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Cleansing and Spiritual Releasement: Saying Goodbye to the 2010s

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With the new moon in Capricorn + solar eclipse, I'm using the energy for cleansing and spiritual releasement by saying goodbye to the 2010s.  I am releasing old karma and small thoughts of myself so I can move forward with my life with ease and grace!

Guess what? You can do it too! Use the last new moon of the year and decade to release all that no longer serves you.

This is both a time of planting seeds and releasing the past.  You don't have to take baggage with you into the new era of your life.

Right now, you're probably feeling a swirling of energy all around you. The good news is that it's positive energy that creates grounding and balance.

For more on learning how to ground your energy, try 5-Tips for How to Ground Your Energy on a Nature Walk.You'll feel revitalized in no time!

With solar eclipse energy, there's a feeling that you can do anything and that anything is possible for you. This is because we're moving into a new era of enlightenment.

Think of it this way: The 2010s were like the medieval times or the dark ages while the 2020s will be a period of reason and enlightenment. Think the sun card in a tarot deck.

In fact, I highly encourage you to head to your tarot cards and pull the sun card now to impress the full meaning into your brain. If it were an angel tarot card deck, this card would be related to Archangel Uriel.

Look up what the Archangel Uriel is like to get a full impression on how the sun card enlightens you. In the meantime, let me give you the highlights on the angel equivalent of the sun.

Archangel Uriel is the angel that is the light of God. Or, at least that's what his name means.

Uriel was behind the period of enlightenment and feels it's time for another renaissance. For humanity, this means an era of truth, reason, and logic.

It also means we are entering a period of peace where everything feels like it's going to be okay somehow. Where the 2010s were about the awakening of the light workers united, the 2020s will be about utilizing the solar power of this energy.

We had to go through the dark period so we could appreciate walking into the light of reasoning and logic. Archangel Uriel will hold your hand and walk you into direct sunlight with ease and grace!

How to let go of the past: Simply write a letter to Archangel Uriel, known as a letter to the universe, then burn it over your sink or cauldron. Take the ashes and bury them in your garden or in the soil of a houseplant.

Now that your cleansing and spiritual releasement is complete, it's time to plant the seeds of intention with Archangel Uriel.  Write down all the intentions you have for the next year and decade of life.

What are some of the things you want to happen in the 2020s? Write them down and instead of burning them, you're going to keep them in your DIY fairy box so your hopes, dreams, and wishes come true!

I recommend writing a page on hopes, dreams, and wishes separately so that you can really look into your heart and see through to the other side. Ask in perfect faith, place in your magical spell box, and trust that it is done.

For an alternative method, you can release things to the new moon solar eclipse and plant seeds of the future on your blog. Remember, words and pictures hold power so your lifestyle blog can be a powerful conduit for the law of attraction!

Why it's important to take the time to do this now? With just a week of the decade and year left, as well as the new moon in Capricorn solar eclipse, this is magical time period for setting the tone for the future.

Be ready for the new era to be a time of wiping the slate clean and getting the fresh start you've always longed for. There will be no karmic baggage from past lives leftover. This is your time to walk across the threshold and into the light.

This will be time of wellbeing and happiness for the awakened souls of light workers everywhere! You are simply reclaiming your power.
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Cleansing and Spiritual Releasement: Saying Goodbye to the 2010s

What am I releasing before the new year and decade begins? I've been working with my angels and spirit helpers a lot to figure this out. This is what I came up with.

First of all, I'm letting go of the depression, the anxiety, and the suicidal thoughts and ideation that have taken over my life in the 2010s. This has been something that I've dealt with my entire life as someone with Borderline Personality Disorder but it has grown increasingly worse over each year of the past decade.

I want to leave the darkness behind. When God hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold!

I thought there was no hope for me. I thought I had no choice but to live this way, in so much pain.

In December, I learned that I can slough off my shadow work and walk into the sunlight. The spirit helpers have given me a hope and renewal that I never thought I could have again.

If you have mental health issues or have been through a particularly dark period of life, be ready to release into the loving arms of your Angel's to heal and dissolve for you. You don't have to live in darkness, beloved one.

I'm also releasing the poor self image of myself that formed by living in the dark ages. My self-esteem and self-worth was tarnished by the tremendous changes going on in my life and I won't be carrying that baggage into my future.

I am releasing small thoughts of myself. I had such limited beliefs and thinking for so long that they became my identity.

