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Moon Angels: How to Live a Magical Life With Archangel Haniel

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I want to get into working with moon angels and how to live a magical life with Archangel Haniel!  Archangel Haniel brings hope, joy, and the magic of living back into your life with ease and grace.

This morning, I had a bit of a breakthrough.  I was writing my letters to the universe like I always do when the Archangel Haniel came through, loud and clear.  I was told there would be a second part to my story of depression.

This part of my story would include how to live in the magic of life.  How to find joy again.  How to ignite a spark for living.

All of this makes perfect sense in the context of this particular angel's abilities.  Archangel Haniel is the angel of joy.  When Haniel is around, be prepared to for the dark cloud of depression to leave and for happiness to take its place.

Originally, I was going to write about the Archangel Gabriel, the angel of communications and the bearer of good news.  I knew right away, I was to put that article on hold temporarily in order to speak about the joys of life.

I'm not talking just fleeting joy that doesn't last.  I'm speaking of deep-down happiness that is fostered in the magical living space of your heart.  It lives and dwells there, ready to break the surface, if you just let her in.

Before we get into how to start living your most magical life yet (I'm looking at you, depressed people!), let's talk about who Haniel is and what this moon angel has to offer.  After all, Haniel inspired me to write this post, so it's the least I can do!

Haniel is a feminine, moon angel.  You can call on her for all the major moon phases in life, as astrology deeply impacts our psyche, whether we give it credence or not.  She is a soft, gentle, elegant angel who is wrapped in the palest, softest blue sheen you ever could imagine.

I feel a need to mention this, for those who don't know.  Angels are genderless.  They do however take on either masculine or feminine energies and traits.

Some angels, like Archangel Gabriel for example, can come through with a yin and yang of both masculine and feminine energy.  Other angels, like Archangel Michael and Haniel, come through as a strongly masculine or feminine identification.  It really depends on the angel.

For more on Archangel Michael, massive protector of all mankind read, Working With Archangel Michael for a Life Purpose in Natural Living.  His truly masculine nature will shine through!

With Archangel Haniel, she comes through in a soft blue haze of a dream.  She has a perfume, flowery scent that trails after her when she makes herself known and she tends to work within the different moon phases to reach her depths.

If you are interested in working with Archangel Haniel, write a letter to the universe with a baby blue pen.  Sit outside with her during a full moon, new moon, or in the transitional phases of the moon and speak from the heart.  A soft, gentle glowing moon of healing will wash all your troubles away.

She is an angel who primarily works with girls and women since many of the phases of our life coincide with the moon.  Things such as menses, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

If you are a male, please don't let that stop you from working with this surreal, dream-like angel of the heavens.  She will work with anyone who seeks to find joy again in the simplicity of life.

So, how does the Archangel of joy help bring more magic back into our lives?  It starts with a shining beacon of hope.  Life is meaningless if you don't have hope.

If you have hope, then you have something to look forward to in your life.  She will give you hope by helping you to list what to expect.

You know all those secret wishes and desires that we bury deep inside because we don't believe that we can actually have it?  Those are the expectations in life that we are supposed to be living.  They are magical signposts that are leading us in a direction to follow our bliss.

What Haniel does is to uncover them.  She reveals the secret desires of your heart and brings them to the surface, like a plant breaking soil.  She reaches right into the ground and pulls those secret talents, wishes, and heart's desires right out.

Then, she holds them in her hand and shows them to you.  She puts them on display for all the world to see.  She does this to instill hope in you of your future yet to come.

I know what you're thinking:  I'm depressed.  I don't care about my future.  What about right now?

This sparkling blue angel dripping in ethereal beauty doesn't present your future to you as a faraway place in time.  A distant dream.  Something out of reach, like reaching for the stars.

No, Haniel presents what you can expect in the nearby future so that it can happen now, in real-time.  Remember, time works differently for our heavenly counterparts.  There's no such thing as time.  In other words, all we have is right now, in this present moment.

