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Wearable Nature: How I Wear Whimsical Style in the Woodland

It took me years to develop a fashion style that I am truly happy with and that really captures the mood and essence of who I am as a person.  I'm a nature girl at heart.  This is a wearable nature feature on how I wear a whimsical style in the woodland!

First of all, if you are new to this bl…

Moon Angels: How to Live a Magical Life With Archangel Haniel

I want to get into working with moon angels and how to live a magical life with Archangel Haniel!  Archangel Haniel brings hope, joy, and the magic of living back into your life with ease and grace.

This morning, I had a bit of a breakthrough.  I was writing my letters to the universe like I alway…

Whimsical Wanderings: Where I Snap Photographs of Mother Nature

Today, I thought it would be fun to share with you my whimsical wanderings where I snap photographs of mother nature!  You might be surprised to find that for the most part, I practice nature photography, flat lay designs, and food photography in just a few select places.

Since I'm all about p…

What Life is Like in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide for the Nature Spirits

Today, I want to talk about what life is like in the fairy realm: a field guide for the nature spirits!  It's no secret that as a faerie shaman, I can see the world beyond.  Sometimes, it's heaven that I see while other times when I'm in the hygge style heart of nature, it's the fa…

Working With Archangel Chamuel to Open the Heart Chakra With Romance Angels

Lately, I've been working with Archangel Chamuel to open my heart chakra with romance angels.  This angel of love and romance lives on the pink light ray, which gives him direct authority over all matters of the heart.

Archangel Chamuel and the romance angels can help you with your love life o…

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