith a name!

I gave her (she has a feminine personality to me) a name and for a face, she looks like a tiny fairy to me with the color of light pink rose-colored glasses and sparkling light.  I made faith into the faith of a fairy in the way that I see her!

You can do this too.  You can even go one step further and give her a personality too.  How does faith act?  What's does she look like and wear?  I gave "Rose" a personality with rose-colored glasses and sparkly, glittery energy that makes a dress around her.

This is because "Rose" sees the world with rose-colored glasses and makes things happen in the way she sees it.  When you wear rose-colored glasses, you see the cup as full and overflowing.  Your positive thinking brings the world to life.

That's what my faith does for me.  Rose sees the world with rose-colored glasses.  She's aware of the fact that the world can be a gritty, dark place, yet chooses not to see it or engage with it in that way.

She knows that whenever something "bad" happens some good will still come of it and that there's probably a life lesson in there.  Now, it's your turn!

Give your personal brand of faith a name, a face, and a personality and remember to see your faith as a weapon that can overcome anything!  Rose might look like a tiny fairy with pink, sparkling energy that reminds me of pink champagne, but she's stronger than she looks.

That's the point of faith, having something, someone to believe in.  Make your signature faith personal to you.  Giving your faith a distinct personality and style will be akin to carrying around a switchblade in your back pocket.

You'll be able to cut through anything!  You'll cut through the fear, worry, doubt, and ego-based thoughts and feelings with ease and grace.  This is because you'll always have the weapon of faith on you at all times.
A woman holding a mushroom fungus plucked from a fairy ring in the woodland gathering of simple delights

Tips on How to Build a Stronger Faith, Trust, and Knowing in the Universe

Once faith has developed into someone you can love and trust, you can begin to move mountains with magic, which is an important step in the creative process.  Faith doesn't have to be an elusive ghost that you can never quite capture or know in your life.

Let's talk about tips on how to build a stronger faith, trust, and knowing in the universe and what is the difference between them.  If you want to have more faith, you need something, someone to believe in, and for that you must go back and create your own personal brand of faith in the steps above.

It's kind of like Jesus.  Jesus is much easier to believe in than a faceless God with no personality.  When God sent his only begotten son Jesus, it gave the people something tangible to believe in!

Jesus, as part of the holy trinity, gave faith-filled followers someone they could count on that has a name, a look, personality, etc. that is God in a more down-to-earth way.  It's the same with faith.

Faith must become someone important to you that you can call upon at all times.  Think of faith as a friend that you can count on, which is where trust comes into play.

So, what is faith?  Faith is the act of believing in someone or something to make something happen.  Faith is looking at something that does not exist and believing it will soon exist in your life, whether it be a miracle healing or a million dollars.

So, what is trust?  Trust is the act of being able to count on someone or something.  It's very similar to an act of faith, but something slightly different.  Trust is usually something that people build up over time, based on things that have happened in the past to show that this person or thing could be counted on and trusted.  See the difference?

So, what is knowing?  Knowing is the state of being aware or informed.  In other words, they asked for something and they know, without a doubt, that it is coming.  It's like when you order a book from Amazon.  You don't go back and forth wondering if it will come or not.  You know for a fact it is coming because you ordered it.  That's it.  That's all you had to do.  There's no room for doubt in knowing.  It just is.

In my upcoming course in miracles, I'm going to really delve into how these three secret ingredients work together to crystallize our manifestations into reality.  You'll become an alchemist in the modern world!

I don't know about you, but I am sick of being a slave to my doubt, fear, and ego-based feelings!  We don't have to live like that any longer.  We can learn to simply put in our orders and walk away as if we ordered something from Amazon.

When you order something, you know it's coming.  It's on the way.  There's no room for the exploration of self-doubt or ego-based lies.  Whatever we want, as long as it comes from a place of purity, will come to us!