So, if you are feeling hopeless like you have nothing left to look forward to or expect in life, turn to Archangel Haniel for comfort and she will be there in a heartbeat, moonstone in hand.  The future is now.
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Moon Angels: How to Live a Magical Life With Archangel Haniel

If you wish to make instant contact with the angel Haniel, I recommend keeping moonstones in your bra or on your person for several days in a row or during the moon phases.  She is highly connected to this healing crystal of the universe.

For more on wearing crystals in your bra please read, 7-Reasons to Wear Crystals in Your Bra + Healing Crystals.  A crystal in the bra keeps the doctor away is my motto!

Moonstones connect you with your soft, feminine side even if you are a strong male personality.  A healing moonstone gemstone also makes it possible to drink the essence of the moon.  You can do this by adding moonstones to your water filtration pitcher or fruit-infuser water bottle.

Leave the moonstone in the water overnight and to add brownie points to your water detox recipe by letting the water sit under the umbrella light of the full moon.  Drink up!

This will create a moonstone water detox that will connect you with the watery realms of the moon's energy.  You will feel refreshed, alert, and fully ready to connect with moon angels like Haniel, as well as moon goddesses and moon fairies.

Another way to connect with Haniel is to plant a moon garden.  There are certain flowers that are in tune with the intuition of the night.  They grow by the light of the moon, thus creating a magical, glowing loom of light that connects you with Haniel.

You can also go on a nighttime hike.  This is something I've always wanted to try myself.  Hiking by moonlight, especially under the full moon, can bring instant manifestation to the forgotten dreams and desires in life you thought you left so cleverly behind.

If you take moonlight photographs, don't be surprised when you see angel orbs of light.  One of the ways that I started to visibly see and feel Archangel Haniel emerging in my life again was through sun filtered light.

Even though it was daylight, my pictures were naturally infused with a smoky haze of light trailing behind it.  In one of my most recent pics, I almost looked like an angel myself!

So, be sure to take pictures in light.  Especially, in the moonlight to connect with Archangel Haniel, as this sweet angel governs the moon.

Use full moon rituals and new moon rituals to ignite a spark between you and Haniel.  You can read some of my moon rituals in this moon infused post.  Live by the light of the moon!
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A Moon Ritual For Writing Out Your Expectations As Hope For the Future

As someone who has recently gone through one of the many stages of the worst depressions of my life, I am going to share with you my secret expectations for the future.  This morning, when writing my letter to Haniel, this is what I came up with.

Why should we write down our expectations?  Why should we think that we should get what we want?  Our expectations give us hope for the future and our future is now, in the merging present moment.

Our expectations are signposts to let us know that we're moving in the right direction.  The golden signs indicate to us that we are on the right path in life.

We can trust our expectations because they feel good to us.  I use how things feel as a strong indicator to let me know if I'm moving in the direction of magic or not.  If something feels bad to me, it means that I'm not on the right path or I have swerved a little bit.

When we swerve and miss our exit, we just get back on the onramp of life.  Archangel Haniel works through us in subtle ways, through the voice of intuition.  If you are an empath or have psychic abilities of any kind, you're going to love this angel!

If you are depressed and seeking comfort, Haniel is your girl!  She's sweet, gentle, and kind.  She stands still like a still life photograph in the corner of our mind bathed in silvery moonlight.

If you are tired of being unhappy and miserable in life, Haniel is the perfect angel to call on!  She is the angel of joy yet she is also an angel who understands the thread of a magical life yet to be lived.

All of the phases of the moon are up for grabs with Haniel.  If the moon is in some kind of in-between phases like at golden hour or fall equinox,  utilize your moon energy from within to learn how to harness a magical realism kind of life!

To start the moon ritual, you are simply going to grab a sheet of paper and a colorful pen to write down your expectations for the future, as seen fit with Archangel Haniel at the helm.  Make sure you are solidly connected to the energy of the moon angel first before proceeding.

How do you know you've connected with this fair-haired spiritual helper?  You'll feel an instant burst of joy in your heart.  It will feel subtle at first, like a heartbeat or a jolt, then it will grow and flower.

