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A Waste-Free Alternative to Toilet Paper (Budget-Friendly)

Colorful washcloths in a Florida boardwalk in the trees zero-waste and eco-friendly
Today, I want to offer a waste-free alternative to toilet paper that is budget-friendly!  As I mentioned in this post on sustainable gift-giving, I really want to work towards the common good of environmentalism with more posts geared towards plant-based living, waste-free alternatives, and ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  It's something that I'm very passionate about and therefore want to keep drawing attention to caring about the planet. 

So, here we go!  As someone who likes to create a more minimalistic life, one of the ways I do that is by using less toilet paper.  I find that these methods are cleaner than toilet paper too.

One of the ways to think about a zero-waste approach to toilet paper is to consider buying a stack of washcloths that are specifically used for wiping yourself.  Just to be clear, I wouldn't use washcloths for anything other than wiping yourself after pee.  Even then, that's not exactly what it'll be used for. 

Whenever you go pee, you're going to have a cup ready and you're going to pour water over your privates to rinse.  Then, you grab a washcloth to gently pat dry.  That's how easy it is!

A lot of times people don't want to talk about bathroom subjects and I get it, it's uncomfortable.  However, an eco-friendly bathroom is one of the easiest methods to use to start gearing yourself towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

What I like about using the washcloths is that you can use both sides then throw it in the hamper for washing.  Simple!  It also decreases the likelihood of getting a yeast infection because you're rinsing then patting yourself dry.  I would say this is probably a preferable method for the females in your life!

Don't wet the washcloth and use it for toilet paper.  Here's why:  It can cause yeast infections and other vaginal infections.  That's no Bueno!

But, what about if you have guests over?  That's okay.  Depending on your lifestyle, you can use toilet tissue that's been created from recycled materials.  Lots of stores have that now.

What about number two?  Honestly,  I would not use this method for that.  In this case, switch to recycled toilet paper. 

I also like that using washcloths as toilet paper is not only better for the environment but it's budget-friendly too!  I mean, who doesn't want to save a buck or two while still helping the planet?

For more on how to take baby steps to convert your bathroom habits to sustainable habits read, Baby Steps: Package-Free Bar of Soap for Waste-Free Living.  This will help you discover the little things you can do to help support the growth of mother earth. 

When you do wash your washcloths after they've built up, you can use an eco-friendly detergent without harsh chemicals.  You could even skip the washing machine and handwash them in the sink for a gentle wash cycle.  It's really up to you!

What I've learned is that finding alternatives to toilet paper, paper towels, and more really stack up to a lot of little ways that you can work towards being waste-free.  It's not so much about being perfect as it is knowing you are doing little things that make a difference.  Really, at the end of the day, what can be better than that? 

What about you?  What little things do you to help protect the planet and to live kindly?  Leave me a comment.  I'm always up for learning new methods on how to get involved in the environment. 

Whether it be saving more trees, not eating at restaurants that use palm oil (I'm looking at you, Burger King), I'm all about environmentally-friendly ways to be kinder to the people, animals, and plants of this earth.  This is our home and I want it to continue long after me, my children, or grandchildren live on this earth. 

My belief is that little things go along way!  Yes, one person can make a difference by reducing their carbon footprint little by little.  If every person thought this way, the world would be a better place.
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