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House Moving Spell: The Qualities I'm Looking For in a New Home

A painted rock by artist of a house cottage in the woods hoisted by a tree
 Since LoveMagic: The Qualities I'm Looking For in a Man worked so well for me, I've decided to try a simple house moving spell with the qualities I'm looking for in a new home!  As many of my readers know, the apartment building I am living in has sold and that leaves me searching for a new place.

One of the things I'm beginning to realize is how much power my blog has!  I'm starting to understand that I can manifest things by asking clearly for what I want in a blog post and listing out the qualities.  That's magic!

It's funny because when you first start practicing real-life magic, there's always this feeling that the LOA and spellwork have to be long, complicated, and difficult.  That's simply not true!

A lot of my magic is done through writing content, making lists, and sometimes even taking pictures.  Most of what I do would be considered simple magic.  If you have a blog or online journal or maybe prefer working with paper, you can use witchcraft to create your own list of qualities in the things you love as practical magic.

Here's why it works:  You are simply emitting a high frequency to the universe that says, yes, this is what I want!  You are writing it out loud, you are saying it in your mind as you are writing it, and for an added boost, you are including pictures which corroborate creative visualization.

That being said, now that I see that just by putting things out into the universe using blog magic, I will definitely be using blogging as a magical tool to increase my spiritual powers.  In a way, it is kind of two-fold.

You're creating a spell that holds no resistance for you because it's outlining clearly what you want, and in addition to that, you're sending out a clear signal using the law of attraction.  It's so easy to list out the things you want that anybody can do it.  Give it a try!

If you are looking for a home to buy or moving to a new place, this is the spell for you!  It works magic by telling the universe what you want and then allowing the universe to deliver it to you without any resistance.  After all, these are just the magic of your thoughts shining through.

Before I begin listing out what I'm looking for in a home, I want to talk about my current reality and circumstances.  First of all, I'm really not in a great position to move into a home at this time.  So, asking for what I want includes ignoring reality.

Ignoring reality is an extremely important part of using the application of the law of attraction in a spell.  Here's why: Your current reality and life circumstances are based on your past thoughts and actions.

Think of it as debris left behind.  What you want to do is wade through all the space junk and only keep the things that are creating your "new" reality.  That's the reality that you want now, which is your merging present moment into your new current reality.

So, the number one thing you can do when making your list, let go of the "how" it can happen.  Don't worry about that.  You are going to simply write it down (or type it out) and let it go.  That's it.  That's all you have to do.

Don't think of all the reasons you can't have what you want.  Let the universe worry about that.  Your only job is to ignore your current reality, keep only what you love, and let the rest goes.  This way, you're not creating any resistance.

That being said, if you want a mansion and you feel it is possible for you to have it, ask for it.  Put it out there.  Let the universe do the rest!

I also want to be clear about something.  Only ask that universe for something that you've put a lot of thought into and clearly know what you want and need.  Otherwise, you'll still get what you want but it may differ vastly from your expectations.

In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say expect the unexpected.  The universe stems from you and it knows just what you want and need in a home.  The universe is intelligent so it may just give you something better than what you expected!

Be on the lookout for that.  The universe always delivers but sometimes it delivers more than what you ever dreamed of.  For me, it's always been my dream home with fairy lights!  Let's talk about that, shall we?

A wooden log holding a painted rock with a picture of a country cottage in the woodland

House Moving Spell: The Qualities I'm Looking For in a New Home

What are the qualities that I'm looking for in a home?  I've really put a lot of love and thought into this over the years and it's more of a feeling that I'm going for than anything.  You can read about what it's like to be an empath with a borderline personality disorder to learn how I feel my way through the world.

As an empath, I can feel the qualities in the home that I want to move to long before I pack up my boxes to move.  The feeling I'm going for is warm and cozy.  Think hygge (pronounced hoo-gah!) style living!

For more on my little apartment by the sea read, The Secret Woodland Themed Corners of My Home. Where I'm living now may not be my dream home but it has always had a hygge style warmth and comfort to it that I love!

