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What Life is Like in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide for the Nature Spirits

A fairy girl up in the trees in the forest of Hammock Park Butterfly Garden in Dunedin, Florida
Today, I want to talk about what life is like in the fairy realm: a field guide for the nature spirits!  It's no secret that as a faerie shaman, I can see the world beyond.  Sometimes, it's heaven that I see while other times when I'm in the hygge style heart of nature, it's the fairy kingdom.

People ask me all the time, what do I really see?  That's a fair question.  Honestly, if I wasn't me I'd be skeptical too.

When I'm out in mother nature, whether it be a park or a beach, I can see all the way through to the other side.  It's probably not in the way you would think though. 

Since I am an empath first and foremost, I see with my heart.  This means that I can literally feel the presence of the fairies long before I ever see them. 

So, for me, it starts with a feeling.  Once I get past the feeling of presence, then I usually will receive a download of information.  It's almost as if all my senses are working on overload, including senses I never knew I had before I realized that I was clairvoyant. 

I begin to see images come to life.  Sometimes, those images are just pictures that flash very quickly through my mind, almost like flashcards. 

Most of the time, I will receive one image over and over that doesn't move.  That image is of an angel, a fairy, a goddess, Jesus, a unicorn, or whoever comes to mind. 

I'll see this being in the still frame of my mind, standing in one place, with a force of energy behind him or her.  For example, the first time I saw the Great Goddess Pallas Athena, she was completely standing still in a war posture in the full battle regalia.  The only thing moving on her was her hair blowing in the wind. 

Each spirit helper I work with opens up a new level of understanding, so I'm always open to meeting new spirits.  In fact, every now and then, a new spirit helper will surprise me by inviting me to work with him or her. 

That's exactly how it is when I see the fairy realm.  The best way I can explain it is that I'll be walking down a path in an emerald green forest when I'll sense the gnomes that dwell in the trees, the flying fairies, and the bigger nature spirits like Pan. 

For more on the gnomes, you might like to read this post.  They are the true protectors of the forest and the trees!

First I sense them, then it's as if the whole forest comes to life.  I can see them in my mind's eye as clear as you and me.  There's literally an energy shift when I'm walking on a trail that's a portal to the elemental kingdom. 

Someone once asked me if I could see and talk to the faerie folk when I'm in the woodland-themed corners of my home.  Absolutely!  All houseplants, gemstones, and even flower displays come with a built-in nature spirit.  Not only that, but there's a special group of fey called the house brownies that linger in households.

So, the answer is yes.  I always have access to them at all times if I feel like communicating with them that day.  I am "on" all the time. 

That's what it's like to be tuned in to the frequency of the faerie realm.  It doesn't shut off.  You just learn to manage the volume control. 

Which nature spirits talk to me the most?  Honestly, the fairy queens come to me the most.  You can read all about them here.

Fairy queens are like the archangels of the nature kingdom.  They are environmental activists and are drawn to people who care about the planet.  I just happen to be one of those people and a shaman healer so it works two-fold.

In addition to the fairy queens who come into my line of sight, I also get a lot of interaction with Pan.  Pan is an ancient Greek deity that lives and dwells in nature with a penchant for music, creativity, and fertility.

Pan is unique in that he looks part animal from the waist down and part human from the waist up.  When I see him, he has brown, earthy energy that reminds me of the bark of trees and soil.  He is here to sprinkle new life into your projects and to make the ground fertile when growing something new, whether it be starting a new business, writing a song, or planting a crop. 

Pan typically shy away from humans, that's why it's cool when he comes to me to foster new ideas.  He has helped me to make sense of things that were ambiguous and that I was about to give up on.  He's also helpful in encouraging you to keep going as a singer-songwriter or artist.

When I'm on a fern trail hiking adventure, that is where I see the gnomes, tree elves, and flying nature spirits up close and personal.  Fern trail is like a secret trail with less hiking traffic, therefore it grows tumbling, wild, and free.  This gives the fairies free rein over their public domain. 

What about the beach, waterfall chasing, or leafing?  When I'm in water-based places I spend time communicating with the water spirits.  It's really fun and simple to connect with mermaids and sea sprites when you're in their natural habitat so give it a go!

Mermaids and sea sprites are like the angel spirits of the water realm.  They govern bodies of water and marine life while protecting the world's oceans, rivers, and tributaries.  Working with them will help you foster an appreciation for whales, which communicate closely with the fairies of the sea.

As a matter of fact, my spirit animal is a blue whale named, Sirius, whom I've been connecting with since I was a little girl who at one time wanted to be a marine biologist.  Sirius puts out my Aries flames and smoothes the troubled waters in my life.  He's like a constant star that guides me.

If you want to learn how to start working with the magic of nature, head outdoors!  Go camping under the stars, climb a mountain, take a walk on the beach, whatever you got to do to align with the spirit of nature. 