You'll also feel a soft, gentle presence all around you as if you are wrapped in a blanket of stars.  Some people will smell a heaven-sent perfume, like gardenias and other vining, nighttime moonflowers.

The energy will feel subtle yet powerful.  That is the work of a moon angel in flight.  Her goal is to bring hope into your life again by creating expectations that give you something to look forward to.

Remember the excitement you had the night before Christmas as a little kid?  You'd think all night about opening your presents and pouring out your stocking, to the point where you were positively riddled in excitement.  That's the kind of joy that Haniel can help you retain.

I am going to write out all my expectations for the nearby future and merging present moment.  I am going to share them with you to help spark your moon ritual and bring it to life.  You're welcome to use my expectations as your own but, I strongly urge you to dig deep beneath the surface, where Haniel lives, and find your own hopeful expectations.

If you are going through something big, like a life transition or a dark depression, Haniel may just be part of the cure for you.  I'm certainly hoping that is the case for me!

My Expectations For the Future or Merging Present Moment:
  1. Thank you for the yellow house on San Mateo Drive with a teal trim.  I remember the first time I noticed it on the way to my favorite park, Hammock Park in Dunedin, I knew that it was mine.  
  2. Thank you for my new "Hiking Pretty" fashion feature on my blog!  It is something that I've wanted to bring to life for as long as I can remember and now it a reality. It is filled with partnered products like Wearable Planter, Tiera Sol Studio plants, and sponsored hiking and camping gear galore.   
  3. Thank you for my brand-new digital SLR camera!  I love taking snapshots with my current camera, so you can imagine the possibilities with an SLR style camera.
  4. Thank you for the new guy in my life!  He's exactly what I need to get through this next transition of my life.  He has helped me to see that there's hope for my love life.  
  5. Thank you for helping me to come out of my shell.  Thank you that there is an outpouring of love, adoration, and support for me that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.  
  6. Thank you for making me feel alive, well, and happy again.  When I see myself being happy, I see life being made simpler for me.  I see myself living in grace.
  7. Thank you for making it possible for me to make money doing what I love to do!  For me, that's writing, taking photographs, and being a spiritual teacher.  I'm not always good at life but I am always good at the spiritual aspects of it.
  8. Thank you that I am seen and heard and have come out of hiding.  I have received the recognition that I've so longed for and it feels as cozy and comfortable as a blanket on a crisp, fall day.  
  9. Thank you that I am speaking my truth!  For so long, I've had to hide myself, live in my shadow self.  I've had to skirt the issues to survive.  Now I have a voice and I speak my truth clearly.
  10. Thank you for the multiple streams of income I enjoy on a daily basis.  They come through every day in all kinds of different ways.  Where the flow of money was blocked and interrupted before, it flows like a river now.
  11. Thank you that I know what it is to experience a magical life.  A magical life before was little clips that kept me going.  The magic I experience now is free-flowing, everchanging, deep-down happiness.  It is the real-life I always dreamed of and wanted.
These hopeful expectations that I worked on with Archangel Haniel are different from writing out morning affirmations and gratitude lists.  I know because I even glanced at my past work only to see a huge difference.  

When creating my morning gratitude lists, it's much more specific to what I want, wish for, and desire.  When I'm writing out positive affirmations, it seems to be more about the energy I want to feel and retain.  When writing out my expectations for the future, it felt like it had an even deeper life meaning.

You can tell I dug deep to find what I want to experience out of life, rather than what lies at the surface of the moon.  This makes perfect sense, as Archangel Haniel is known for digging up hidden talents and abilities.  

Haniel will work with the essence of you.  The ethereal magic and molecules that make up your spiritual blueprint.  She'll transform you into a perfume and bottle you up!

Her only instruction is to dab on your wrists and behind your earlobes as needed when the magic begins to fade.  In my case, my magic lies in how I want the world to see me as a magical person.

Why?  Because that's how I see myself and that's how I live my life.  It definitely leaves me open to the depths of depression, as a sensitive person, but it also helps me to understand what I'm aiming for.  

