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Working With Archangel Raphael to Find True Love and Your Twinflame

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I wrote the other day on how much I want love and I want to meet the man I'm going to marry in this post on a fall seasonal shift in my life.  Today, I just wanted to touch on the concept of love a little more by working with Archangel Raphael to find true love and your twinflame!

Archangel Raphael can heal all parts and aspects of your life.  He can heal your mind, body, soul, and your heart.  Raphael is also the guy that can help make two people who are looking for love into a vibrational match for one another!

For more on how to work with Archangel Raphael and his green energy healing ball of light, please check out this article.  Raphael is a gentle healer with the gentle, loving energy that's akin to a pet aloe vera plant.

If Raphael were a crystal, I'd say his healing energy most likely matches that of a rose quartz crystal.  Rose quartz gemstones heal gently and lovingly overnight.

Up until now, I haven't really talked a lot about the concept of love and romance on this blog, but since this is a part of my life that I'm really trying to heal and focus on, I thought I'd start being more open about it.

Before this, I knew I wanted love but honestly didn't feel good enough or worthy enough to think that I deserved it.  I kept thinking I'd wait until my life was perfect before I'd open up my heart again, but the thing is, life is never going to be perfect and I'm always going to be a flawed person.

In the meantime, I'm always working on improving my relationship with myself.  I know that I have a poor self-image that I've kind of carried around with me from relationship to relationship.  So, first and foremost, I'm building self-love in my heart.

If you too struggle with loving yourself, then I highly recommend calling on the Goddess Freya!  Check out how to build a self-love and self-care routine with goddess Freya.  Even though Freya is known for helping people find love and embrace their sexuality, she is wonderful for building a fire of high self-esteem within yourself.

I've always been of the mind that it's important to love yourself first.  When you fall head-over-heels in love with yourself then that attracts the right kind of people to you.  Confidence is sexy!

So, what's changed?  Why love now?  Honestly, maybe it's all the yoga I'm doing, but I've come to a place of acceptance of myself.  I accept myself the way I am, wabi sabi style, flaws and all.

My inability to accept myself before was preventing me from trying in the first place.  Not only that, but I'm finally in a place in my life where I feel I have room for someone else.  Before this, I was raising my daughters all by myself.

I was a single mom and dating in the past led to my kids being really invested in who I was dating.  When the relationship didn't work out, my kids were wounded too.  I wasn't the only one who suffered a broken heart.

After that, I vowed to myself that I wasn't going to let anyone in until my kids were fully grown and out of the house.  It kept me from getting hurt again too, if I'm being honest.  But, alas, kids grow up, and now I'm left with an empty nest.

Now, I'm in a place in my life where I'm all alone here, and my kids are starting their own families and lives.  I have the space in my life to give someone my everything.  For me, every relationship I have in life, I like to be all in.

I'm an all or nothing kind of girl.  So, it's good that I've been working on my life, and I'm proud of myself for taking the time to get clear on what I wanted in a husband.  I'm ready now :)

Two tiny white mushrooms in love on a wooden log in FloridaWorking With Archangel Raphael to Find True Love and Your Twinflame

So, what can the Archangel Raphael help you with?  What can he do for your love life?  First of all, Raphael can both open your heart again to the concept of love and he can heal your broken heart.

Every single time you fall in love and your heart is broken, your heart closes back up.  It heals slowly over the time, but never completely mends.  Calling on Raphael will mend all your old wounds from previous relationships that shaped you, but didn't work out.

Raphael is able to fully heal all the scars left behind by old lovers and soulmates.  A soulmate relationship is different from a twin flame relationship, in that it is more about teaching you lessons.  Often, a soulmate will come along to teach you what you "don't" want in your next relationship.

A soulmate is often someone that you had an instant connection and crazy sex with, but the relationship was toxic as the day is long.  That's a soulmate relationship.

It's intense, crazy, and teaches you incredibly painful life lessons.  On the other hand, a twin flame is a connection made between two people that have something eternal between them.  An eternal flame, if you will.

You know how sometimes you hear people talk about how their wife or husband is their best friend that they can tell anything to?  That's a twin flame relationship.  It's a relationship that is built on loyalty and trust.

When you call on Archangel Raphael to help you with your love life, write him a letter.  You can learn about how to write a letter to the universe here.  In this letter, tell Raphael about all your fears when it comes to the matters of the heart.

Pour your heart out to him and then ask him to heal your heart and to open it to love again.  Raphael will reassure you that it is safe for you to love again.

You can also spend some time writing to Raphael about what you want in a wife or a husband.  If you're unclear of what kind of person you want, you can ask Raphael to help you with that too.  Raphael can help you create a heart chart to attract the love of your life.

After calling on Raphael, get out of your own way!  Sometimes, the person that you think you want or you envision in your mind, can differ from your expectations.  Just ask your romance angels to give you a sign that you have met the one.

For me, I've asked that I'll know that I've met my husband-to-be by how comfortable I am with him.  It takes me a lot to warm up to people.  If I'm able to have a heartfelt conversation with a guy and I'm that comfortable with him, that's a clear sign!

In addition to calling on Raphael, the angel of twin flames and soulmates, I also recommend stocking up on some rose quartz crystals and lepidolite gemstones.  Lepidolite will open your heart to love and romance and from differing expectations, while rose quartz brings more love and romance into your life.

It's also important to note that wearing lepidolite also has a tendency to put you at the right place, at the right time to meet the guy (or girl) of your dreams!  Not only will your heart be open to it, but you'll be put directly in the path of romance and love.

While you're out and about, be sure to wear a rose quartz crystal and a lepidolite crystal in your bra.  This puts the gemstone closer to your heart for heart opening and the gentle healing of all heartache.

Most of all, just keep listening to the guidance of Raphael when it comes to falling in love.  If you let him, he'll steer you where you need to go in romantic relationships.  Be open to anything and let love come into your life, even when you least expect it.

Archangel Raphael will work on you daily to make you a vibrational match for your twin flame.  He will also keep the eternal flame burning in your marriage and love life, long after the honeymoon period has ended.

Remember to love with all your heart.  The more you love yourself, your family, and your friends, the more true love you invite into your life!
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