I am letting go and letting God. I am doing this by handing over the past for a massive miracle healing.  What I can't handle, the spirit source can handle for me.

For the 2020s, I've decided to grow up. Yes, I've been an adult technically for more than twenty years but my growth was stunted by the signs and symptoms of having BPD. I am ready to heal my inner child and become the stable adult I always knew I could be.

For the longest time I couldn't accept this new stage of life as an empty nester with all my kids grown and with families of their own. Now, I'm embracing this new era of life!

I love being a Grandma while still looking and feeling young. I love that even though I haven't met my husband yet, I finally have room for him. I love learning who I am beyond being a mother to three beautiful daughters!

In order to embrace this new life, I had to let go of the identity I had, that was completely wrapped up in motherhood. I'm finally realizing that the world is my oyster and I'm in the prime of my life!

For planting new seeds in the butterfly garden of my future, I'm walking in the sunlight of logic and reasoning. My own personal renaissance period if you will.

What do I want to happen in the year 2020? The very first thing happening to me is that I'm moving to a new location.  I want to be a homeowner in 2020!

You can read more about how to make your own house moving spell here. This will prove especially helpful if one of your new year's resolutions is to buy a home!

When I said I was letting go of small thoughts about myself I meant it.  I am ready to embrace my role as a smart, successful businesswoman who makes money doing what she loves to do.

For the longest time, thanks to my depression, I couldn't think straight or make sound decisions in my business. I had a lot of different ideas for making money blogging but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to implement them.

Now, I understand that it was due to being surrounded by dark thoughts. All of the sudden, especially in the last couple of weeks, I can see clearly ahead.

I even have a master plan in place for taking my business to the next level. You can read about my practical work magic to see the goods.

In 2020 and beyond, I will have luck, fortune, and success in my business. I've worked so hard for this and now it's time to reap the rewards!

Noteworthy News:

If you've been reading, you know I've been having trouble finding my footing with my email newsletter. I wanted to create something that would make me feel good while also making my subscribers happy too.  Well, I found it!

I had my eureka moment last night! I am going to create a content library of freebies that revolve around astrology.

Why? Because I'm going to create astral insights for every new moon and full moon!

Working with the archangels helped me to discover what I'm naturally good at that would help people. I have a natural ability for creating astral insights on astrology!

Every month, I text my loved ones with a reading on the new moon, full moon, eclipses, and equinoxes, as well as some of the more magical holidays like Imbolc. They are so insightful that some of my relatives have shared them with others.

So, this is the next step for me! I'm actually excited about this. It brings fresh energy healing to my newsletter.

Also, I am going to be creating a "paid" email newsletter subscription plan. It's called, Everyday Laurali Magic.

Every month if you sign up, you'll get an e-course that I co-created with the goddesses!  This can be a fairy queen, a female deity, or an angel with the powers of a deity.

I knew I wanted to sell e-courses and I knew I wanted to create an email subscription that held premium content.  I combined the two together to create a product that I love.

What else do I want in 2020?  So far, we know I'm manifesting a new home and a life as a rich, successful businesswoman.

I would also love to manifest wealth and prosperity. I want to become a millionaire by the end of 2020.

It sounds crazy, right? I'm in a place in my life where money energy is beginning to flow again after a stale period of stuck energy.

I have plans in place to earn money through multiple streams of income this year and well into the 2020s.  More importantly, I believe and trust!

Not just in the universe but in myself. I believe and trust in myself. In order to be a successful person you need to be able to take a leap of faith!

Last but not least, I'm getting married this year. I'm leaving the lonelyhearts club in honor of true love with my twin flame.

Just because I've been unlucky in love in the past doesn't mean it had to be that way in my future.  I received a glimpse into the future with Archangel Metatron and I saw a happy, healthy, lasting marriage.

This will be part of my new happy home life.  I've learned a lot of love lessons over the past decade, done the work on myself, and now is the perfect time for a romantic union.

I am letting go and releasing all my exes and the painful lessons they have taught me.  I'm releasing bad first dates that didn't work out.

I'm going to be with somebody who loves me, even if I don't know who he is yet. This isn't just hope talking, even though hope springs eternal.

This is a time of happily ever after for me, for you, and so many others. You just need to release all that no longer serves you, make plans for an incredible future, and walk into the enlightenment of the sun.  Let it shine down on you! 
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