Dig deep with Archangel Haniel!  Let her scratch beneath the surface of your life to pull up roots.  What you find, what you discover, may just be a magical sight to behold.
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How to Live More Magic With Archangel Haniel + What Simple Magic Is

Let's talk about how to live more magic with Archangel Haniel and what simple magic is.  If you want to live more magic, you're going to have to seek happiness, which is really hard to do when you are suicidally depressed and forlorn.  Luckily, Archangel Haniel is here to rescue you!

Once you've called on Haniel, you'll begin to notice subtle little changes all at once.  You'll feel all tingly and warm like there's an undercurrent of magic happening to you just beneath the surface.  You feel that way because Haniel is working on you in mind, body, spirit, and heart!

Archangels are holistic health practitioners.  They never just heal one part of you because they know that all parts of you must be integrated and made whole in order to restore the balance.  

So, once you feel that tingling feeling, just be reassured that the magic of Haniel is working at your request!  Remember, unless it's an emergency, angels will not intervene with your free will unless you ask first.  

Archangel Haniel is one of the most magical angels I've encountered, fragranced by moon magic.  When she starts to activate your happiness, she doesn't just hit the surface parts of your life.  Like a deep-sea diver, she's going to go on explorations into underwater caves and hidden caverns.  

You will feel her light up all the dark, hidden corners of your life with ease and grace!  Not only that but she does so instantly.  You'll notice some type of magic working immediately, even if you are unsure of where it's leading you.  

If you want to live a more magical life, ask Haniel for help with it.  Start by writing down your positive expectations for the future.  Even the surface things will have a hidden meaning and truth.  

Think of it as excavating for a rare, shiny gemstone in an underground cavern.  Think of yourself as the archaeologist of your own life, as Haniel digs side by side with you.  

For example, in my expectation list, I spoke about a hidden desire to create a fashion feature called, Hiking Pretty.  It's something I've dreamed of and wanted to do for a long time.  I've even seen it as a magazine editorial on my site.

Why is this relevant?  Haniel is showing me that my dream isn't just to work with paid sponsorships, though that's certainly part of it. No, she's here to show me that what I really want is a long-term relationship with these companies.

I want to be in partnership with ethical companies that I love and care about and to reach that goal, this is the feature that I dream of.  Only I never fulfill that dream wish because I don't believe I can really have it.  But, Haniel wants me to toy with the possibility that I can have it!

Why?  Because it is a signpost to lead me down my life path.  I need to follow my list with careful consideration and care.

It's the same for you.  You have to work within the realm of possibilities of what you already have and want.  You already instinctively know what to do!  That's what Haniel presents to you in her own special way.  

What do you really want?  The angel Haniel will help bring the feeling of what you really want to the surface.  In my case, it's a working relationship and friendship.  For you, it might be the total freedom to go where you want, whenever you want.  

You'll find on your expectation list that many of your expectations blend well together, like the categories on a blog.  You'll see a pattern emerge and a theme reappears.  Write it down for clarity and a strong sense of purpose!

Think of it as the hidden gem to your future, which also happens to be your merging present moment.  By the way, I borrowed the term, "Merging Present Moment" from my niece, Canema Wilson.  She coined the phrase long ago during her tarot readings!

What is simple magic?  Simple magic is seeing the signposts for what they are, real life.  You are simply living in the magic of the moment.

It's the place where past, present, and future merge together to create life.  This is the place where you must try to remain still and sit with at all times.  

There are days where that's going to be more challenging than others.  The easiest way to sit with that magic is to feel the happiness of knowing that everything on that list is already yours.  It belongs to you.

That gives you something to hope for.  It gives you something to feel happy about, knowing that you have something exciting to look forward to.  

You don't have to look back.  You don't have to move forward.  You sit with the happiness of knowing the true life of who you are with Archangel Haniel and her joy luck club of angels.  

Keep that list with you.  Bring it with you wherever you go.  Tuck it inside the secret, hidden places of your bra if you have to.  The list you made is the magic of life!
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