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Working With Archangel Michael for a Life Purpose in Natural Living

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This morning I woke up inspired to write a blog post on working with Archangel Michael for a life purpose in natural living!  This wasn't a planned post, but a morning motivation inspired by my morning routine of talking to angels.

I've been wanting to write a blog post on Archangel Michael for some time now, but wasn't really sure how he'd fit into my aesthetic.  I try to keep my blog aligned with natural living and the magical realism nature field guide with the faerie folk.

This morning, I started talking to Michael in my mind, like I always do, and realized for all intents and purposes, Archangel Michael doesn't just protect the humans of the earth, he protects the environment and every living creature within!

I'm not really sure why this completely went over my head before, but that's okay, I'm on board with it now.  Nature is most definitely part of Michael's domain!

Archangel Michael is probably the angel that I call upon the most, above all else.  While Archangel Ariel is my patron angel, and Archangel Raphael is helping me to look for love, Archangel Michael is the Archangel that always has my back!

What this means is that he is a no non-sense type of angel that is fast-acting!  You'll know he is with you right away and there will be no doubt about his blatant energy.  There is nothing subtle about the energy of Archangel Michael!

While the archangel is a multi-purpose angel that functions instantly at many things, he is also a wonderful angel friend to have.  In fact, I'd go so far to say that Michael is one of my best friend's in the whole wide world.

He's always blunt and honest with me, since he also acts as a truth angel, and is not one to beat around the bush.  Michael is also very protective with me in both a forceful and loving way, if that makes sense.  I can always feel him all around me in some way, shape, or form.

His main job in life is to heal, shield, and protect people, things, and animals.  I call on him daily, even if only quickly in my thoughts, to protect my loved ones, pets and plants, and our homes, cars, and belongings.  He quickly rises to the occasion!

As a protector, there are countless stories of Archangel Michael protecting people all around the world.  Before we get into the passion, meaning, and purpose that Michael lends to our lives, I'm going to share a couple of stories of my own.

Who knows, maybe it will help you to think back in your memory and be able to pinpoint a few times that Archangel Michael saved you or a loved one.  He comes through in numerous ways, every single time, without hesitation.  This has proved to make Michael a fiercely loyal protector!
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Archangel Michael is An Angel of Protection and Saving Lives

Archangel Michael has saved my life on more than one occasion, so it's only natural that I would have built a special relationship with him.  I want to tell you these two powerful stories because they were truly life changing!  They also speak highly of Archangel Michael's ability to protect people, even from themselves if necessary.

When I was twelve-years-old, I was sitting on a bench at the school bus stop not far from my home.  It was inside one of those baseball field fences, just inside the fence of the local elementary school.  I was waiting for my best friend Tabitha to arrive on a late bus, because she had an afternoon project that day at the middle school.

I was sitting there waiting and minding my own business, when out of nowhere a man in a white pickup truck stopped in the alleyway just outside the fence and asked me if I wanted a ride.  I politely said no and told him that I was just waiting for my friend.

The guy rushed around the school and came down the alleyway a second time and more forcefully asked me if I was sure I didn't need a ride.  Again, I politely said no and he aggressively drove away.  When I saw him go around the school a third time, going fast and furious, I could see he was going to come down the alley a third time, and I could sense I was in danger.

All of the sudden, I heard a voice loud and clear that told me to run!  I ran all the way home, crumpled on the floor, and started sobbing and telling my parents the story of the guy who tried to pick me up.  To this day, I know without a doubt that the voice that told me to run was the Archangel Michael.

I know that if I hadn't ran home, that the outcome would have been different.  My father ended up going back to the school and waiting for my friend, to take her safely back to our house.  We never seen or heard from the guy again.

That's just one story of how Archangel Michael uses his flaming sword to protect us when we're in danger.  We must always listen to that loud, bold voice of reason.  That voice belongs to Archangel Michael.

The second story of a time Archangel Michael saved my life was a year ago.  I spent all last summer suicidally depressed and the nail in the coffin, so to speak, was when in one day I lost my last and only purpose for living.

My daughter Chloe decided to move in with her father out of nowhere.  My other two daughters were not even speaking to me, because we had a falling out.  My mother was in Rhode Island with her boyfriend and I was alone in Florida with nothing.

Chloe, as sad as it is to say, was the thread that kept me hanging on.  I felt I had nothing left to live for and I was struggling to take care of her financially.  Even just talking about back then and how bad things were is a trigger for me, but I've come a long way since then.

That afternoon, after Chloe had left with her father, I decided that I was going to commit suicide.  I told Archangel Michael in that moment that if he was going to save my life, he had better do it now, because I was done with this life.

Maybe a half hour later, the police showed up at my door, and I agreed to be Baker Acted by my own freewill and volition.  It turns out, my oldest daughter, whom I wasn't even speaking to at the time, called the police to do a Baker Act.