The more at home you feel in nature, the more at home nature will feel with you.  If you're respectful of the forest habitats and clean up after yourself, even better!  This gives the fey a reason to trust you and their trust is not easily earned.

By spending time in the essence of the earth realm, you're really opening up to the faerie realm, which is a magical world of in-between that everyone should get to see at least once in this lifetime.  So, let's talk about what the magical faery realm is like and when the best time to encounter a fairy is!
A magical porcelain fairy girl figurine perched in a tall oak tree in the wilds of Florida

What Life is Like in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide for the Nature Spirits

The best time to see a fairy of any type is the in-between times.  Those times include all the middle points throughout the day.  You can best see a fairy at sunrise, sunset, noon, and midnight.

In order to sightsee a fairy, you can often find them transitioning between the seasons and holidays.  They are highly prevalent to be found during the phases of the moon cycle and they transition between the walking seasons.  Daylight savings is another great time to make friends with an enchanted one.

Before we get into how you can meet a fairy elemental, let's take a look at what the fairy real is really like.  The realm of the fey is just a hop, skip, and a jump from our earthly realm.  We're practically sitting on it at any given time.

The elementals can go in and out of the faerie realm using portals.  Some of those portals are the in-between times that I previously mentioned.  I can't tell you how many times I was practicing magic hour photography when a group of fairies showed up to play. 

They are truly whimsical creatures!  So, if you really want to catch a fairy, I recommend taking some outdoor photography lessons during the golden hour to grab their attention.  They will love it!

I highly recommend setting out a bowl of trinkets, treasures, and treats as a faerie offering.  Fairies like bells, prisms, honey, champagne, and baked goods.  When in doubt, you can always create a natural offering for them with acorns, sticks, and twigs, and golden berries.  They adore that sorta thing!

You can also attract them with like attracts like via the law of attraction!  Put out fairy statuary and figurines, fairy lights, and polaroids of tiny fairy trinkets and they'll practically feed out of your hand!

Now that you know how to capture the attention of the nature spirits, start snapping pictures!  You can check out the fun of forest photography to get started if you like.  It's fun!

This will not only attract the wee ones to you but it will create a gateway to the faerie realm, which is where you want to be.  The realm of the fey looks like a more magical version of earth that's literally right at your fingertips. 

You can tell you're in the faerie realm by how timeless you feel.  One of the symptoms of accidentally walking into the fairy world, which I have before, is a feeling of lost time.  You feel like almost no time has gone by only to look at your watch and realize you've lost hours. 

Another symptom of the elemental world is that everything feels and looks like it has come to life where it looked like any other hiking trail before.  The sights and sounds are illuminated.  You'll see trailing energy balls of light encompassing the woodland creatures.

By woodland creatures, in this case, I mean the faerie queens and nature spirits.  They each trail and leave behind a different color of energy healing light.  This is why fairy lights are called what they are. 

There will be no difference between night and day because you are sitting smack dab in the in-between, which is infused with dark light and magical pastel colors.  The colors of the forest are darker, richer, and more ambient while skies remain bluer and backlit with a pastel-colored magic hour.

There are more secret, hidden places in the in-between world of the fairies.  You'll look at an old oak tree, only to see eyes peering at you, then a hat, then a body emerge from the hollow of a tree.  Plants have faces and flowers fly into the flower fairy essence that they hold.

You can read more on how to work with the flower fairies and the butterfly fairies in order to start making a connection with the magic of nature.  They are perhaps some of the easiest fairies to engage with!

In the faerie realm, you'll see mythical creatures that you never saw on earth.  There are waterfalls with magical unicorns.  There are dragons hiding in lairs working their charms with the fire fairies, who live in campfires.  There are creatures believed to once have existed on earth all making a home in the safety of the land of fey. 

One important tarot card character that comes to life is the hermit.  I have seen and worked with him many times.  He lives in a large oak tree and his lantern is lit up by fairy lights inside. 

I used to think at one time he was a figment of my imagination or something someone dreamed up.  Like the fiery energy of the Queen of Wands, the hermit is as real as you and me, living amongst the fairies.

When I die and begin a new life in heaven, I plan on spending a lot of time in the fairy kingdom.  I feel comfortable there.  The lighting is darker and more illuminated than the pastel colors of heaven, while still giving me that secret plot of earth that remains close to humanity.

I feel like I could do a lot of good there since I've already made my afterlife goal to become a spirit guide for someone in need.  Naturally, I wouldn't at all be surprised if I don't end up mentoring someone who has a higher calling in nature like I do.  We'll see someday :)

In the meantime, I'm going to keep visiting the faerie realm in my dreams, during meditation, and while walking the forest floor in search of wildflowers to press in books.  Thanks for reading! xo
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