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Wearable Nature: How I Wear Whimsical Style in the Woodland

A woman in a crisscross grid patterned blouse on the hiking trail holding a small bouquet of wildflowers
It took me years to develop a fashion style that I am truly happy with and that really captures the mood and essence of who I am as a person.  I'm a nature girl at heart.  This is a wearable nature feature on how I wear a whimsical style in the woodland!

First of all, if you are new to this blog and you don't know me from Adam, it's important that you know I'm about as natural as one can get.  I have a quiet style.  I wear natural makeup, go sans jewelry often, and wear clothes that make me feel wild and free. 

You can read more about how I use natural materials to create fashion accessories to gain more clarity.  I think it's important to practice sustainable living by wearing slow fashions and utilizing the earth's natural resources in order to create less waste.

Although I am far from being perfect on the eco-friendly fashion front, I think I do a pretty good job.  Sometimes, I think I even go a little overboard, by wearing things so long they begin to have holes in them because I don't want to throw them away. 

When I think of fashion, I think of comfort and functionality.  I spend large chunks of my day somewhere in mother nature.  I like to be able to transition from a quiet nature walk to being able to run to the store quickly and effortlessly.

Therefore, it's not uncommon for me to throw on some tights and a comfortable blouse and head to the park, then take those same items and turn them into a new outfit for working at the desk or shopping on the town.  When I say shopping in the town, I really mean heading to the grocery store, which is one of my favorite places in the world to shop.  I know, weird, right?

So, for me, wearing clothing that is functional is important.  I like looks that can go from a hiking adventure in the woods to working from home at a moment's notice. 

This means I go from a yoga session in the morning to yoga pants on the trail.  It means taking self-portraits in linen dresses with earth tones in the morning to coming home and wearing it as I write at the counter in my small apartment in my tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida.

See, what I mean?  There's lots of conversion going on because hiking photography is also part of my job.  I've always believed we should look the part for the job we have. 

In my case, my blog is me.  I'm the face of my brand and that means I'm really trying to let my natural light shine through. 

When I'm in the woodland what do I wear?  When I head to the forest for an outdoor photoshoot, those are the times that I dress up.  I wear a lot of dresses in general, and I always have, because I feel most comfortable in my skin when wearing a dress.

I tend to go for long, flowing dresses or a feminine, romantic style lookbook of slow fashions.  I also don't spend a ton of money on dresses, unless I'm carefully curating a wardrobe that I want to invest in. 

That's a sustainable fashion commitment I've made with myself.  I want to buy key pieces that might cost more but last forever and a day.  You can read about my thoughtful approach to building a wardrobe with slow fashion to carefully curate your own pieces.

Sometimes, that means not purchasing new clothing at all.  It means hand-me-downs, heading to the thrift store, or purchasing a vintage article of clothing.  It's really all about slowing down and being absolute in your wardrobe pieces. 

If you'd like to read more about how to add elements of magic to your green nature witch capsule wardrobe, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to add a little magic to your life!  By magic, I mean wearing crystals in your bra, carrying a tiny magic spell in your pocket, or blessing your flower hair clip with the energy of the flower fairies. 

If you like to wear flowers in your hair like I do, you might like to learn about how to work with the flower fairies.  Remember that all flowers and botanicals come with a built-in nature spirit!

Where do I get the flowers for my hair?  Honestly, most of the time, I pick them while on the hiking trail in mother nature.  I live in Florida, the Sunshine State, so there's always meadows filled with wildflowers in bloom at all times.

I also have this thing with flower crowns but I've yet to create a natural flower crown from recycled materials in the forest.  That's definitely a future goal I'd like to fulfill.  Sometimes, I think it would be cool to create flower crowns, flower barrettes, and other woodland fashion accessories then sell them. 

However, I'm not sure that's something I'd be good at or not, on a professional level.  That would be quite a commitment and the shipping would be astronomical.  I did use to sell vintage clothing and accessories once upon a time.  Mostly, vintage purses that were vegan, eco-friendly, and never leather. 

In the meantime, I'm going to keep incorporating natural materials into everything I wear.  Whimsical style tends to like flower patterns with pops of colors or to blend into the woodland like an elf in a tree.  There's lots of kinfolk style colors and earthiness. 

It's mix and match with patterns and colors and when you add the woodland element to it, it becomes more of a picture of a wild child who happens to be in love with books like Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden.  All of which is totally me. 
A woman holding flowers against her zigzag pattern blouse in the heart of nature

Wearable Nature: How I Wear Whimsical Style in the Woodland

Since I practice slow living and live a quiet lifestyle, my style seems to follow suit.  I like colors that could be commonly found in nature such as, blues, greens, taupe, yellow, and browns.  I guess you could say I like to blend into the wilderness.

But, I also like to pop with flower patterns and sometimes one bold color.  Like when I want to feel more powerful and confident, you might find me wearing my red skinny pants or a little red riding hood style jacket.  I'm also all about vintage Caro Nan picnic purses, as they make me feel nostalgic for a simpler place in time.

Do I always dress up when I go to the park, pier, or beach?  Honestly, no.  I do if I have a specific photoshoot in mind but I wouldn't say it's the norm. 

What is always normal for me is dressing up and dressing down.  Converting one cute outfit into many different things for the phases of the day. 

I wear flowers in my hair often, at least once a week, usually more.  If I don't feel like styling them, I'll stuff them into my hair bun or ponytail or I'll tuck a flower behind my ears.  It just kind of happens naturally.

I always wear crystals and secret notes in my bra on a daily basis.  That's one of the first things I think about in the morning.  What crystal serves me best for the day? 

Then, I let my intuition guide me to where I want to go.  In addition to wearing a gemstone in the bra, I also carry my worn and tattered backpack.  It's nothing special but it's where I keep everything for my hiking adventures, you know.

It's where I tuck away all my secret finds and treasures from the park.  I find painted rocks, scented erasers, and stuffed animals at the park.  Then, I check the book bin and usually find even more cool stuff.

I find high-quality, like-new children's books for my granddaughters, novels for me, calendars, more stuffed animals, bookmarks, and magazines galore.  Today, I found a photograph of blue skies with dark clouds that I'm going to keep and reuse for a future photoshoot.

I just love finding free stuff!  I think I get that from my father who is in his seventies and still goes out jeeping and looking for treasures with his metal detector.

Back to my point, I love to blend organically but still stand out simultaneously.  Does that make sense?  I like to pop like a colorful wildflower while still wearing a clay-colored dress that might look like the mountains of Sedona, Arizona. 

Overall, I like that now that I'm older, I've learned to understand my style more.  I've always had a unique style or so I've been told.  The important thing about that isn't trying to be different.  It's about being authentic and comfortable in your own skin!
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