I ended up staying in a mental healthy facility for four days.  When I think back on it, I believe that Archangel Michael enacted my daughter to make the call to save my life, even though we weren't on good speaking terms.  This was painful to talk about, but I know for a fact that Archangel Michael intervened to save my life that day!

So, when I say Archangel Michael has your back, I mean it!  Michael is always hanging around, waiting to intervene.  Even though he's at such a high-frequency, Michael stays close to the earth realm to do good work for the service of God, animals, and all mankind.

What's interesting about Michael is that even though he isn't what I would consider to be an earth angel like Archangel Raphael, he's still down-to-earth and easily accessible to everyone.  If you need his help, call on him today!

You don't have to do anything fancy or say a special prayer, just call out his name three times and he'll come.  You can even just think of him and he'll be by your side in an instant.  He is truly amazing!
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Working With Archangel Michael for a Life Purpose in Natural Living

Beyond being your best friend and protector, the Archangel Michael is known for helping people to find their life purpose and career path.  He especially likes to work with people to find their divine life purpose in natural living!

If you aren't on a career path that has to do with natural living, please don't let that deter you from calling on Michael to give your life direction.  He helps all people in all sorts of careers, including police work, since he is the patron of police officers!

I'm just focusing on the natural living aspect because that came to me as new information this morning, downloaded to me by Archangel Michael.  It also pertains to my blog, which is filled with herbal remedies, healing foods, and nature-inspired hiking posts.

Much like Raphael likes to help people in careers in the healing arts, Michael loves to help people in careers that pertain to living a more natural life.  This actually makes a lot of sense to me, since Michael is an environmentalist at heart.

Lately, I've been seeing this blue light ray angel in the forest, always by a thick oak tree.  I don't know why, but I envision him by trees a lot.  I always see him holding his hands up to trees, with his wings spread wide, and light illuminating from his hands.

I didn't know until now that this vision meant something.  It meant that Michael wants us to help him protect the environment and to do our part.  He especially wants us to protect the trees and the woodland creatures that live within them.

It turns out, Michael is associated with trees, groves, and wooded areas, much like the Archangel Raphael.  To me this makes perfect sense, since Michael and Raphael often work together religiously!

I believe that the archangels have taken an active interest in forested areas, because planet earth is in danger.  Think about it.  Trees are being burned down and used for palm oil.  Entire species of animals are being driven from their homes.

It's no surprise to me that Archangel Michael is now in on the action.  Michael is under direct orders from God to work with the trees, tree dwelling animals, and tree elves and tree gnomes to save the rain forests and wildlife nature preserves everywhere.

That's why if your life purpose involves a career in environmentalism, Archangel Michael might reach out to you and help you get your career off the ground, much in the same way he did for me.  He's working to bring environmental awareness to the people of this planet and he'll use various forms of media to make it happen.

Believe it or not, Michael is techno-savvy.  If you have an online business in e-commerce or content creation, then Michael can help you get the recognition you deserve, and to have your voice heard.

Michael is very good about being vocal and upfront with whoever he works with.  He actually invokes the purple light ray, even though it often comes through as blue sparkling lights to people.  It's so purple that it's blue, if that makes sense.

I have only ever seen Michael in a blue cobalt color of healing light.  This has lead me to believe that he is an angel that engages in two colors of healing light, both blue and purple.

Some say his energy is from the purple light ray and it just appears to be blue.  I think Michael is powerful enough to carry both.  He is so powerful, in fact, that he works with Jesus on a regular basis and stands next to the throne of God.

I'm going to go out even further on a limb and tell you that I believe Michael is on a white light color ray, which is the same color that Christ consciousness is on.  It's the same color of white light ray that Jesus works with.

In fact, as I'm writing this, Michael is boldly telling me that he is an intermingling three-colored trifecta of light ray hues.  This is what makes the Archangel Michael the lord's most powerful angel of them all!

He is on the white light ray, which is the white hot light of Christ consciousness.  He is on the purple light ray, which means radical transformation and transmutation.  He is also on the blue light ray, which means Michael has accessibility to the earthy realm, which explains his accessible nature.

Wow!  These are some powerful revelations.  Michael is so loyal to God that he simultaneously stays at the right-hand side of his throne while also engaging with earth beings.

He is an archangel of the fire element after all.  He has an aggressive, bold, fiery energy that transcends time.  This is what makes him a tremendous force of natural energy healing!

Again, if you'd like to get to know Michael better or work with him, just give him a call.  He won't hesitate to be by your side as he works to lead you on the path to your life purpose.  After all, he helped me to find mine.

My life purpose is to teach people about the magic of nature and it's something I've been doing naturally since I was a child, along with my writing style as my companion.  Michael can help you see the forest for the trees!
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