With my new e-course, I want to teach the art of having the midas touch!  You can become a true alchemist, turning everything you touch into gold, just by adjusting your belief system and keeping faith as your secret weapon.

This is an e-course that I've been wanting to create for years now, but before this, never really felt like I was in a good enough place to teach LOA.  While I'm nowhere close to being perfect, I have the faith of a fairy now, and the faerie folk manifest instantly!

The reason law of attraction is so difficult for so many people is because we can write all the affirmations and gratitude lists in the world, but if we don't have faith then it's going to give us a mixed bag of results. We need a tremendous force of faith to help us overcome obstacles and rise above our problems in life.

If we could look at our faith in the same way that we look at other things we accept in life without question, we can get back on the fairy-lighted pathway to freedom.  Start taking stock now of all the things in life that you accept without question and write them down.

Below, I'm sharing with you a few of my own.  Some of them are pretty big too.  It makes you think, how can you believe in one thing, but not have the faith to believe in yourself?

After all, as cheesy as it might sound, you are the creator of your own universe!  There's a reason that a higher power gave us the same miracle inducing powers that Jesus had.  He believes in us and the good we can do!

Things I believe in and accept without question:
  • God - I believe in a higher power that watches out for us and is ready to catch us when we fall.  This higher power knows what is best for us, even if we don't always know it ourselves.
  • Angels - I believe that God, the higher power that I speak of, created angels to help us on our path and guide us to our life's purpose.
  • Fairies - I believe that the nature spirits live and dwell all around us, even in our houseplants, gemstones, and our floral centerpiece on the dining room table.  They are here to save the planet, as well as to enlist humans to join in their cause.
  • True Love - I've been in love before, but I've never experienced true love.  Yet, I still believe true love exists, and I'm determined to experience it in this lifetime.
  • Gods and Goddesses - I believe that God (the higher power and source of all love) created divinities that branch off from him/her to help us as patrons on our life path.  
  • Ascended Masters - I believe that there were and are people that have achieved the state of enlightenment and that their bodies transcend heaven and earth because of it.  I also believe that all of can ascend to higher levels while being here on this earth, but most of us will never achieve this level while living in the earthly realm.  
  • Unicorns - I believe in unicorns.  There, I said it.  They can live in the in-between or the faerie realm, as well as the highest levels of heaven.  They are on a very high vibration and that is why they seem so unattainable.
  • Mermaids - I believe and accept the mermaids as real and true without question.  Mermaids are actually a type of fairy that live in the water, but have potent magical abilities that stem from their watery element.  
  • Dragons - I believe that dragons are real.  I know they are.  Dragons help us with radiance and reputation.  They are a strong force of good will in our lives and as more lightworkers rise, the more dragons will be making a comeback!
Yes, I believe all these things are true and I accept them at face value, without question.  Be sure to make your own list.  You will be dazzled and surprised by how much you already believe in and know that you couldn't believe in them without the power of your faith!

The point of this exercise is to build faith.  It's to show you that if you can believe in the unseen forces of good in the universe, then why can't you believe in the things you wish to manifest into your life?  
An edible mushrooms and foraging resource guide to tiny mushrooms

Law of Attraction Resources and Light Reading For Fairy Enthusiasts

Now, I want to hear from you.  You can either leave me a comment or write to me in my contact form on this page to tell me what you'd like to gain from my future e-course.

If I know what some of your problems are, I can tackle them in the class.  In the meantime, please enjoy some law of attraction resources for free, as well as some light reading for the fairy enthusiast in you!
  1. How to Speed Up Manifestations With the Fairies
  2. Yoga Holds the Key to Manifesting Your Wildest Desires
  3. Move Mountains With Magic With Goddess Parvati
  4. Healing With the Fairies: A Nature-Inspired Guide to Holistic Health
Remember that faith is your secret weapon for really changing your life!  You might want small things to manifest, but you want something big to change in your life too.  The only way to achieve that is with a tremendous force of fairy-like faith!  I look forward to seeing you in class soon :)

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