I'll be bringing the slow living comforts of home with me wherever I go!  I'm a big believer in feng shui and creating a high-vibration in your home that's so strong that even a guest popping over for a visit can feel it.

I want a small three-bedroom house that's one story.  I really like the look and feel of a smaller home.  Maybe because that's what I've always lived in.  Either way, I live a minimalistic lifestyle and never like to have more than what I need as far as space.

I plan to use one bedroom as the master bedroom.  One bedroom as a guest bedroom for when my kids and grandchildren come to visit or hang out.  Then, I'd like to use the third bedroom as an office space.

You can read about, Why I Use Aquamarine Crystals and Mushrooms in My Creative Workspace.  I've really been wanting to create a home office that is filled with houseplants, gemstones, and lots of good energy for quite some time now!

I would like a home to rent with an option to buy.  Why?  Because I do plan on buying it somewhere down the road as a next step.

 Even better, if the universe provides a way for me to purchase the home now.  Like I said before, it's not my job to figure out how.  I have to completely turn over trust to God and the universe.

I would like a home with a garage for my husband.  I'm not married yet but I plan to be and would like my twin-flame to have his personal space to do guy stuff.  I'm thinking ahead!

For more on love magic, you might enjoy reading, Love Magic: Even More Qualities I'm Looking For in a Husband.  Love magic got a random guy to come to my door and give me his number.  It works!

What else do I want in a dream home?  I want a house that has a front yard, a back yard, a swimming pool, and a place where I can plant a vegetable garden and do a little landscaping.  I'd like to create some flower gardens too to increase the magic of the fairy realm.

I live in one of the hottest places in the country and a small swimming pool that I can enjoy with a plant-based barbecue in the summer sounds wonderful to me.  In addition to summer by the pool, I want fairy lights everywhere!

I have this thing with fairy lights.  They are magical, festive, and they create ambiance when you have people over.  Even if I have to string the fairy lights myself, my home and yard will definitely have them!

Ideally, since I'm such a nature girl, I'd really love to live near a park.  If it could be Hammock Park, which is my favorite park, that would send me over the moon!  I'd like to be connected to hiking trails and nature trails in the area without always having to drive to them.

I also want an updated kitchen.  In my current home kitchen, it's really outdated and kinda plain and ugly.  That being said, I want a kitchen that feels good to me!

The kitchen and my bedroom have always been the hub of any house I've ever lived in, whether it be an apartment or ranch-style home.  That being said, I want a kitchen that makes me want to eat healthier and cook plant-based meals from scratch.

I would like an island in the kitchen.  If there's not one, this may be something that I have installed eventually at a later date.

I want at least two bathrooms.  A master bath and a guest bathroom.  I want both of them, especially the master bath, to have a spa-like tub in it.  I've had to take showers for years in my current apartment and I miss taking long bubble baths by candlelight!

I want my guests to have that same kind of spa-quality relaxation by being able to soak their cares and worries away.  I'm going to add facial masks and vegan beauty products to the guest bath so that my loved ones can get the full spa experience!

I want a Florida room in my house.  I'd like my sunroom to be attached to the house and filled with lots and lots of houseplants, more string lights, and natural decor.  Ideally, I might use this room for yoga and meditation.

There used to be a time in my life where I really wanted an at-home gym but these days, I just need a high vibration space for yoga poses and some strength training exercises.  I really do almost all cardio outdoors through hiking adventures!

Last but certainly not least, I would like a husband in my home.  I want us living our domesticated lives together in love.  I see it in mind's eye and it feels so natural to me and I can't wait for the part where I get to fill my home with love and romance!

Ultimately, when I saw a little glimpse into my future as a homeowner, I saw myself sitting at the island in the kitchen every morning, writing my letters to the universe, and drinking my strong black coffee out of a plant mug that I love!  This is the picture that holds true in my mind.

I can see it and more importantly, I can feel it!  It feels incredible.  It feels like home to me.

For more on how to manifest your dream home read, Hygge Style Housewarming Party With Archangel Jophiel and Goddess Vesta.  It will really set the tone for creating the home of your dreams in your mind first and in your physical reality second.  Try it!
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